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  1. Off topic yes, but a good illustration that people make judgments concerning speech/voice disorders without having any background.
  2. And that is the only witness in that entire article. It is about stuttering more than Biden. You also miss the irony of including a description of an actual stuttering behavior when describing someone who does, indeed, stutter. Are you aware that normal dysfluency is a thing? One more time, what fluency assessment are you using to diagnose him as a stutterer?
  3. I really hope that the visibility of this episode forces those who are still churning out false information to think twice. It isn't like people can claim they didn't know any better, there are too many people willing to let them know. I also think Bro. Wilcox is handling this as well as could be expected and that some good will come of it.
  4. CFR How do you score his disorder on, say, the SSI-4? Or did you use another evaluation tool? Please produce any corroberation of him ever having a stuttering problem at all aside from his own tales. I'm willing to go with developmental childhood stuttering...but he hasn't even corroborated that. You should be ashamed of yourself. All empathy should go to those who actually suffer from this disorder, not to those who cynically exploit other's trials to cover their mistakes. I take it you believe all of his other tall tales? (And this isn't political bias, Trump was bad, too, but we have to deal with the latest liar for now.)
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure neither of you go around calling yourself a stutterer, either.
  6. I loved the movie but it has been so long I don't remember much. There were some methods used we don't use today but I thought it was a realistic enough presentation.
  7. You. Really. Need. To. Stop. The rest of us watched him and only thought what an impressive leader he was. It is telling what you see. What I saw was Corbitt was in charge. It is unbelievably offensive and insensitive to demean him as a token when he is technically in a higher position than Wilcox. This is one more piece of toxic behavior by some whites in the church that blocks badly needed progress. You have been told this and yet you persist.
  8. Seriously, the First Counselor to Wilcox's Second Counselor is a fireside token? That is as racist as anything Wilcox did. Of course it was a prepared apology, duh? I sure hope the PR department did it after that train disaster. I hope to see a lot more of Bro. Corbitt. When they have someone has charasmatic as he is, he should be the face of the YM's program. Wilcox is too old, to be honest. I only jumped around the video and this and the former fireside have been all I've seen of Wilcox so I still don't understand his popularity so I am not in a position to evaluate it. I do think having Mrs. Wilcox sitting in the background looking like she was on the ready to pounce was strange. I'm glad she finally pushed her way in to say something. It was important to hear from her after her unfortunate post. It left me with a much better impression of her, she sounded assured and in charge.
  9. People pick up secondary characteristics to assist them in getting the words out. It offers up a distraction at first and works. Then it is no longer a distraction and doesn't. So they add another behavior, and so on. Part of therapy is getting rid of the behaviors. Your son might be anticipating a sound he has difficulty generating. That's just a wild guess.
  10. Huh? Where are you getting that from? Any university would have profs qualified to treat voice disorders. Did you not see the list of what speech therapists treat? It's never been about competence. How has that not been clear? It is about a religious institution being able to act on its beliefs.
  11. I think the same need to justify polygamy is in play, thus, this story will continue to be repeated without clarification.
  12. Developmental stuttering. It usually resolves itself. My grandson went through a stage where I became worried. He was extremely verbal and began to show some struggle. As I was debating what to do, it disappeared. I'd be concerned if it was still a problem in kindergarten. A lot of people can say they stuttered. That is different than an adult trying to excuse speaking blurbs by being a "stutterer." https://www2.asha.org/PRPSpecificTopic.aspx?folderid=8589935336&section=Treatment
  13. It is a devastating life long disorder. It isn't a "gaffe." It isn't an excuse for coming up with the wrong word when you don't have anything approaching a dysfluency problem. Occasionally repeating sounds or syllables or words is normal dysfluency. That is factored into diagnostics. If you don't come anywhere close to exceeding that threshold, don't use stuttering as an excuse. While I'm at it, the film industry still uses stuttering as a gag, it's disgusting.
  14. What is your point? If we hadn't all encountered racist behavior we wouldn't have a racism problem. Why in the world do you think we need to hear ugly details about your jerk relatives? What if we all turned this board into a cesspool by doing that? What's next? The time your uncle said the N word?
  15. Do I doubt those who repeated what they heard? I'm sure they believed it. Are you familiar with current scholarly standards? Passed down stories, decades away from the event are no longer automatically considered reliable when there are no contemporary primary sources. I'd put this in the same category as the seagull and crickets stories that we no longer hear much about for the same reasons. I can see how this particular story would spread considering the long term need of justifying polygamy.
  16. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is there a store where I can buy rape safe clothes?
  17. Actually, JS never claimed that. It comes from second hand stories. Just to be accurate.
  18. https://education.byu.edu/comd/byu-speech-and-language-clinic Welcome to the BYU Speech and Language Clinic. We are an outpatient clinic that is part of an academic experience for university graduate students. We are pleased to offer evaluation and treatment services for both adults and children. The clinic has from 20 to 70 patients being treated by 20 to 25 student clinicians throughout the year. We treat a variety of conditions, including: Aphasia Apraxia Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) Cleft palate Cognitive-communication deficits such as memory Developmental language disorders Dysarthria Pediatric feeding difficulties Social communication impairments Speech sound disorders Stuttering/fluency Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) Traumatic brain injury and concussions Voice and resonance disorders Our student clinicians are studying to become speech-language pathologists. They work with clients under the supervision of licensed speech-language pathologists who are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). During this two-year graduate program, students participate in hands-on clinical experiences. These opportunities help them become effective and exceptional speech-language pathologists in schools, hospitals, and private care. Our team of student clinicians, supervising speech-language pathologists, and academic faculty collaborate together to create a clinical team dedicated to providing excellent care for the community. We invite you to drop by the clinic and see how we might assist you with your therapy needs as we help prepare the next generation of speech-Language pathologists who will change the world! For more information about the BYU Speech and Language Clinic, click here. For more information about course sequencing and how the clinic fits in with the Communication Disorders master's program, click here.
  19. Someone trained in voice disorder therapy would be qualified as far as dealing with the anatomy goes. There are other factors as mentioned in the above link. I would assume a university has someone knowledgable in voice therapy. All I've done is deal with vocal nodules which is basically to get them to stop banging their vocal cords together with loud, forceful talking/yelling. But this idea that any speech specialist can be expected to do this is nuts....and it isn't ethical. Even ASHA binds us to referring if we aren't qualified. And frankly, once you have your textbook stuff and a smattering of clinical experience, the rest is pretty much on the job training. There aren't schools to go to that specialize in niche disorders/treatments unless they happen to have a prof to take classes from who specializes in it. I happened to be in a program that had a guy who did a lot of stuttering therapy so I got comfortable with that. Most therapists aren't. And let me take this opportunity to chastize those who fall for Biden's stuttering excuses. He doesn't qualify as a stutterer from any direction, there are assessment techniques and it requires a certain percentage of dysfluencies which is a bizillion times more than he ever did. If he had trouble at all (and I've heard no corroboration at all) it was likely very normal developmental stuttering which goes away on it's own. Shame on him for telling those with honest to goodness dysfluency problems that they can get over it by reading poetry. That is a total jerk move.
  20. I hope they make it a true women's meeting by giving more time to the women speakers than the First Presidency.
  21. As an ASHA certified specialist, I'm interested in this for reasons aside from the moral implications. [ Disclaimer: I despise ASHA. Like teahcer unions, it is a forced membership political org] So, some background: There aren't enough SLP grad programs, they are very hard to get into and there aren't enough SLPs. ASHA working to take out one is....interesting. Acquiring your CCCs from ASHA is an individual process, you take a test. I would never go to a university clinic for something serious, you get therapy from a clueless student. SLP services are so ridiculously broad there is no way you can be qualified for all of it, let alone be trained for it. It is more of an art than science in most areas. It's been a loooong time since I was in grad school, but at that time going outside of your natural pitch was the disorder, not the fix. So I need more education to understand why this is now safe and healthy. For anyone wanting to have a discussion, you need to know what is involved https://transcare.ucsf.edu/guidelines/vocal-health
  22. There are too many Mormons who insist on inserting race into these texts where there is none. It is tiresome and, well, racist. Those that want to keep the verses racist to yell about banning them fall into the same trap.
  23. https://zelophehadsdaughters.com/2022/02/10/even-more-correlated-cards-for-valentines-day/
  24. And how does that make one whit of difference to the underlying fact? The church can continue without one woman present while women wouldn't even be able to hold a sacrament meeting without a man. There is no getting past that.
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