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Adam's Sacrifice


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Yet another among the many interesting traditions recorded in the Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan (Avot Derabi Natan), is this, from the first chapter.

When eventime came, Adam saw the world grow dark and the sun setting in the west. "Woe unto me!" he cried. "Because I have sinned, the Holy One, Blessed be He, is making the world around me to grow dark"- for he did not yet know that this was the way of the world. The following morning, when he saw the world grow light and the sun rising in the east, he rejoiced exceedingly. He arose and built altars and brought an ox whose horns extended beyond its hoofs, and he offered it up as a burnt offering; as it is said: And it shall please the Lord better than a bullock whose horns extend beyond its hoofs (Ps 69:32).
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