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Suggestion That Some Bodies At Masada Were Roman


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It may never have happened at all? That is a shock.

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I don't know Charity... when I was attending Educ Week at BYU one year, the Museum of Fine Art had a fascinating exhibit of artifacts found at Masada... included among the objects was a group of "tiles" bearing names, thought to be like "lots" to be drawn for the person who would be the last to go IIRC, making sure everyone else was dead then killing themself... there were a couple other objects that supported the theory... I haven't read anything about Masada since then, so am not aware of current thinking on the matter.

Garden Girl

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I think they will need the countermo DNAsters to solve this one for them. They can pick any Jew out of a crowd. :P

Surely there is more to this than a set of braids and a Bible verse. As long as we are making up stuff, I can think of some reasons why the Jewish group would have done it. Maybe the woman was naughty (these zealots were murderous ruffians, after all). Maybe it was a mourning thing. I've been to Masada and it is wwwaaayyy up on a hill...if I recall there were Roman artifacts found at the encampment site...it was supposedly a couple of year siege finally resolved by bringing in machinery to breach a wall. How Jews would have managed to stay that long to break down the walls right there in the open would be interesting to know.

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