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  1. Hey, Jeanne,

    I just wanted to send a personal thank you for your thoughtful kindness on the board today. I tried to send you a message, but it said I'm unable to do so... is your message box deactivated?

    I appreciate the sensitivity, compassion, and grace you bring to many discussions here on the site. 

    I'm aware of just some of your circumstances and struggles; bless you for finding a way to grow through them, instead of allowing them to prune back the beauty you offer to the world!

    Best regards,


    1. Jeanne


      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.  I so admire you and wish many good things.  I envy your relationship as I am a lonely one.

      Enjoy this companionship...and know that God is with you.


  2. Hi, Smac,

    Although I had time to start one thread this morning, I hadn't had time to catch up on the board's other ongoing threads, although I did have enough time to glance at the Drag in Library thread.  Rather than comment immediately (due to the demands of work), I spent a bit of time on break doing some further research into it to corroborate the events and see how others were reporting to try to gauge the full picture.  As I just sat down to type my response to the whole situation, I was disappointed to see I missed the window and the thread's been closed now. 

    For what it's worth, my response was different than Californiaboy's. 

    My first impression was revulsion. 

    My second impression was I'd never take my kids to an event like that, and I am gob smacked that any parents would.

    My third impression was some resentment that the more outlandish fringe of the LGBT community make the rest of us look bad and are the reason why my LDS brother living in California resents the gay lobby due to it's pressure on public schools and places of education.  This 'shock and awe' stunt by the drag queen in question, however well intentioned, doesn't help those of us who just want to live and let live and integrate as productive (and mostly mundane, in the sense of not feeling a need to unnecessarily call attention to ourselves) members of society.

    My fourth impression was... well... are those REALLY 'demon' horns?  Is she REALLY presenting herself as a KILLER CLOWN to eats who knows whatever, or whatever the conservative blogs are reporting?  And this is where I finally went and started doing some research.

    After viewing the photos and reading multiple sources (both conservative and mainstream---I didn't really see any liberal sources reporting on it yet), it seems to me that:

    a)  the media is overplaying the "demon" angle (due to the flowering vines and moss, she looks more like a stylized forest woodland sprite/fairy to me, not a demon... someone who would fit into the live-action world of Disney's "Maleficient" film).  But some politician referred to her horns as "demon horns," so the media picked that up and ran with it. 

    b) it doesn't seem to me that this drag queen was presenting herself as a 'demon' or a 'killer clown' or 'extra terrestrial' or 'eater of' whatever... I can't recall all the horrible verbiage that the source was quoting.  They took a bunch of stuff off of her Instagram of other, far more extreme characters she plays; a phenomenon quite common among drag performers, from the little I've seen (neither my husband nor I are really in to drag or drag shows.... just not our cup of tea.  We respect the role drag queens play in equality--i.e. Stonewall--and are happy to support their right to self determination, but we avoid them and don't usually hang around places where they frequent.  We don't go to clubs or bars, for example).  Still, the people who were inviting this particular drag queen could have done their homework and checked into her background a bit more and maybe chosen a drag queen that was a little less controversial for children's hour.  Everything I've said in this paragraph still doesn't change the fact that I wouldn't take my kids to see her; H-*-*-* NO).

    c) I'm disappointed to see the more conservative sites/blogs overemphasize (in my view) the fact that the library was named on behalf of the former First Lady.  That seems entirely irrelevant to me, and seems more a political and somewhat slander-ish (though I admit "slander" is far too strong a term, in this circumstance...more like "implicate") stunt to try to tie it to Obama's legacy by emphasizing the name of his wife.

    d) I wonder if the library paid her for it.  I doubt it.  From what I understand, many/most drag performers feel they are doing charitable work and don't charge for money--even when they perform in gay bars---since they rely on tips.  But since she wasn't getting tips (presumably) from the kids or their parents, I'd assume it was volunteerism.

    e) Given the locale, I understand that the neighborhoods there (and in other more liberal neighborhoods) might relish a chance to introduce their kids to a live drag queen... and if she's reflective of their local values, I guess that's sorta like Utah publically celebrating Pioneer Day or Day's of 47 Parades here, where drag queens (or gays) aren't welcome...  But I also haven't really looked into it enough to be fully comfortable with either notion.

    f) there's still no way H-*-*-* I'd take my kids to a reading by her or even a 'regularly'-dressed drag queen.  I am entirely content to lead a fairly 'normal' life, with the distinction that my spouse and I happen to both be men... and in doing so, while I support everyone's right to pursue happiness according to the dictates of their conscience, I hope to be one example of someone who is a contributing member of my local community and a supporter of American tolerance and family values.  Aggressive and in-your-face Drag stunts like these undermine the bridge building I seek and hope to promote, and only fuel the fire of the Alt and Far Right (and even those on the fence leaning more towards the balanced middle).

    Not sure if that answers the questions you were repeatedly posing in the tread, but that's my two cents.

    And for what it's worth: while I sometimes find our exchanges frustrating and know that you and I don't see eye to eye, I know from personal experience you are not a hateful individual, and even though we often disagree, I also often respect where you're coming from.

    Best Regards,



  3. I tried to send you a message, but the systems said I couldn't.

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