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Norman Geisler's Take On Philosophy And Its Dangers


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Norman Geisler, one of the better known Evangelical scholars, has proposed some dangers from philosophy and the reasons for those dangers, which I elaborate on in this new podcast. The Trinity has some issues as well, interestingly enough!


Hi Kerry--

As far as I know, Barry Leventhal is the current dean at Southern Evangelical, rather than Geisler.

From the article:

Do Not Dance on the Edges.--My next bit of advice for evangelical exegetes is to avoid

dancing on the edges. Do not see how far the borders of evangelicalism can be stretched to

accommodate the latest scholarly fad. Do not flirt with the latest critical methodology. Some of

our own ETS members have been caught in this trap. It would appear that Grant Osborne

temporarily fell prey to this temptation when he claimed that Matthew expanded on Jesus

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Ah! I shall have to go back and see. Geisler is going against the grain to say that the Trinitiarian formula is in that baptismal formula however. That is eisegesis. Thanks for the heads up.


I'm not sure what you're suggesting is eisegesis. Whatever its implications, the Greek text certainly contains the admonition to baptize eis to onoma tou patros kai tou uiou kai tou hagiou pneumatos. By my reading, Geisler's brief mention merely suggests that this a faithful rendering of Jesus' words, rather than a later Mattheanism.

I'm not sure what would be eisegetical about that claim. Perhaps you can clarify?



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