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Ancient Tlatilco Script


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This is an ancient script which differs significantly from Maya writing. Unfortunately there is so little of it that it can not be translated.

Recently some other examples of ancient American scripts have been discovered in the area east of Mexico City near Tampico. Again the samples are two small to draw any conclusions as to their meaning. Both of these culture centers are north of the limits suggested for the LGT and although thought to be related to the Olmecs, are much further north than the known heartland of Olmec culture.

Larry P

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As pointed out above, the FARMS' article discusses the obvious similarity between these seals and the Anthon manuscript. The grey background symbols are from the Anthon manuscript. Seals are more likely to be adorned by patterns rather than writing, although the patterns used may have come from symbols also used in writing as shown by the following pattern that I tossed together using only two letters from our alphabet.


Hopefully, with new scripts coming to light in ancient America, the possibility of a reformed Egyptian like writing system may become more accepted by non LDS researchers.

Larry P

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her amum, thatis very interesting. Can you give us a source? I had never heard that before.

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