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Found 1 result

  1. I will probably edit more direction for new posters later, but for now requests to avoid purely political and mostly political comments still apply. If a source is primarily political, find another source like an original study it refers to and leave out any likely political comments such as "why aren't we hearing about this?" If there is no other source, quote the medical info only, put in a link and warn it is political, but you only want to discuss the medical info. Please, please, please do not attribute dishonesty or bullying or other negative personal attributes to other posters. Please do not be disingenous or intimidate (I am assuming posters have strong self identities and can handle a little of this if it does seem to be occurring by ignoring it, I don't want derails focusing on these...report instead). This can be a highly emotional topic given it is life and death and quality of life for many whether medical or other, so expect frustrations to be high at times. If you feel a post goes too far, please report it and ignore the personal stuff so you don't add to a derail. Or send me a PM and let me use my opening poster status that gives me and only me (well, besides mods) the right to do a little bullying. Topic is Covid 19, medical news including what we know and don't know. This includes emotional and mental health, physical and psychological and social...but NOT political. Thread is meant to be both resource for easy researching (links found for you by others) as well as discussions to help us frame our ideas and put the info together. When in doubt, start your own thread if you really want to discuss something I see implying politics too much...I realize you can't read my mind, but guess based on the previous thread please. And you can always ask. I will be less hesitant to report posters to mods this thread; also be aware I will be more protective of those I see as providing valuable 'expert' opinion, whether in medical field, legal, charitable works, etc (meaning one is either a professional or a volunteer with experience in the topic being discussed or demonstrate to my view they have done extensive research from a variety of resources so can approach the sub topic in academic as well as conversational manner). Claims need to be backed up with references, please use medical studies if possible when discussing those. Link whenever possible, if no link provide enough enough it is easy for google to track down the reference you are using rather than ending up with a half dozen articles on the subject (like a direct quote or point out a few unusual keywords). Previous thread available here for catch-up or to track down that article you know you saw (board search function can be limited to a thread and will search posts less than a year old): https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72931-co-vid-19-what-is-and-isnt-known-discussion-and-debate/
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