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Hebraic Chiasmus In Africa?

Chris Smith

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Some time ago, Sturcturecop posted the story of Eango.

Here is a chiasm from that story. What do you think: is this an authentic/intentional chiasm? Does it provide evidence for the Hebraic origins and/or antiquity of the Eango story?

A. In the old times a vision of Eango came to our Great Father Yah-el,

B. one of the patriarchs of the Yillaweh [Levite?] tribe when our people were in the stewardship of
the Egyptians
. A stirring was happening and many villages were becoming uninhabited.

The vision of Eango
came by the Iya Nla as
our Great Father
sat dwelling [meditating] on the welfare of his people.

D. The vision opened up to him and he heard Eango speak: â??Yah-el, son of Yillaweh, take unto you
the elders
and prepare to
leave for more plentiful lands

E. Your foreign masters have become harsh and you have outlived the stay which I intended for you.

D. Not since your forefathers left their homeland for this place, has there been such a journey as I have prepared for you.â?

C. Straightway Yah-el fled the place of his dwelling and called together the elders, telling them of his vision. â??Eango has revealed to me that our time has come,â? he said.

B. Our masters have become harsh. Our wives and children are in danger.

A. Eango has prepared a place of our own and we must leave with haste.â?

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