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  1. I turned people away for help as a Bishop. It was always for one of two reasons. Either they were verifiably lying to me to get money and other resources, or they failed to do their part in terms of looking for work or eliminating unnecessary expenditures. Giving too much, especially when someone is not doing their part, is not helping. It's creating a disability of dependency. I know that made me an uncaring monster for many, but I have no regrets. I saw many people become independent that had been on government and church assistance for years.
  2. I really like the strides the church is making in creating the same experience for all members globally. When I've lived outside the U.S., it used to feel somewhat like all the areas outside the U.S. were an afterthought. That's been changing a lot in the last 10 years or so, and I think it's great.
  3. Not to mention that breaking it is an important part of the ordinance and symbolism, and breaking wheat thins seems awkward, at best.
  4. Unless you're a cop or a fireman, a mustache means you're up to no good.
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure how to reconcile fear and shame being bad tactics at all times with basically all of recorded scripture. Yes, there are lots of scriptures about love and its efficacy, but there's also a boatload of prophets and God himself telling people they will burn in hell and shaming them for their sin. As for me personally, being chewed out and shamed has at times been very helpful to me in a way that loving understanding would not have been. There have been other times that such tactics have left me feeling worthless, depressed, and demotivated. Fear, shame, love and compassion
  6. With any reasonably good software, it's pretty trivial while editing video to speed up or slow down the video without affecting the pitch of the audio. The pitch can also be adjusted easily. An editor can change the tempo every frame, if necessary. My guess is they just had the choirs sing and fixed any issues with tempo, etc. in the editing process. If you have good editors, which the church does, it's easier and probably cheaper to fix it that way than to get all the choirs to match up in the raw video.
  7. How do you know whether Jesus was married or not? Wouldn't you need to know that first?
  8. Turning everyone into have-nots seems an odd approach. Why not just ensure that everyone has access using ministers, etc. where needed?
  9. Very interesting. I notice that the church isn't doing much in Australia or Siberia. Too busy hoarding cash, I guess. 😋
  10. I suspect that a high number of sexual partners correlates strongly with other risk factors, such as drinking and drug use. The personality type that seeks many different partners tends to engage in a variety of risky behaviors. While I am very much a believer in the spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits of chastity, I'm not sure that correlation equals causation here.
  11. We had a guy that was trading the food for drugs, money, and cigarettes. Unfortunately for him, his apartment building manager was the executive secretary in the ward and learned of it pretty quickly. That was his last order of food from the storehouse.
  12. What I would like to see among the calls for more humanitarian aid is recognition of the massive humanitarian aid that is already being provided through the fast offering and bishops' storehouse programs. The focus seems to always be on the roughtly $40 million in donations from the humanitarian aid fund and how small that is in comparison to the wealth of the church. But the church welfare programs, including fast offerings and the storehouses, provide a lot of very local humanitarian aid. The church provides very large amounts of food at no cost to those in need. Those large land holdin
  13. My reasons for paying tithing have nothing to do with how the money is used after I pay it, so why would that be an expression of blind faith? To avoid being coy, I know from personal experience that God will bless me in many different ways if I pay tithing. I've lived it. I've seen it. You would probably interpret my experiences differently, which is fine. But I think I'm entitled to my own interpretation of the events in my life. What part of that is blind, and why do you feel the need to cast me as a blind follower?
  14. Perhaps my faith is not blind, but based on personal evidence gathered through years of paying my tithing. Perhaps I also mentioned that this should be investigated and appropriately punished if it turns out that laws were broken. And perhaps it would be reasonable to refrain from judgment until there's concrete proof of wrongdoing rather than only one man's allegations.
  15. I have a testimony of tithing independent of how the church uses the funds. I would continue to pay, even if the money were to be spent on lavish homes, extravagant vacations, and expensive cars for church leadership. Having said that, though, I also have a testimony that leaders are in every way accountable to the Lord and legally accountable for how the funds are managed, and I believe no one is more conscious of and concerned about that accountability than the church leaders. When the full story is known, my guess is that no laws were broken, no one was materially misled, and this whis
  16. As the husband of a German immigrant who has since been naturalized as a US citizen and a current immigrant myself in Germany, I completely agree with this. What I had to do to get residency in Germany was very reasonable. I basically just had to fill out one form and document that I had a job and a place to live and that was it. The total cost was about 125 Euros. The hoops we had to jump through to get my wife legal residency in the US were ridiculous. And this was when she was already there legally on a student visa at BYU. When we had our interviews with ICE, they were always surprise
  17. I agree with you that the "plan" doesn't make a lot of sense. That said, in my experience, the plans and thinking of those heavily influenced by the adversary often don't make much sense. From what I've seen, listening to Satan tends to produce the most irrational decision making. The "reasoning" and plans behind most murders that I've read about, for example, are completely irrational.
  18. My son played "Love One Another" on his trombone for the primary program this last Sunday. The branch president approved it, and the language in the handbook does allow some (a tiny bit) flexibility: "Instruments with a prominent or less worshipful sound, such as most brass and percussion, are not appropriate for sacrament meeting." It says most brass, not all brass, so there is some room for interpretation.
  19. This mirrors my experience in Germany exactly. Everybody drinks, and every form of socializing involves alcohol. Even childrens' birthday parties include at least beer for the adults and often hard liquor, as well. Sure, people drink in America, but it's not remotely comparable to Germany. I think many Germans that are considered normal social drinkers would be considered borderline alcoholics in the US.
  20. It's not a logical fallacy when the goal posts are themselves the point. The whole "what is truth" discussion is precisely about terms of reference. When pointing out that goal posts / our personal frames of reference are not universal, it seems odd to then be accused of moving said goal posts.
  21. I find the 2+2=4 example to be very good, actually. 2+2 only equals 4 if you're working in decimal notation (base 10). If you are working in binary, then the exact same numbers would be expressed as 10+10=100. In binary, that equation is exactly as "true" as 2+2=4 is in decimal. Under base 3, you would get 2+2=11. So, it really does come down to a frame of reference and how you perceive the inputs you are given. These are all just ways of describing concepts. I personally believe in absolute truth, but I can only come closer to it through personal experience, which always adds a certain p
  22. Good Kind Generous Patient Helpful I could go on, but I'll leave it at that.
  23. You're not understanding me. I never said that you said all those things. Those are my thoughts on why the myth that women are more spiritual than men persists in the church. The only part I'm claiming you said is that you believe women are more spiritual than men. Is that not what you believe? This is the part I disagree with, and the rest of what I wrote was my opinions on WHY I disagree. I'm sincerely sorry I'm not a better communicator.
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