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  1. Big numbers again, but $80,000,000 divided by 7,000,000 active adults is about $11.42 or $0.95 per month.
  2. No, but That's close enough to get an idea of what's involved.
  3. Dividing 100,000,000,000 by 7,000,000 adult, active members I get 14,286, or $14,286 per member. Where did I go wrong?
  4. Doing a search for Ensign Peak Advisors, I find, "Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. operates as an investment management company. The Company serves customers in the State of Utah." How does that fit into the discussion? It doesn't sound like a charity.
  5. Autocheck has more power than I do apparenly.
  6. The Quran being mentioned, I had a thought, not accusingly, more of a question. I vaguely remember reading about the Quran that if reading the Quran you need to pray to know whether it is true or not. Someone must know something about that. For some reason there are billions of faithful Muslims on Earth who will give their life for their belief or Allah. Why?
  7. Makes sense, but I'll bet very few have read it. No I'm not pushing it, I know very little of it.
  8. That may work, she likes rocks. Especially magic rocks.
  9. Well Ok, why does the BofA papyrus translated by Smith not match what Egyptologists claim it says? That has been by main obstacle for many decades to believing the church.
  10. I would have to ask for proof of who they are and who they represent. Many gods have shown up over the centuries, I would want to get the right one. Strappinglad says: "Sometimes you have to make a decision in order to make a decision" I think you don't have to make any decision, wait long enough and it makes it's self.
  11. I'm evading the question because it's irreverent to me, there could be truck loads of other papyrus, what is important is what is on the ones in the possession of the church and which Smith used to translate. And what he did have has no relation to his writings according to Egyptologists. I'll anxiously wait for your answer to that. Edited to add: The facsimiles are on the fragments that Smith had with fragments missing. Smith drew in what he thought was missing and which Egyptologists claim are entirely wrong. The facsimiles are probably in your Pearl of Great Price, in the Book of Abraham. Egyptologists have seen many of these drawing, they are in a common, "Book or the Dead" or something about Breathing. I don't remember exact details.
  12. Let's stick to one important question, does Joseph Smith's description or writings of the book match at all what Egyptologists says is on the Papyrus?
  13. My answer is have you ever read the Quran, do you have an opinion of it. How can put all your faith in your church and disbelief the Quran. They both can't be true.
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