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  1. 20 minutes ago, Daniel2 said:

    Near the end of July of this summer, LDS Living has published an article about Charlie Bird, the BYU athlete who recently completed his stint as BYU's mascot, Cosmo the Cougar.

    It's approach in affirming both Charlie's membership in the LDS Faith and as a gay man is refreshing, perhaps from any angle from which one may approach these issues.

    Regardless of my own personal beliefs, I see changes allowing/encouraging safe spaces allowing LGBT individuals to openly discuss their thoughts, feelings, and realities as welcome additions to LDS culture and practice.  I wish Charlie and those like him (including those here on the board) all the best on their journeys through life.

    Have you read the story about the excommunicated Mission president? I love what Pres. Ballard told him



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  2. 10 hours ago, Islander said:

    Well, the Edmonton Oilers have no standing in the spiritual realm and as far as I can tell, very small one in the temporal sphere. 

    Magical thinking is typical of children. They believe they can change reality by just sheer mental prowess, thinking up an alternative outcome. Grownups also do that from time to time. Unfortunately, this is one typical example. Trying to communicate with the dead, divining the future and similar schemes are some variations of the same theme. When it comes to the spiritual world and things of God, He is the real authority and His will is always done and revealed according to His purposes, most notably in the scriptures. If it's not in the scriptures it is man-made. You obviously did not like my answer and your response was just facetious.  Brilliant. 

    you're talking about something else entirely, "communicating with the dead" which isn't what I was talking about-Joseph Smith did it a la Moroni et al.  I can think of a thousand things not mentioned in scriptures that neither you nor I nor anyone else made like Elk, otters, muskrats. Unicorns are mentioned in the scriptures, are they real? can you tell their feeding schedule, i'd love to see one

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Ahab said:

    So what do you think that spirit is doing after it sees it is dead.  The person dies instantly, and then what?  It just stands there, or hovers there. going nowhere else?  Just looks around while staying in the same spot?  No light to direct the way that spirit should go, if it is a good person, or no prison trustees to take that bad person to prison in the spirit world, if that person is a bad person such as a murderer in my example?  


    So he was able to transport himself to some other place, that farm house to visit his Mother.  I wonder if someone came there to get him later , or if he is still there? At least your example shows he was able to transport himself somewhere, but that wouldn't necessarily mean he would know where he should go.  I think there is likely some kind of check-in place, where all dead people are supposed to go after they die, whenever they can manage to get themselves there.  Maybe a separate check-in place for the bad people who should go to spirit prison, if the prison is an actual place.  I've also considered the possibility that spirit prison is more like an imprisonment of the mind, since mind is often just another reference to spirit.  Kept from moving on or advancing further because they don't know how or are not willing to comply with the proper procedures required to be enabled to move on, maybe.

    oh the house is long gone, he's probably up in the spirit world playing cribbage or watching Alfred the Great discuss England with Sir Winston Churchill or something! If someone comes for someone who dies , in the next life, we wouldn't know about in this life, we don't live there, we live here. We'll never know if anyone came for him, he died instantly, no time!

  4. 1 hour ago, Ahab said:

    "Coming to get me"  

    I like the way you phrased that, Duncan.

    Could be a good person to get and take someone to the good side of the spirit world which we call Paradise.  Or could be a bad person to get and take someone to the bad side of the spirit world which we call prison, or spirit prison.

    Or do you think good people come to get people and take them to wherever they should go?  Someone who is at least trustworthy, like a trustee of a prison, maybe, when someone needs to be got and taken to prison?

    It's an interesting idea to imagine. 

    Say for example when a killer gets shot to death by some police.  Who comes to get someone like that?  Since there is a prison in the spirit world I think there at least might be some kind of police officer too to take criminals to prison..

    I would imagine if someone was killed instantly they wouldn't be time for someone to come and get them. Mind you I have read accounts of soldiers saying they had some kind of experience where they knew they were going to do and then did, if they wrote about it in a letter, diary, told someone etc. My Great Uncle Stanley was killed instantly in WW1 and he, apparently, came to the farm house to visit his mother. She said she could feel his presence as if he was right there and so when they got the news that he was killed she wasn't surprised by it-it was like he was coming to say goodbye

  5. 2 hours ago, Brant Gardner said:

    I debated adding details, but decided it was too private for a message board. I had a conversation with a woman who had died and come back to life. She mentioned that it was a friend who came for her (for reasons that were relevant to her circumstances). We spoke a little of the reading I had done on near death experiences. After a while she asked if I knew that someone also accompanies us here. She then told me of the very clear experience she had with a personage who had brought a new child. I cannot help but believe her experience, and it gives me hope.

    That is very lovely thank you for sharing!

  6. 47 minutes ago, Nofear said:

    Brigham Young taught that the spirit world is co-local with this world. However, if that is the case, it doesn't make sense that when one dies they immediately enter the spirit world. For example, a group of spirits are doing some activity or such and it so happens to be in the are where somebody dies. Suddenly the newly deceased appear, interrupting whatever is going on. Seems silly. Or what happens if you die but you just happen to be under a spirit world mountain or over a spirit world valley. Oops.

    My working hypothesis* is that between the spirit world and our mortal realm there is a transition state. It may be literal or it may be purely virtual/mental/simulated/whatever. The purpose of the transition state is to prepare the individual for spirit world. This may involve a tunnel, a visit from deceased relative or other individual, a "door", a life review, and/or some other mechanism to ease the mental shock of transition between realms. One advantage of the idea is that it accommodates the numerous and different NDE accounts without the violence that any one particular scenario does to many.


    * Technically not a hypothesis since the idea isn't testable.

    that's the thing we'll never know 10 percent until we're dead ourselves, which I don't want!hahhaha!

  7. Something that has been reported, at least, in my family, on three occasions that we know of (member of the church and non member) is that when you are dying they claim to have seen a loved one that already died. It's almost like that deceased person is coming to get them. I know Brigham Young said "Joseph" when he was dying-I have no idea if he saw him or wanted to see him, I wasn't there. Do you think there is something to that idea that when you are dying someone from the great beyond comes and gets you?

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  8. 1 hour ago, CV75 said:

    Although we do have a Book of Mormon reference to take-out: "I will make thy food become sweet, that ye cook it not..."


  9. 3 hours ago, rpn said:

    I've been checking my ldstools since the announcement but haven't found it yet.    They must be either rolling it out, or I don't know where to find it?



    a random temple, just click on "prayer roll" and away you go!

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  10. 35 minutes ago, CV75 said:

    He is trying to see a pattern between the progression of the Nephite civilization and the American South, not create a geography for the Book of Mormon.

    Personally, I think the patterns and lessons from the Book of Mormon apply to everyone on a personal, community and national scale.

    exactley, like if the Book of Mormon was given exclusively to the US-why bother distributing it to everyone everywhere? The other thing too is what version of the US? as you know the US in 1830 isn't like it is today-No Taco Bell🌮, no KFC🍗, In and Out Burger🍔, besides new US States🌎

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  11. Just now, Ahab said:

    Don't just wonder.  Go around and ask as many 8 year old people as you can find.  Simply put, it is all about being willing to take upon oneself the name of Christ, choosing to do his will while learning what his will is.

    I think most 3 and 4 year olds can understand what that means, but children are not accountable for any sins until they become 8 years old.

    we know different children then! hahahha!

  12. 7 minutes ago, Peppermint Patty said:

    I wonder how many 8 year olds are truly capable of understanding the ramifications and magnitude of their baptismal covenants?

    and why we have inflated membership roles. In our Stake, when the temple is discussed in the media, it's purported we have 4500 members. We don't. We have 3200 members, 1200-1300 are active ish, with about 600 with an active recommend, with about 2-300 endowed without a recommend. That's like 2000 people inactive, worse if somehow the 4500 number is accurate

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