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  1. So I have shared before that of all my 6 kids, we have 4 that want nothing to do with the church, one that has been sealed in the temple, but seem to struggle with activity, WOW, garments, etc. and one couple that talks as if they have a testimony, but have never chosen to attend the temple, or church since being married. This weekend, I had the good fortune to spend time with all my kids and have some good conversations. My DIL, who is the wife in the last couple I mentioned was talking about how she has a 'strong testimony the gospel is true' but doesn't like the 'culture'. I mentioned we all struggle with various aspects of the culture, and then felt to ask her if they ever saw themselves choosing to be sealed int he temple. She said she didn't think so - when I asked why, she said it was because she "doesn't feel bad about having chosen to live with André (my son) before they were married." She said she feels that was the right choice for them, and that because of this, she doesn't think she would be able to get a recommend. I know that they are faithful to each other, so chastity is not a current issue, but it got me to thinking - how would a bishop respond if such a young woman came in asking for a recommend, admitted that she lived with her husband before they married, but have now been married for a few years. Would the issue of regret come up if she didn't bring it up? What if it did and she said she didn't regret the choice? I'm glad I am not a bishop. 😉 Of course, I know the mantle and the spirit are with bishops so they are fit for the task. So, is there any advice I could or should offer my son and DIL? Should I not follow up on the conversation at all? It's hard with adult kids to know where to draw the line between being a parent and giving them a wide enough birth to be free-agents and adults.
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