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  1. Mind you I recall then Elder Nelson getting excited about when the Tabernacle was re-dedicated in 2007, so memorable for him may be a ho-hum for everyone else
  2. my new FB status is "$38.50 that Joseph Smith is a speaker next General Conference" hashtag-whatdoyoumeanmemorable?
  3. I can't imagine working in the Temple Dept. right now, I recall Pres. Monson was around them not announcing new Temples to get the backlog underway but now it's back on again I guess! they must have hired a ton of new people to work through all this
  4. Yeah! she was telling us about her life back home and it's a different way of doing things for sure!
  5. We had a sister missionary here last year from Papua New Guinea, she told us that her and her family walked to Church for two hours there and back, I don't know how they felt about the new 2 hour church but wow,4 hours of walking??? put us to shame for sure!
  6. it sounded like when they dissolved the ward activities committee but wanted activities for the ward but now you had to form a committee from the different auxillaries, and you're like sooooooooooooooo what's the difference?!
  7. That's not how it's set up here, the YM Presidency did everything, there were no advisors-I learn what I live
  8. You can tell this was written and presented by lawyers or someone with a military background, clear and concise and makes no sense whatsoever! what is the actual difference betwen a young men president and a young men advisor?! what is the difference between having a calling but now calling it something else?
  9. My city got a shoutout in Conference!
  10. what, like every Area Seventy got released?! gee willy wonkers
  11. I like Pres. Oaks' who says that repentance is available for everyone, even those who had no idea of repentance or sin or Christ in this life and their work can be done for them
  12. https://bycommonconsent.com/2019/10/02/the-witness-of-women-historical-context/
  13. you mean "who wrote this thread title?" 😎 you can't put everything you want to say in the title! you have to be alluring but discreet
  14. not to be nitpicky but Joseph F. Smith was dead by the time that Temple was dedicated, he died in 1918 and it was dedicated in 1923. I think they mean his son, then Elder Joseph Fielding Smith of the Twelve
  15. the gossip goose has honked and apparently someone at CHQ shared it online but deleted the post but you know how fast things go these days. What I do know for sure is that on Saturday I was at the Temple and this Temple worker told us that they made changes as to who can be a witness, but he said it was the missionary elders. I suspect then he may have heard a garbled version of it
  16. I've mentioned before another change that can take place is wearing short sleeve white shirts in the instruction room, if they can do in the baptistry then why not in the instruction room? I have a theory as to why but ah who knows!
  17. not necessarily, it could be an easier or better way of doing something i.e camping was fine and good until the house got invented and now we don't do that anymore😏
  18. yeah! I don't know where mfbukowski lives, maybe Toledo where it's all different
  19. oh that's rich! no, we have cards and we tick off the boxes as the ordinances are done. In the baptistry though they appear on a monitor so the baptizer knows what name to do, but it's all on cards
  20. or accidentally drop the cards into the water, I saw that once, "looks like Julio ...............or Juliette or Jaswinder?"
  21. I wonder if women will be able to be a recorder? all you do, as you know, is tick a box with a red pencil, hardly priesthood is needed for that, maybe next time!
  22. I missed the youth bit, good catch! hahahhaa!
  23. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/october-2019-general-conference-first-presidency-leadership-session?fbclid=IwAR3KyO-x9S1woEO9jBr4rTZAtX6Jtg7HuQfpNN1oObiJB8UqADVVbo-m0Dk There is Canadian Coca-Cola all over my screen now, women can serve as witnesses for baptisms in and out of the Temple
  24. I was going to say , as have others, it gives you public speaking abilities and when your adult friends are dodging that you realize , heck i've been standing up doing this since primary, so public speaking, thinking on your feet, how to do a meeting i.e. plan, organize, execute. I think too it gives you training on how to help others who have a different background than yours. In our ward we have brother who is 1000000000000000000 percent blind and simply needs help and so the ward helps with him, we also have 2 sets of parents who are deaf and so those 4 brothers and sisters need signing and we are all aware of their needs, which gets you out of your own comfort zone and you help. SO, people in our ward are learning ASL.
  25. we used to overlap but now we don't, we meet at 1230 to 230 and they meet at 10-12, I think switching to a 2 hour block made that easier
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