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  1. It is one usage that the prophet has identified as acceptable. That makes it better in my book.
  2. Hmm. Another manifestation of the attitude that the Brethren live in an insular, cloistered bubble and don’t grasp the real-world problems of the members. I don’t buy that. I think their work as Church leaders (and rich experience having come up through the ranks as local Church leaders and having been involved in former professional occupations) has taken them out among the people sufficiently that they grasp our circumstances quite well.
  3. You’ve laid out the problem quite well. We may have to be content with using Latter-day Saint (spelled out, not abbreviated) as a modifier for whatever it is we’re talking about: I.e. Latter-day Saint culture, Latter-day Saint milieu, Latter-day Saint beliefs, Latter-day Saint doctrine, etc. I for one can live with that.
  4. I agree. And that may have been the catalyst for President Nelson to call a halt to it. It’s interesting timing that the “I’m a Mormon” phenomenon was brought in for a landing not long before President Nelson became Church president.
  5. Seems quite plausible. Still strikes me as extravagant. Choosing against marrying or being endowed in your own district’s temple because you don’t like its design seems like a first-world problem to me.
  6. I was impressed with his polish. And it made me wonder: Since the days of Richard L. Evans, have we ever had a professional broadcaster serve as a General Authority? Added later: I don’t know whether we could count Dallin H. Oaks, who had an after-school job while in high school as a local radio station announcer (and engineer).
  7. I don’t regard six years as being soon, but aside from that, yes, you called it. 👏 I didn’t love the idea of, in essence, doing an entire replacement (not just a renovation) of the Ogden temple, and I don’t love the idea of doing the same thing with the Provo one. Changing out an entire edifice just because some regard the old one as “dated” or unfashionable strikes me as extravagant. Added later: I recognize the possibility that there might be other reasons. Maybe the building is not seismically up to par. Or maybe the existing structure can’t be enlarged enough to accommodate missionaries at the nearby MTC, which has come into being (and expanded over time) since the temple was constructed back in the early 1970s.
  8. That’s a good suggestion. I can see how they would be useful for a topics-focused reading of the book as opposed to a sequential one.
  9. You are free to ignore my posts — just as I am about to do yours from now on. Welcome to my ignore list.
  10. JustAnAustralian is right. There was tolerance for a while for use of the nickname Mormon to refer to members but not the Church. Officially discouraging the use of “Mormon Church” to refer to the Church has been in place for well over a decade. And there WAS resistance to the directive. Following it was largely regarded as optional; President Nelson made it clear that it is not, even as he instructed us to stop referring to ourselves as Mormons or using the abbreviation LDS. The talk Sunstone refers to from President Hinckley did not contradict the directive as it was in place back then.
  11. Noticed just now there are new “reference guides” in the Gospel Library app, one for the Book of Mormon and one for the Bible. Anybody here have any insights/experience regarding them? How do they differ in purpose or utility from the Topical Guide, index, Guide to the Scriptures?
  12. He was going for a parody of Book of Mormon text. Not a bad effort, actually.
  13. Actually, a lot longer than that. President Nelson got firmer than anyone ever has before, but the Brethren have taught the idea (and been largely ignored, if not pushed back on) for the last decade or two.
  14. “Others that will follow” is open ended. He might have meant in the near future, but that’s not what he said.
  15. I think there will be very, very few of those, of whom it has been said they are of the character that they would profess at noonday that the sun is not shining. From the King Follett sermon: “All sins shall be forgiven, except the sin against the Holy Ghost; for Jesus will save all except the sons of perdition. What must a man do to commit the unpardonable sin? He must receive the Holy Ghost, have the heavens opened unto him, and know God, and then sin against him. After a man has sinned against the Holy Ghost, there is no repentance for him. He has got to say that the sun does not shine while he sees it; he has got to deny Jesus Christ when the heavens have been opened unto him, and to deny the plan of salvation with his eyes open to the truth of it; and from that time he begins to be an enemy.”
  16. Yeah that was pretty remarkable. Although I have some recollection that the request went out that the holders of such domain names free them up. It does not surprise me that faithful Church members would comply.
  17. More than once there have been those who have complained that I never have anything negative to say about the Church (as though that were a shortcoming). OK, I’ll throw them a bone: In this morning’s general conference session, the Tabernacle Choir performed that time-honored anthem, “Let the Mountains Shout for Joy.” But they made some changes in the arrangement. I don’t like them. I loved the song the way it was before, and although the new arrangement is not unpleasant, it does not improve on the old, which I loved.
  18. I dunno. I really liked how President Nelson put it in his talk soon after he became Church president. And President Ballard has given some terrific talks on it over the years.
  19. While not exalted, those in the lower kingdoms will nonetheless be partakers of glory (hence the terminology “three degrees of glory”). I suppose this glory will bring with it an understanding of the plan of salvation and their place in it. Bear in mind that all who enter mortality have already “kept their first estate” in that they rejected Lucifer and followed Jehovah in the pre-mortal existence. I suppose that when the veil is taken from their minds they will have a bright recollection of this, and they will fully confess Christ and His gospel. There will be no more quibbling or disputations. Those belong to this mortal condition, which, at that point, will be in the past.
  20. If you were to qualify that by saying “mortal humanity,” I might agree with you. I don’t entertain any thought that long into the eternities, our minds and hearts will be clouded by the earthly confusion that besets us here.
  21. Another talk on the name of the Church. Let the murmuring begin.
  22. That’s the gist I got from it. I think we should be wary of the tendency to see something apocalyptic in everything the prophet says.
  23. He in fact said there would be changes in the future, but I don’t think he said “near future.” I could be wrong. I’ll have to review it.
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