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Biblical Geography Of Palestine


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Using only the text of the Old Testament, can an internal map be created that will uniquely locate the land of Palestine in the old world?

Many critics continue to bemoan the lack of a map of BoM lands. My question is have any of them tried to produce one for Palestine using only the text of the Old Testament and the fact that it is located in the old world.

What would you use as an anchor point without knowing the location of a single city or geographical feature mentioned in the old testament? A seach of the word Jerusalem in the old testament produces no text using north, south, east and west to indicate its location relative to a unique geographical feature such as a peculiar mountain range or large body of water.

I am sure there is sufficient information in the text to build an internal map of the Hebrew lands in Palestine but it appears that it would be a formidable task that I am not inclined to pursue. But before criticising the validity of Book of Mormon geography as a support for the historicity of the BofM think about where we would be if we had no continuous information about Biblical lands and had to establish the historicity of the Bible based on the text alone in order to do arcaeological investigations of its authenticity.

Larry P

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Add to this the very significant issue of differing descriptions (presumably based on different temporal points of reference). In one fo the major descriptive accounts, the basis is the early control of the area by the Egyptians. In the later version, the boundaries instead conform to the vassal state under Assyrian/Babylonian control ... the Book of Mormon too provides a geography that spans multiple political environments over a great deal of time - and whether we like it or not, such issues tend to alter the way that geography is described.

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