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A Note on Sheum


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Mosiah 9:9

9)And we began to till the ground, yea, even with all manner of seeds, with seeds of corn, and of wheat, and of barley, and with neas, and with sheum, and with seeds of all manner of fruits; and we did begin to multiply and prosper in the land.

What is sheum? From what language does it derive? How the heck do I know? But here are some notes.

In Akkadian, ?e'um(pronounced sheum) is barley. It should be noted that the founders of the Jaredite ruling lineage originated in Mesopotamia. Sheum might be a frozen form acquired via Jaredite-Mulekite contacts. However, there is another, in my mind more probable, possibility.

In Hebrew, שעועית(?e'u-it) means "bean". So we have Akkadian sheum(barley), Hebrew she'u-it(bean) and Nephite sheum(?), all three words are used in an agricultural context and share the same root. Go figure....

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