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Baptism For The Dead

Joseph Antley

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Good question.....

Where do dead persons reside according to LDS theology?

How do the LDS "contact" the dead?

Why baptize the dead

Here's a few better questions for you: how in the world do you expect them to gain access to their selected kingdom unless we do baptisms for them? Do you want them to sit there forever with no progression, eternally waiting? Because that's what would happen.

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That's funny. Does ED500 really think we are "contacting" the dead when we perform baptisms for the dead?

We are not Spiritualists, who tried to contact the dead. (Always fruitlessly, so far as I know...)

LDS are doing something else. Which is giving the dead a chance to accept or reject the Savior. (A problem that other Christian sects cannot figure out how to solve.)

As for ancient references. There are many in the Early Christian texts, attesting to its use among the early Saints.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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