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Found 1 result

  1. I am 16, half-hispanic, and have autism, I am also Mormon and am trying to apply to a math academy and doing Rosetta Stone so I can get into and pay for a Spanish school in Mexico and study there, so I can get my Mexican citizenship and live in Mexico. However, I have hit a huge rut, and I only believe I can get out of it through the spirit, all other solutions haven't worked, such as trying to see perspectives of equal rights groups, none of them had any solutions for me or believed in me, they were just trying to recruit me and they felt like the adversary. The only person keeping me motivated is my 19 year old cousin Daliana who is Mormon, she lives in Mexico and wants to go to BYU-Hawaii, I want her help, so I can become a better person and reach my goals, and pray, read the Book of Mormon. I feel awful and imperfect for not being able to avoid masturbation and porn, I feel its only led to more of my problems and caused me to get recruited into viewing these bad incel boards on Reddit, and it just screws up my perceptions of relationships. As for the incel boards, I am trying to turn to Mormonism and ask advice here to avoid viewing them as majority of them hate 50% of the world's population and are extremely sexist and racist, hate religion. I feel like I genuinely need to turn to God and the spirit in order to get rid of these feelings and talk with my cousin more and increase my activity, so I can find my path in life to live in Mexico. Does anyone think my plan will work and will I be able to overcome the adversary through my solution and stop viewing incel boards on Reddit? Its starting to affect me for the worse and I feel the need to turn to the holy spirit, and my parents think so too. I'm in a not-so-positive place right now and need encouragement, do any of you guys have advice for how to move forward? Should I talk to someone I know about my problems or people who is in the church like my cousin and my parents or the missionaries? Give some advice.
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