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  1. Hello SeekingUnderstanding and @Meadowchik, I have read most of this thread including a lot of posts from Meadowchik and you. I also had the opportunity to ask a philosophy professor his thoughts on Atheism leading to Nihilism. Here is some of this. I would believe (and perhaps it is true) that my part (in quotes “”) was not quite so simplistic as I will present it; but this will give the gist of what I learned anyway. We started with Nihilism definition to which I offered “lack of purpose.” That seemed acceptable. Then it went downhill from there. Why do atheist
  2. I have recognized that I quoted from a website associated with Richard Dawkins, not from Richard Dawkins. Sorry. @smac97 seemed to figure that out before me. I will try to respond to your other question later with whatever words I can muster. Charity, TOm
  3. My invitation stands, but if people must be atheist, I am glad so few are actually nihilists! Charity, TOm
  4. That was what I found. Instead of just claiming that Nihilism was the logical conclusion for the Atheist because TOm a non-Atheist, non-Nihilist says it is; I searched for "Atheism and Nihilism" on Google. This is my "appeal to authority." Charity, TOm
  5. I can acknowledge that my experience of Atheism is MOST commonly in response to Restored Christianity, Christianity, or Theism. The ability to reach consistent Nihilism is probably enhanced by the contrast with belief in God. I should also acknowledge that when I speak of Atheism, I do not mean it the way the early Romans applied it to the Christians. Not only do I not mean this, I also don't think of cultures that worship their ancestors who have life after death. Instead, I think of the celebration of rationality that supposedly informs Atheists today. The lack of a universal
  6. I very much agree with Richard Dawkins the prominent Atheist author and apologist: "When I read much of the arguments made by self-labelled atheists I can't help seeing that they are intrinsically nihilistic or at the very least if followed to their logical ends, lead fundamentally to a nihilistic viewpoint. If logical, rational thinking is used then I fail to see how nihilism cannot be the conclusion." It is my considered opinion (and my bomb throwing opinion) that Atheists who are not Nihilists refused to walk the rational path laid before them. This path is not overly complex.
  7. I joined the church seeing within the church a truth that was, "Joseph couldn't do it and the devil wouldn't do it." It was many years before I had what folks would call a testimony. Daniel Peterson offered a construction a long time ago that I will probably butcher. 1. History / Doctrine A is taught by missionaries and in Sunday School. It is simple and takes little time to convey. It presents the church as clearly true. It is not some intricately designed piece of logic that demands our consideration. It is preposterous and we are asked to pray about it. 2. Histoy / D
  8. We know little about Shakespeare, but Dostoyevsky showed many early signs of genius and gradually grew into the extraordinary author he was (though I would not say he was a universal genius). This is not Joseph Smith. There is nothing to suggest Joseph Smith was on the same path at 4 years of age (when Dostoyevsky was reading and writing). His first works (mid-20's were impressive, but not the extraordinary productions that he produced in his forties after decades of honing his craft). So, the type of genius Bill Reel and you think Joseph Smith was does not life as Joseph did an
  9. This thread has touched upon the intellectual case for the BOM. Then you mentioned Bill Reel. Perhaps I am nothing but a Bill Reel stalker, but ... Bill Reel as a critic and non-believer said, “If the BOM is not historical then what Joseph pulled of was a level of genius that puts him in the maybe the top 3 or 4 most incredible acts of intelligence and cohesiveness that I have every seen.” He is absolutely correct that the BOM if from Joseph Smith and not some divine/historical source is evidence of extraordinary genius. That he thinks Joseph Smith was capable of this indicate
  10. Hello, I am a large fan of this essay: https://journal.interpreterfoundation.org/a-mormon-theodicy-jacob-and-the-problem-of-evil/ Before this essay I was always uncomfortable with the idea that "this is the last dispensation." I read once that since Christ came there has never been a generation of Christians that did not include a group of rational Christians who thought the second coming was in their lifetime. In addition to this, there are no OBVIOUS markers in history where a group of rational Christians said, "We are God's people on earth, but a couple of decades or
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