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One Eternal Round


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Michael D. Rhodes is spear heading the thing and working his lovin tail off on it. I know consultations include Gee, Hauglid, Hamblin, Peterson, and all the other wannabe's. <_<

I suspect it will still be a few years however.......... that's to make sure it is crystaline pure as the new edition of the Message of the J.S. Papyri is. Gee says he spent 17 years, along with others also, checking the sources and notes. It IS what it says, and the sources DO say what the book says they say. It's an astonishing work, and if I haven't already said it (I have, and it's worth saying again and again) THANK YOU JOHN GEE for all your hard work on that! (and yes, either DCP or Hamblin, or whoever when they see him can tell him that at least Kerry Shirts absolutely is THRILLED with the new edition, and is screaming about it for joy..........) :P

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