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Solidifying the Fairlds Case that Lucifer's Fall came from Ba'alism

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It has become so widely spread through the theological ranks online that Lucifer has no relationship to Satan and is purely about the King of Babylon. However, our own Benjamin McGuire has given an excellent explanation of the modern scholarly consensus of Lucifer being an allusion to Athar, a fallen lesser divinity who's traits parallel those New Testament's Satan.

My only problem, I have no sources to reference of this scholarship other than Benjamin McGuire and his reference to an article, not available online, The Mythological Provenance of Isa. XIV 12-15: A Reconsideration of the Ugaritic Material" by Michael S. Heiser, in Vetus Testamentum, 51/3 [2001], p. 354-369).

To solidify this concept of this being the most prevalent scholarly view, perhaps I can acquire some more scholarly names and books to seal at least this portion of Lucifer's legacy among those very unfamiliar with pre-Josian reform Israelite religion. As most individuals have very little idea what Israelite religion was like, and why that would preclude them from understanding the allusions and external references which Isaiah incorporates into what he says.

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