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Found 1 result

  1. There have been a number of Facebook posts and blogs recently and in the past from Ben Spackman that have been both interesting and very useful in understanding background of the Old Testament, including how some ideas got stuck into LDS teachings, even official ones. I was putting off posting the material because he is hoping to publish a paper or two on one subject I thought was particularly important (the development of the Genesis part of the OT institute manual), but have decided it is relevant now with this year being Old Testament. Many may have already studied the Creation in fact. Rather than posting a bunch at once, I plan to do one or two if related at a time so as to provide space for discussion. I decided just to do a thread so I can add to it as I come across his stuff or anyone else can as well. Please don’t waste time arguing that there is no evidence for anything in Genesis and therefore any believer is deluded, this thread is meant to be about what LDS views were and are, how they developed and what parts are seen as revelation, doctrine, tradition, misunderstandings, etc. and why they should or should not be seen that way within the paradigm of belief. Since dismissing the beliefs based on lack of belief or lack and perceived lack of scientific has been extensively already, I don’t see that as necessary to a discussion about development of ideas at this point. A thoughtful post might change my mind though, drive bys or one or two liners will not.
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