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  1. Oooh... .there's a thought... I wonder if there is a world out there that worships God the Mother and Her only Begotten Daughter... I wonder if it would be any different... sorry, random brain cell fired off. Don't mean to get off track
  2. Reminds me of a Youth Fireside(do they even have those anymore?) back in the 70's, the speaker spoke about Witches in the music industry that would write and perform music that would communicate with your spirit to entice it/you away from the correct path...using tools such as backmasking, phrases that only your subconscious would understand, imagery etc.
  3. IMHO, it wouldn't take much to make things better than this mortal existence. So to compare with our lowered expectations from here is not a huge step...
  4. Men are that they might have joy. I have come to believe that this life is meant to lower our expectations of what "joy" is or will be.
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