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Found 2 results

  1. 1. I've generally seen Elders (as missionaries) serve in foreign language branches. How would such a branch successfully request sister missionaries, meaning what is the stated procedure? 2. I've heard Christianity is spreading through the Middle East, albeit underground since it's illegal to teach and preach openly. What is the policy from Church HQ on managing converted baptized members who lives in such countries (i.e. How would such congregations be manageable - if the Church organizes a congregation and accepts tithing and fast offering funds transferred out of the country, that seems to perhaps not fully = obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law vs. providing no organization, no resources, no leadership, etc. to baptized members seems like spiritual neglect which I am quite sure the General Authorities are not in favor of. Is this more a spirt of the secular law vs. letter of the secular law issue? 3. I only ask question 2 because I've heard about a few small congregations being functioning in a country where the Church isn't legally recognized. This is different than Christianity being illegal like some countries in the Middle East have declared it to be. I'm just curious about how such branches would be nurtured by leadership - without anyone in the govt finding out. In these cases, do 70's visit on occasion but tell members to not invite family or friends? Perhaps these situations are simply more in flux, each case being different and unique, and managed according to the Spirit's promptings through priesthood channels.
  2. How do people get hired as Temple Recorders? I'd like to get a job like that.
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