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  1. Came to this thread just today. Watched a few of these videos. Random comments in no order: - This is a generation thing. Boomers/GenX, meet millennials. This is how they talk and think. It's the smart phone generation, brains matured and neuro pathways formed by being online 12 hours a day. This is how the TikTok generation grapples with eternal truths. - There is a concern about people falling in love with these dudes personality, instead of falling in love with Christ and the restored gospel. This is not a new thing though - we've always been falling in love with this or
  2. I'm offended because it isn't nearly as scholarly as "METCALFE IS BUTTHEAD". Go acrostic or go home!
  3. This one is over my head. Someone'll have to explain it to me.
  4. No Jaredite ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb Jaredite die for his country. - Coriantumr (probably)
  5. As one of the 30k folks in the phase III vaccine trial, I've had the magic Moderna MRNA-1273 juice travelling through my veins since August. The study has paid me around $3-400 so far. Dollar amount for every questionnaire, in-person visit, injection, blood test, and phone interview. It's a multiyear trial. Unless there are complications that cost, I've probably garnered 90% of the reimbursement I'll get.
  6. My kid's school district did their absolute level best. They must operate under state and county health guidelines about who must be placed in isolation or quarantine, and for how long. They had classes separated into cohorts, to limit those in contact with each other. A kid in quarantine here, a teacher in isolation there, then a cohort here and there. Then a shortage of substitute teachers. Then a grade here and there moved to online learning only. Then entire schools. Finally, with like 10% of the school buildings closed, and 20-30% of students and staff in either isolation or quar
  7. You people are such music teases. How about a link?
  8. Dang, would it kill 'ya to link to the actual tweet, rather than some unformatted weirdly-boxed text of dubious parentage? Here - allow me: That's worrisome, if it's indeed true. The FDA has this to say: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/letters-health-care-providers/potential-false-positive-results-antigen-tests-rapid-detection-sars-cov-2-letter-clinical-laboratory
  9. The script has already been written, folks. The (M-rated) Sci-fi show The Expanse has Mormons in it! We've built a massive generation ship called The Nauvoo, and are planning to launch it to our nearest stellar neighbor, so our descendants 5-6 generations later will get there and be able to set up shop on whatever habitable world they find. The thing's interior is decked out, well, like a futuristic temple. *spoiler* - the ship gets hijacked before it can launch, abandoned, salvaged by the Space Jamaicans, and pressed into service as the warship Behemoth. Here's a fun (g-rated) walk
  10. How do you measure "activity rates" when church is shut down and you can't do your calling?
  11. I notice the blacklivesmatter.com website has revamped it's "about" section. It no longer contains language about destroying the nuclear family. That's a step in the right direction, I think. (At least, to the extent that someone said "whoa, that shouldn't be on our website!". If the thinking was more like "we're losing donations because of that line", then it's not really a step in the right direction at all.)
  12. People have posted some very, very, very, very sound, reasonable, and, after enough learning and thought, obvious answers to that question. The real question is, are you willing to hear the sound/reasonable answer, and are you willing to put the learning and thought into seeing why it's so obvious? I've found, whenever this question has been asked in the past, the person asking is doing so from a position of intense emotion, and is asking the question rhetorically as a way of bolstering their overall point (which is also usually along the lines of "something has to be done".) So you tel
  13. Well, Colorado has had a statewide mandatory-indoor-masks order for several months now. As to how well that's working, well, depends on who you ask. Here is mask usage vs per capita cases. Do you see any obvious trend lines? 'Cuz I sure the heck don't...
  14. And your neighbor to your East, here I sit in Colorado with COVID only taking up 6% of our hospital capacity. It's crazy.
  15. Suicides, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, all rising because of covid. It's a tragedy, and absolutely needs to be weighted against lockdowns and quarantines and whatnot. Disrupted medical care and closed gyms and group fitness classes, are beginning to take a toll that will be long lasting. I certainly did myself no favors sitting in my basement for 4 months and not exercising after they sent me home from work. Yes indeed, over 150,000 people die every single day in the world. That's in an average year. Yes, that's every single day. COVID-19 has certainly made a noticeabl
  16. You Utah people just need to be happy you don't have to deal with a name like Hickenlooper.
  17. Smac's video/ad made national news - I heard about it in Colorado yesterday. Quite good to hear.
  18. For decades now, I've born the unfortunate burden of having to deal with an in-law child molester, the family fallout, the court cases, and all that. Here is how I make it through such times: 1. I try to have my reaction to the news about Tom, supposedly my enemy in the gospel, be a similar reaction to the news about Hugh Nibley's alleged molestation of his daughter. Or my reaction to the allegations against any political figure I'm either for or against. Or my reaction to my in-law. 2. The best thing I can come to a healthy, worthy, righteous reaction, has been informed by this 2
  19. Hi Fair, Sending good thoughts your way. I'm always amazed at how, in a race of people who have one of maybe a dozen different spiritual experiences, individual faith is an incredibly individual experience. I started out not believing. I came within a few credit hours of a minor in philosophy, trying to figure out what to believe. (It didn't help, but did help clarify the questions). I moved to researching things out, searching for a compelling reason to believe or know, and not finding it. Then I had an unmistakable, undeniable, custom-tailored-to-me spiritual experience, where
  20. If we're talking mormons in shows, one of my personal favorites are the Mormons in the Sci-fi series The Expanse. They are in the background of several episodes, but the detail is amazing. Set in the future, the church has commissioned building a massive ark for a multigenerational journey into deep space called The Nauvoo. It is a massive structure with a gold angel Moroni atop it. The viewer hears about this, because The Nauvoo is stolen, abandoned, salvaged, renamed The Behemoth, and put into service by the Outer Planets Alliance. President Whatsisname has several scenes when the thing
  21. My wife's family has a cool story. One grandma had divorced an abusive husband, who proceeded her in death. She found a good guy and had a long happy 2nd marriage, while making a good effort to heal from the past traumas and deal with the anger. On her death bed, she was slipping in and out of consciousness. Her breathing and heart rate were slowing to a crawl, her eyes were closed, then she got an angry look on her face and said "you!". Her breathing and heart rate increased, she opened her eyes, and rejoined the world of the living for several more days. Then, once again, her bod
  22. My little end of the vineyard in Colorado is meeting for sacrament meeting monthly. A-L meets first, M-Z meets second. 50 minute sessions, sacrament, a talk or two, no singing. As far as the topic goes - stuff just comes across harsher than intended online. It takes a concerted effort to be overly-full of politeness and transparent civility to avoid misunderstandings. Forums like this don't bother much (there is some), but people who know each other live, who don't think to put extra effort into being friendly and polite, come across as harsh. Your experience is a good exa
  23. Not enough fighting in this thread. Here you go: How do you pronounce "Tooele". The only authorized answer is "It's written on Willy's present". If you're one of those heathen "too lee" people, just block me now.
  24. My ward is probably half retired people exactly where they want to be, with the rest a combination of working families, with one low-income area. There haven't been any callings or releases, although our 1 Sunday per month church, split into 2 sessions, is probably a third of our usually active folks. This week my POA had it's yearly meeting, with about half attending live in the president's back yard, and half attending via Zoom. A new board was elected.
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