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  1. Brides want what brides want. My daughter did not want her reception in a gym (cultural hall). I opened my wallet. IMO an exterior design error is much less significant than a doctrinal error and should be allowed to be changed. I believe there was a talk (by somebody with a lot of authority) about the changes in the presentation of the endowment. Certainly the exterior appearance of a temple can be changed to fit with the times.
  2. The aliens keep showing up thinking the Provo Temple is a space ship. They knock on the door and are turned away.
  3. Six years ago I predicted that the Provo Temple would soon be renovated. I Have A Prediction Is six years soon enough for my prediction to be valid?
  4. Right. In Mormon culture, the raising of the Moroni statue has become an "event" that many faithful LDS pause their activities to attend and a certain newspaper covers. Angel Moroni statue ascends to top of Provo City Center Temple
  5. With proper planning the protests can be minimized. The parking lot for the Hill Cumorah Pageant used to be across the street, so attendees had to cross the street so protestors could set up right at the crossing point and protest away. My wife's family and I went a few years ago and the parking lot had been moved to the same side as the pageant (all on the church's property). The protestors were off in the distance talking to themselves.
  6. Could the temple covenants be transformational if they were not transactional?
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