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  1. With proper planning the protests can be minimized. The parking lot for the Hill Cumorah Pageant used to be across the street, so attendees had to cross the street so protestors could set up right at the crossing point and protest away. My wife's family and I went a few years ago and the parking lot had been moved to the same side as the pageant (all on the church's property). The protestors were off in the distance talking to themselves.
  2. Could the temple covenants be transformational if they were not transactional?
  3. Yes mine is anecdotal. I also reported my symptoms back to the health authorities both when I had Covid-19 and after the vaccines so they could be part of the real data. I wouldn't want anybody to decide on taking the vaccine based solely on my anecdotal experience. That's why I closed my post with, "I hope people look at real data and not just cherry-picked anecdotal stories."
  4. I got Covid-19 during November 2020. I lost my sense of smell for about a week. I also experienced severe muscle aches and was exhausted. I received the Moderna vaccine in February and March. I was exhausted for about 48 hours after each dose and that was it. I hope people look at real data and not just cherry-picked anecdotal stories.
  5. Most have heard of the breakthrough cases - those people who were vaccinated, yet still contracted Covid-19. Some people use those anecdotes to justify not getting the vaccine. The vaccines are not 100% effective and were never advertised as such. What does it mean for a vaccine to have 95% efficacy, for example? During the testing phase volunteers were given either the vaccine or a placebo. Those who were given the placebo contracted Covid-19 at 19 times the rate as those who were given the vaccine. I got vaccinated.
  6. Receiving Grant or Loan monies is not the same as earning money from work. The application process requires verification of enrollment at a qualified institution and information about how much tuition is among other things. The money was transferred to the student to use for school. The reason student loans are affected is the government pays the interest to the bank where the loan was secured until 6 months after the student finishes going to school. By the time I graduated from BYU in 1991, the pell grant money for tuition went directly to BYU. I received a check for the amount of the difference if the grant was more than tuition. The money was never mine to just do as I please.
  7. Let's see. A heart surgeon is an educated man. He could have looked it up. When was the first time that Elder Nelson told the story? Did he have enough time between the actual flight and the first telling to learn the proper procedures and add those procedures to the story?
  8. https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/violent-crime/indian-country-crime Head on collisions typically are caused by one driver trying to pass another car on a two lane road OR one of the drivers is impaired either by drugs, alcohol , or fatigue. It seems natural that there would be an investigation by the authorities.
  9. This. We had a really good Scout leader for a couple of years, and I advanced to Star. Enter a new leader (who wasn't even there sometimes) and much of our time was spent playing basketball - which was fine with me. I did enjoy scouting, but I didn't love it enough to advance on my own.
  10. Perhaps he relied on the audit report that is given at general conference. "Based upon audits performed, Church Auditing is of the opinion that, in all material respects, contributions received, expenditures made, and assets of the Church for the year 2018 have been recorded and administered in accordance with approved Church budgets, policies, and accounting practices." (April 2019 GC)
  11. Perhaps the legal disclaimer at the bottom of the tithing slip will protect the church. "Though reasonable efforts will be made to use donations as designated, all donations become the Church's property and will be used at the Church's sole discretion to further the Church's overall mission." It wasn't always there. Does anybody know when it was added to the slip?
  12. I wonder if his political leanings had anything to do with him not being retained as a counselor in the first presidency.
  13. On Sunday my wife was listening to Sunday school online and the teacher said that she believed that she would still be alive when Christ returned. She made it clear that she meant that He would return before she left this mortal probation. Some of my Sunday School teachers from my youth testified that we (the youth) would be alive to see the second coming. I'm not sure what the attraction is to making claims like this since we are told that nobody knows (Matthew 24:36). I personally haven't heard anybody make a claim like this in a long time, so I thought it was almost weird that this teacher would make that claim.
  14. The names are also a dead giveaway. Gasse Beano Flatty Hartberne Also, I don't think there is a Hurricane 52nd Ward.
  15. According to James E. Talmage, the suffering of Gethsemane returned while Jesus was on the cross. Emphasis mine. If the suffering from Gethsemane returned and was more intense, maybe the cross was more important than Gethsemane. Who knows? Does it really matter? This need to place Gethsemane above the cross fascinates me.
  16. Recently I have witnessed more than one incident of grammar correction on this board. The most recent one was not very civil and distracted from the topic. Perhaps we should paraphrase part of the title page of the Book of Mormon. "And now, if there are grammatical errors they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, distract not from the topics, that ye may avoid being thread banned."
  17. "Until death do you part." That phrase that is part of so many marriage ceremonies may not mean what many LDS claim it means (shameless PB paraphrase). I've been to enough non-LDS funerals to know that many people believe they will be reunited with their loved ones in heaven in the next life. Even yesterday on Facebook one of my friends (non-LDS) announced the passing of his pet cat and talked about how he looked forward to reuniting with his beloved pet in heaven. Back to "Until death do you part." Here is just one of the many examples of a Church leader explaining that it means the marriage ends with death. I was once at a non-LDS wedding and the pastor explained that once married the couple was to spend time together and not look for reasons to be apart. Of course there will be things that the couple may not do together. The husband may participate in recreational basketball or the wife may like to participate in local theater. The pastor warned about finding too many things that would keep the husband and wife from spending time together. Only death would separate them...temporarily. I realized at that wedding ceremony that the people who used that phrase as part of the marriage ceremony were not using it to end or cancel the marriage. It was an admonition to be together until one of them dies. In heaven, when both have passed from this mortal life, there will be a glorious reunion, and there may even be some pets.
  18. If I understand the news reports correctly, as an educator in Utah, I am designated as an essential worker and will be one of the first to receive the vaccine after the health care workers. Having had Covid-19 already I wonder if I could defer until later and allow somebody else to move up in line? If everybody who has had Covid-19 and gave up their place in line, a lot of people could move up and get the vaccine earlier. FWIW: I don't consider myself to be anymore essential than any other worker. I have hated that designation from the beginning of the pandemic. IMO all businesses/workers are essential.
  19. It would be interesting for those who didn't get sick to take the antibody test to see if they developed antibodies. If they did, it would mean that their immune systems beat the virus without developing symptoms. I am almost symptom free now, so my immune system won, but it was a battle. There are a lot of people who have been exposed but never developed symptoms.
  20. I am recovering from Covid-19. I had a lot of muscle aches, lost my sense of smell (which is now returning), had chills, minimal fever, and generally felt weak and miserable for about 7 days. My wife, brother (he visits regularly), daughter (& family), and son all tested positive within a few days of each other. One of us brought it home and it spread to everybody. This thing is aggressive.
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