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  1. Background: Many years ago I was researching Temples. Heard thru the grapevine that HQ (not sure who) discussed making mini-Temples such as part of a stake center would be converted to facilitate Temple ordinances - for members who did not live near a Temple. So - the ask here: Have any discussions or rumors of discussions on redefining marriage occurred at HQ to the polygamous standard where legal (not the LGBT type of redefining marriage which I'm sure have been discussed at length, many times)? Example: If the US legalizes polyamory (as Waterton, MA already did) what would the Church's response be? Would it be similar to the Church's response to medical and recreational marijauna? It's legalized, all things in moderation, Dr. recommended it for me, etc. Temple recommend issued, no problem. (I have no problem at wll w/ this approach btw. The goal is to get people into Temples not keep them out.) So - have any of you heard of something like: I'm thinking of a hypothetical setting such as: - Mission Presidents in Africa have shared w/ HQ that more families would accept the Savior's restored gospel if they could join w/ thier polygamous wives and children. It is legal in this country. We have told them the current accepted standard is one man, one woman. - HQ mtg agenda items might include: --- Future missinoary work: Regions: 1. China, in time. 2. Middle East. Primary religion: Islam which includes polygamy. Suggested approaches:??? Accepting families who live the law of the land or continue w/ the current approach which would cause poly families to sever, and lead to fewer converts. -- Then-Elder Nelson visited my stake and for the preisthood leadership bascially asked what questions we had. I was tempted to ask this question but didn't want to get excommunicated, turned into dust, or stigmatized against any and all future leadership callings - more so than I already have been stigmatized by my general presence.
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