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A Three Word Story.


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The story thus far...

The cow shuddered

Farmer Brown spoke.

He said, "No!".

The cow cried.

The horse laughed.

...until he pooped.

Then three goats...

remembered the time....

... at Band Camp...

when they jammed

with some donkeys.

But the donkeys

weren't very happy ...

So they took...

some hallucinogenic mushrooms

to help with

the pounding headache ...

they got from

the pigs' squealing...

because the chickens

were committing crimes

, in their haste,

To escape from

the leering coyote

Who wanted to

invade the henhouse.

Though the horse

Of course after

finding himself affronted

by the hysterical

sword wielding monkeys

who wanted the

power of speech.

So they could

swords with which

to save the

farmers family members

But the swordsmith

which Mountain gorillas

had kidnapped before

the Christmas holidays

during a bowling

Which had been

authorized by the

National Rifle Association

However, the BSA

saved the day

then ruined it

When suddenly, "Boom!"

Not knowing what

had made the

meteoric flames streak

through the blackness

the mountain gorillas

packed their things

and flew to

Indonesia with the

plan that they

could help some

Indonesian Buddhist Monks

but the Monastery

would not allow

animals to enter

unless they partook

of the holy

guacamole, which was

served cold with

nachos and the

gorillas hated guacamole

So they just

ate bananas until

they exploded nefariously

and headed to

The hobbit hole.

End Chapter I

Begin Chapter II.

The hobbits plugged

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