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  1. New development coming from President Russell M. Nelson and the Mormon Newsroom regarding the name of the Church, including the following:  

    • When referring to the Church, The full name of the Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is encouraged and preferred.  

    • Please refer to members of the Church as Latter-day Saints.  Please avoid the term “Mormons.”

    • Please avoid the term “Mormonism.”  It is inaccurate.  When a shortened version is needed, please use “The Church of Jesus Christ” or the “restored Church of Jesus Christ”.  Please avoid the terms “The Mormon Church” and “The LDS Church.”

    It will be interesting to see how this goes.  If I recall correctly, it has been tried before, but didn’t last very long.  The terms “Mormons” and “Mormonism” are deeply ingrained and hard to get rid of.  It is part of our identity.  



  2. President Trump is under criminal investigation for colluding with a foreign power to sway the election in his favor.  I don’t think he should be allowed to appoint a new Supreme Court nominee until after the Special Counsel / Russia investigation is completed.  

    So much is at stake here - 

    Not just abortion rights, but health care, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, union rights, environmental justice, and so much more.  

    We are in for an ugly, divisive fight.  

  3.  There are only so many dead people.  And there are more temples now than ever before.    But what if we run out of names to do work for?  Is that an issue?  In our temple, they are limiting the names of people you can do work for to your own family tree.  

  4. I don’t think anybody really knows how the “natural” and the “supernatural” worlds interact with each other in relation to the things that we do or don’t do.  It’s interesting to think about and discuss, though.  

    In Mormon theology, we come to this earth to gain the experience of having a physical body.  What we do with the body we are given is important.  Satan may do what he can to get us to mistreat or misuse our “mortal tabernacles.”  This is the lens of how I view President Nelson’s comments.  

    Some of us have an innate attraction to the same sex, others of us don’t.  Attractions in and of themselves aren’t sinful, it’s what we do with them that matters.  If I were to sit down and talk with President Nelson, I’m sure he’d probably agree with my interpretation of his words.  

    I must say, though, that I do feel bad for the LGBTQ members of the Church that were further wounded by his remarks.  When they hear that who they love is wrong, it’s gotta hurt.  


  5. 1 minute ago, Jeanne said:

    I have a question for those of you who have young families.  How do you instill the holiness of the Sabbath day when toddlers and those a litte older are geared to play...is their a happy medium?

    I don’t think a little play is necessarily a bad thing on Sunday, as long as you are spending time with them.  To me, that is the most important thing.  

  6. 1 hour ago, smac97 said:

    And what else?

    Talk more openly about this topic in General Conference and in church meetings in general.  

    Tell certain members to stop being judgmental, know-it-all a**holes.  

    Be wiiling to listen and emphasize with a gay person when they tell you their story, instead of trying to correct them or say why the church is always right.  

    Poster removed: language

  7. 2 minutes ago, SamuelTheLamanite said:

    I will consider that when God inspires men to make fusion work. Our prophets tell us to prepare for financial crisis, natural disasters, disease, but no word on climate change. Wouldn't God tell his prophets that humans are responsible for climate change? Most of us Mormons are all for the burning of fossil fuels. Many of our church leaders believe coal is a good thing for economic growth. If man-made climate change was real and a threat wouldn't you think that God would have tell us by now?  


    The prophets don’t necessarily tell us everything there is to know about the way the world works.   

    We also have to rely on science and reasoning and study. 

    And if we want the lighting fixed in our home, we should probably go to an electrician.  

  8. Sometimes, something can be both good and bad at the same time, depending on how it is used. An Ibuprofen is good if you have a headache, but that doesn’t mean that you take the whole bottle!  And some medications can actually become ineffective or harmful over time.  The same could be said for humankind’s use of fossil fuels.  Now is the time when it has become harmful and is making us sick.  And there are other ways to power our lives now without C02.  What was a blessing in the early 1900’s does not make it a blessing in 2018!  

  9. 34 minutes ago, Anijen said:

    I am for keeping the earth clean, pure, unpolluted, etc., (place your word choice here) because we have been commanded to both in conference and through scripture. What confuses the issue is politics. Whenever anything becomes politicized then immediately, it least here in the United States, then there will be almost automatically a 50-50 split of opinion, or whatever the percentage of polarized political parties go (nice illustration?).

    Generally, the group favoring global warming theory tend to be Democrats and those who do not believe in a global warming theory (global freez, climate change, choose your phrase) tend to come from the Republican Party. First before you hyper politize this, I am just pointing out what is generally the trend. I am not against either party. The truth is the global warming issue has become hyper politicized and because it has corrupted facts have crept into the issue and experts on both ends of the issue tend to use or cite or cite papers that cite these fudged or cooked numbers. From my research the trends tend to be true even among the experts.

    I choose to treat our earth like the scout standard or leaving it in better condition than when I got there. I am not yet convinced to join the pro-global warming group, but I have not joined the anti-global warming group (i.e. those who say there is no global warming). I believe in science and as far as I know science has showed a fluctuation in temperature over millions of years. Sometimes the earth is colder, sometimes its warmer and probably will continue to be so. 

    I refuse to subscribe to or deny  global warming on a political party standard, but on a science standard. Too bad it has become such a political issue. I will do my part to keep the contact I have with the earth to a minimum and try in every attempt to keep it in as is or better (if possible) than when I got here.

    Since you brought up politics, considering that Mormons are the religious group that is most likely to approve of President Trump, SamuelTheLamanite’s post does not surprise me.  

  10. 9 hours ago, SamuelTheLamanite said:

    The other thread is now closed and I didn't get the chance to share my views. I believe man cannot change the climate because D&C 88:13 teaches us the light of Christ governs all things, not men. The idea of climate change contradicts Mormon doctrine.

    The scriptures teach in the last days we are going to see a lot of corruption and false doctrines. The scriptures are already being fulfilled. The scientists are not allowed to question man-made climate change without losing big federal grants. The federal government pays NASA millions of dollars to cherry pick the data.

    Fortunately we non-scientists don't receive grants and we can do research for ourselves. Climate Science isn't complicated at all, with a quick google search you can find many temperature graphs that show no warming. It just very simple. In fact 2016 was warmer than 2017 so that means the Earth is not warming.

    People really need to start questioning the climate science research, with a great invention called Google we can quickly learn that there is no evidence for man-made climate change. You can also find New York Times and CNN articles predicting the end of snow, yet we see a lot of snow.

    I believe God gave us carbon to use it, the industrial revolution has been a blessing for humanity and the church. Thanks to the industrial revolution we have computers that allow us to do genealogy much easier.  If the industrial revolution is a blessing from God it means the earth can't be warming. Why would God inspire something that is harmful to the planet?

    There are Youtube videos from renown scientists like Tim Ball or Richard Lindzen. Richard Lindzen is a professor at MIT.  It is true twenty-two other MIT professors wrote a letter criticizing Lindzen, but that was only because the federal government paid them a lot of money to do it, it's all just a conspiracy.

    Lastly, if man-made climate change was real and a threat to humanity our prophets would have been warning us already. Our prophets warn us about financial crisis, natural disasters, violence, but nothing on climate change. In climate science there aren't many variables to take into account, for me it is just simple logic.  Just look at your window, look outside it is freezing. That is all I have to say. Thank You for reading.


    We rely on experts in any given field to help educate us.  For example, when we are sick or break a bone, we go to the doctor, who went to school for years and years to be able to help treat us.  

    But with your logic, why would God allow advances in science and modern medicine if the Priesthood and faith alone can heal the sick?  

    I’m going to keep sticking with the experts on climate change!  

    Science and religion need not be in conflict with each other!  If something is true, it is true!  


  11. 2 minutes ago, mfbukowski said:

    Scientific facts have nothing to do with their spiritual importance.  If you do not get that, this thread is not for you anyway- but it is dying anyway.

     I thought in Mormonism, all things are spiritual.  

    But I guess I just don’t get it.  Either that, or we just disagree.  

    Either way, this will be my last comment here.  

  12. 4 minutes ago, mfbukowski said:

    I have requested the thread be shut down.   Major derail- totally predictable.

    We just cannot discuss philosophy here - it's pretty disappointing.

    Climate change science is not a religion, it’s science.  It is measureable and tangible.  

    Are there religious and moral arguments to be made to do something about it?  Yes.  

    Not sure if this is exactly what you wanted, but it’s how I feel about it.  

  13. 2 minutes ago, mnn727 said:


    Do any of you climate change proponents actually believe the end times prophecies from the Bible and BoM?

    I’ll just say I’m not gonna help speed it along!  I ultimately believe in making this world a better place in the here and now.  We all share this earth.  And as far as I can tell, there is only one earth.  I also believe in being a responsible steward for future generations.  

  14. 25 minutes ago, Bob Crockett said:

    I don't think so.  My mind is open about climate change, but speaking as one who hires experts for the work I do, one cannot rely on anecdotal evidence for climate change claims.  A proper climate change analysis would require sophisticated computer modeling to predict the non-steady state equilibrium effect, which would rely upon millions of data points we likely don't have -- such as water temps, air temps, from thousands of sources, water levels, Co2 levels, tree-ring evidence, from around the world; arctic ice analysis and so forth.  But I know one thing for certain.  One cannot say -- hey, a record temperature was recorded in Austin Texas in 2017 and thus this is evidence of climate change.  It isn't.  

    One only needs to spend a little time in the Yucatan to realize that immense hurricanes have been leveling that place for eons.  


    I agree that one record setting weather event in and of itself doesn’t necessarily prove climate change.  

    Weather and climate are not the same thing.  This I’m agreement with.  

    I was just trying to point out that with everything I have read, we can expect more hurricane seasons like 2017 with climate change.  The reason is pretty straight forward:  warmer temperatures, more evaporation, more water vapor in the air, warmer ocean surface temperatures = more fuel for stronger hurricanes.  



    “Hurricane Harvey has already dropped a staggering amount of rain over parts of the Houston metropolitan area.  Before it is done, some places may get 50 inches.  It’s a historic amount of precipitation.  The National Weather Service characterized the rainfall as “unprecedented” and “beyond anything experienced.”  





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