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  1. I wouldn’t sell a list or give out any info on users here. I for one enjoy my anonymity. It has allowed me to run the site without outside influence. Nemesis
  2. Most of the menacing antimormons have taken over Mormon themed Reddit subs. Most have been banned from here.
  3. They do it because they feel their threads will get more traffic. I got tired of moving them.
  4. The church no longer needs apologetics from a rag tag group of people. So that explains why it’s not longer doing that. Most of the current issues that come up as topics, I think are important for membership to flesh out and have a place where their views can still be challenged but void of the toxic cast of characters we divested long ago. for what it’s worth. I debate every year if it’s the last year, but if a core group continues to visit I will keep the lights on. Nemesis
  5. Just fyi all the heart lander supporters in this thread were 1 person with about 12 sock puppets I had to kill. Nemesis
  6. So far it looks like it’s on topic and not necessarily discussing their political slant.
  7. Well I got the report. I think that bug is more internal. I’ll see what I can do.
  8. I re-enabled things please let me know if they are still broken.
  9. I found the file that is causing the issue. I disabled it.
  10. Try clearing your cache and see if that helps. If it doesn’t please report back . We recently had a php update and a maintenance update. It could have knocked something out of whack.
  11. Both of you need to put each other on ignore before I lose my patience. -nemesis
  12. He’s on a break, hopefully that will get him in line with the board rules. -Nemesis
  13. Please feel free to start a discussion on a specific topic.
  14. Nemesis

    My Past

    I leave the post showing but locked, as we don’t allow personalized threads. We all know this is for good reason. Nemesis
  15. Posters that were immature or refusing to follow guidelines about proper debate or discussions have been removed.
  16. Wow. Not even sure what to do except close this thread. The standard rules of debate dictate that the use of what if scenarios be limited. I’m just surprised nazis weren’t brought up in the what ifs. -Nemesis
  17. I’m going to give this thread one last chance to discuss the topic and leave partisan politics out of it. Self regulate or it will leave me in a position to shut down the discussion and ban people for a nice chunk of time. -Nemesis
  18. Unless we allow testimony bearing on this site, We can’t allow this thread to continue. -Nemesis
  19. Not appropriate for this folder. Read the board guidelines. Nemesis
  20. When blatant wrong decisions are made other mods will step in, correct and provide better context to the mod that made the first decision. Just note mods have lived by a long philosophy that no one has ever died over a bad mod decision. I have just been proven wrong. With that, this is exactly why we don’t discuss decisions for every temper tantrum we receive. -Nemesis
  21. This is not a social hall topic. Read the board guidelines and ease into the site. Nemesis
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