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Nephi's Prologue and Journal Keeping

David T

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Just noted something kind of Cool in Nephi's Prologue. In verse 1 of 1 Nephi, Nephi explains why he's writing:

  1. He was taught in the learnings of his Father
  2. Has seen many afflictions, but been highly favored of the Lord
  3. Has a Knowledge of the Goodness and Mysteries of God

Because of these qualifications, he says, he's making this record. Verse 2 and 3 repeat with greater detail the former qualifications:

  1. The record is made in the language of his Father (which he was taught by his Father)
  2. He Testifies that the record is made from his own experiences (such as the afflictions and favor of the Lord)
  3. He makes the record according to his Knowledge (the forementioned Knowledge of the Goodness and Mysteries of God)

You might add to it:

4. He was commanded to do so (see 1 Nephi 9:3)

It pretty much sets up the qualifications, and reasons one should write, or keep a record.

  1. You know how, and have means to do it. (Check...)
  2. You have experienced suffering and blessings (Check...)
  3. You have received personal experiential Knowledge of God's doctrine, and ordinances. (Check...)
  4. The Lord (or his representative) asks us to do so. (.....Check. Crap.)

In the past, I've been good at keeping a journal in spurts. But it's been a while since I've had a good spurt.

How are you at keeping a journal? Have you found a good way to keep motivated and consistent? Have you found some of your entries to be personal (and private) inspired scripture?

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