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  1. You mean like those Christ preached to when He was in the spirit world?

    Those who were disobedient when the ark was prepairing?

    Of whom God said every thought and imagination of their hearts were evil?

    Did they develope the habit of walking in faith while in this life?

    There is a big difference between having the truth and not acting on it, and not having the truth. there are many disobedient spirits whose every thought and imagination is evil, who never heard the truth to begin with, or only heard a little and never had a witness of the truth but those who sin against the greater light receive the greater condemnation.

  2. I have always believed in God and in the power of healing. I have not always had faith. They are two very distinct things. So someone can beleive in God, can believe that others are being healed, can even receive a blessing of healing, but not have the necessary faith that he will be healed. That person needs nourishment. I know there are some people who are harsh with those who lack faith. It's an "If you had faith, you'd be well now, so buck up and get well" attitude. And to me, that's what those verses are warning against.

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