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Atonement As Rite Of Healing The Creation


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I just finished my first DVD on the BIblical scholarship of Margaret Barker and her discussion/analysis of the Atonement as the rite for healing the creation. It has turned out very, VERY good, the best one so far. I believe the connecting of the atonement as the rite par excellence of healing us, the creation, and the cosmos, with not only the ancient Enoch texts, but our BofM discussion of the "infinite atonement," as well as the Book of Abraham facsimiles as pictorial atonement, including the actual content and meaning of the Joseph Smith Papyri Book of Breathings as the process of atonement par excellence, including the New Testament Greek analysis in Ephesians and 2 Corinthians, as well as the Old Testament Hebrew analysis of the Shema as prime theme of atonement, all set within the most gorgeous and astonishing nature scenes (I made a 15 mile hike while filming up into the Palisades wilderness on the Idaho Wyoming border, some of the most beautiful fall colors and mountain trees, rocks, and water including the emerald colored lake of the Upper Palisades, that you will ever see).

In short, I now have available the finest DVD on the finest subject, the atonement, from one of the finest Bible scholars, in one of the finest wilderness areas in Idaho ready for sale and your viewing pleasures.



Contact me privately via email if interested in seeing a wonderful new view of the atonement,



Kerry (The Backyard Professor)

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