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  1. Would you like to have me write some things/edit some things for you as well?

    I would love it, SGW.

    The more contributors and articles the better.

    I received the first completed articles on the JS Papyri this AM and will be posting it today.


  2. Without giving any endorsement of a project outside this board, Seth Payne has been a pretty fair individual when it comes to LDS issues. I do not think his efforts should be seen with skepticism or apprehension.


    Thanks Nemesis.

    I don't blame some for being skeptical of me given that in the past I have been quite open about my views compared to the views of the Church on certain social issues and especially in 2008/2009 I was quite passionate at times in expressing my own opinions. However, even on those issues I've done my best to be fair and accurate when presenting the Church's viewpoint. People can judge for themselves by visiting my blog or even the FAQ at mormonstudies.com

    The Church is like a family. Sometimes disagreements come up but you don't throw your family under the bus when you disagree. You either keep the dialogue open or simply agree to disagree and then move on.


  3. Hi Seth,

    How is your site going to be any better than this one:


    Seems the Church already did it, all correlated and everything....

    I don't think it will be any "better", but perhaps different in purpose and tone.

    For example, a person has expressed writing about seer stones and folk magic in the early 19th century. This is an interesting topic that helps us understand the ethos of Joseph Smith's days growing up in Upstate New York. Another person would is going to write on the Joseph Smith papyri in an academic way similar in tone to what was presented by WS at last year's FAIR conference. These may not be subjects that the correlation committee writes about.

    Also, some find it interesting to compare and contrast the views of different LDS leaders/thinkers on subjects like the creation, the fall etc.... My hope is that these short articles will not only introduce people to what today's Church believes and teaches, but also to how the LDS Church's beliefs/understanding/practices have both changed and stayed the same over the years.

    Indeed, I would love to show how LDS beliefs on peripheral topics such as the flood, pre-adamites etc... vary. Many people have this crazy idea that Mormons all think and believe the same. This obviously isn't the case as evidenced by the lively discussions on this board!

    I would hope that these short articles may act as a jumping point for those so inclined to look at the writings of Bushman, Mauss, Bokovoy, Peterson, etc....

  4. Given your history, I still wonder what the real goal is.

    Even were I inclined to write such an article, I am not feeling as if there are warm fuzzies from such a site.


    You are a good guy, Lehi. I would love to include anything you contribute if you change your mind.


  5. I can probably do one in August on New England folk magic if someone can help me find sources. Not sure if I have the qualifications you want though.

    No fancy schmancy "qualifications" needed. :) This project is meant to be fun and informative for contributors and readers alike.

    Please sign up! I think folk magic would be a great entry.

  6. Do you want a new entry for Mormons and the Cross? If I remember correctly, you used to have an explanation from Richard Bushman. I could be wrong, but I suspect that his opinion changed somewhat after reading my thesis.

    Yes, absolutely.

    That would be an excellent entry.

  7. Some possible topics:

    The Book of Mormon

    Seer Stones


    The KJV

    Pearl of Great Price

    Articles of Faith

    The Wentworth Letter

    Edmunds Tucker Act

    The Manifesto

    The Law of Tithing, Consecration etc...

    United Order


    The Joseph Smith Papyri

    The September Six

    Mother in Heaven


    Temple Worship

    The Sacrament


    The Atonement



    etc ......

  8. Friends:

    I am embarking on a project to collect short articles on subjects related to Mormon Doctrine.

    I operate http://www.mormonstudies.com and plan to post these short articles there.

    The overall goal of the project is to provide those interested in Mormonism with access a short and concise reference on the wide range of topics.

    There are a few guidelines I would like to put in place for these short articles:

    * Articles should be between 300-500 words

    * These articles should be fair and accurate. In other words, they should not be devotional nor polemical.

    * References and corresponding links to references are highly desirable.

    * The tone of the articles should be academic but also accessible.

    All contributors will be asked to provide brief bios and links to their personal blogs/websites.

    If anyone is interested in helping me edit submitted articles, please contact me. sethpayne@gmail.com

    Those of you who would like to submit articles please visit this link and input your name, email address and the topic on which you would like to write.




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