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  1. Arguably, it could be linked to the first great commandment, as wearing one’s best to church is a matter of reverence, and reverence at its heart is showing love and respect to God. But I’m not going to get into it, as I’ve already declared my intent not to judge maskless or jeans-wearing churchgoers, especially while at church.
  2. Which is always a problem whether or not it is associated with a travelogue.
  3. That hasn’t been my experience yet. Almost everyone in my ward is masked while at church. But if it did, I think I would deal with it in the same way I would someone who showed up in casual dress or in something other than traditional Sunday best — by trying not to make an issue of it, even in my private thoughts, by recognizing that the person might have extenuating circumstances to which I’m not privy, and ultimately, it is not my place to judge and that really I would not want that burden even if I thought it was the right thing to do.
  4. I’m always bemused whenever I get an alert that my name has been mentioned in a thread that hasn’t even interested me enough to look in on.
  5. Even on days when I never hear anything particularly stimulating at church, I’m blessed just from the warmth of being in that place of refuge with likeminded people who share my beliefs about things of the Spirit. Which is why I don’t much like it when politics enters into discourses or discussions, thereby encroaching or infringing on that sanctuary. Or when people hijack a sacred occasion as a personal platform for declaring their sexual orientation or advocacy for controversial positions on social issues — a rare occurrence, certainly, but we all know it has happened and will likely happen again.
  6. Though I would guard against engaging in it myself, I think I can understand the motivation behind the “travelmony,” having visited a few Church historic sites in my time. Encountering the power of place, and perhaps even having had a spiritual experience there, one feels a sense of obligation to share it with others who have not had such an opportunity and maybe never will. It is very easy to forget that a good many people find such a thing annoying.
  7. Maybe going for a James Dean vibe, given the tenor of the times. On a not-totally-unrelated note, I’ve wondered why, back when I was in high school, the yearbook group photo of the football team always showed the members scowling at the camera. Cool song, though. I’ve been an Everly Brothers fan since childhood. We just lost Don this year; Phil passed a few years ago.
  8. Just an incidental point of information, but we now know from research conducted by Alex Baugh that the Hawn name in Hawn’s Mill is spelled with a w in the middle, not an h. Our scripture study aids have been updated accordingly.
  9. It can be jarring to have one’s cherished misconceptions soundly debunked. Many people can’t take it and react with hostility.
  10. There is also no shortage of newer temples that have been built in the vicinity of the Provo Utah Temple. These include a second temple in the city, the Provo City Center Temple, an adaptive re-use of the historic Provo Tabernacle, which was destroyed by fire (a tabernacle, unlike a temple, is a general meetinghouse). In a remarkable engineering feat, the Church salvaged the tabernacle’s exterior and created a whole new interior for use as a temple. In addition to this other temple in Provo, there will soon be a temple in the adjacent city of Orem and one in nearby Lindon. Also, there are newer temples just up the freeway to the north in American Fork and just down the freeway to the south in Payson. I get your point, and it’s well taken, about aesthetics. Certainly, the Church spares no expense in making the temples beautiful in keeping with their spirit and purpose. But I don’t find the Provo Temple, as it is, all that repellant. Many people have treasured memories associated with it. I mentioned here that I received my endowment in the Provo temple (the nearer one in Salt Lake City being closed at the time for routine maintenance and cleaning). It was the temple I attended during my later years as a BYU student. And one wonders where it ends. To me, the older temple in England and the one in Switzerland each have a rather utilitarian appearance reflective of the early 20th century and could be replaced by more dazzling, modern edifices. But I would regard that as a regrettable waste.
  11. It has been a typical practice among the past two or three bishoprics in our ward to introduce the administration of the sacrament by saying it is “the reason why we are here.” I think it noteworthy that they phrase it as “THE reason why we are here” rather than one of the reasons “why we are here.”
  12. I’m not seeing how one can reasonably conclude that from the message of either President Kimball or President Oaks. They each said we are individually responsible for our own spiritual edification at church (a thing you said makes sense to you), but neither man that I can see asserted or implied that we are “responsible for the behavior of others.” Can you clarify how you arrived at that inference?
  13. From President Nelson’s general conference address of October 2018: “The rest of the world may or may not follow our lead in calling us by the correct name. But it is disingenuous for us to be frustrated if most of the world calls the Church and its members by the wrong names if we do the same.” (Emphasis mine)
  14. If you see me as failing to heed one of Riess’s diatribes, that makes me feel pretty good. Shows I’m on the right track in that thing at least.
  15. Indeed. It does seem like some of those who are disinclined to follow the prophet’s teaching on this point — or who resent it — make a bigger fuss over it than those who do embrace it. If it’s such a “thin” thing (as HJW called it) why rebel or complain over it?
  16. That’s some blatant irony right there, since He who gave the directive that the Church be called after His — and not someone else’s — name is Christ Himself. Was Christ being unChristlike? If not, then insisting that Christ’s name always be used as the identifier for His Church is, by definition, being Christlike, since it is following what Christ Himself did. And I’ve pointed this out before, but it bears repeating: Mormon himself would likely object to his own name supplanting that of the Savior as an identifier for the Church, as it was Mormon who recorded and preserved the directive from Christ.
  17. Assistant ward clerk - finances here. If the donation is made through the “Donations” feature on the Church website, then the ward administration can see it. At the end of every year, we are sent from Church headquarters a batch of PDFs with one for each tithe payer in the ward showing all the donations given during the year, which we are instructed to print out and give to the tithe payer in a sealed envelope prior to tithing settlement. This is the case whether the tithe payer has made a donation on line or put it in an envelope with a tithing slip and given it to a member of the bishopric. As a practical matter, though, our bishop never refers to the printout during tithing settlement; he only asks if the member has paid a full tithing. If you are referring to some means of transmitting the tithe payment to Church headquarters other than I have described above, then you may be right and the ward administration might not be privy to it.
  18. Here, there is distinction drawn between “salvation from physical death” and other forms of salvation, namely “salvation from sin,” “salvation from ignorance,” and “salvation from the second death.” It the latter three forms — incorporating, of course, the first — that I typically think of as salvation. Frankly, the first one listed here without the latter three holds no appeal for me.
  19. Universal though it be, it’s difficult for me to view resurrection as salvation unless it is accompanied by the cleansing power of the Atonement.
  20. I was responding to your suggestion that Christ must approve of “Mormonism” as a name for His Church because it appears in scripture. I thought that silly, and I still do.
  21. The idea that the Atonement benefits sons of perdition is foreign to everything authoritative I have ever heard or read on the subject. See here: https://eom.byu.edu/index.php/Sons_of_Perdition
  22. I don’t think they acknowledge Him as THEIR Savior. He in fact is not. The “every knee shall bow” expression applies to those whom Christ has in fact saved. Which, in the end, will include everyone EXCEPT the sons of perdition.
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