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  1. I notice I do the same. Listening to the beat, not realizing the words.

    You should reflect on taking things even further than the words, but to the beat itself.

    Although, more accurately it's not the "beat" per-se, it is the spirit of the music itself, that it is trying to portray.

    For example, many traditional cultural music styles have a similar beat pattern to modern music. For example, Islander and African Music has similar beat styles to Rap, but there is a significant difference in spirit between the two types of music. For example, Islander/African music has a fun, power type spirit to them, while Rap has a "sexual" and "I'm bad, or cool tuff guy" spirit to it, thus an omission of the light, while the other is very much so light hearted and good spirited.

    In other words, you need to look deeper into the music as to the sort of feelings it portrays itself and creates within yourself. Music programs us deeply, thus we should also be discerning of it's spirit, not simply it's words.

    People, LDS especially, should understand that there is good and evil or light and darkness within everything. All things have it's good side and it's perverted side. This includes music. Like words can be good or bad, the music itself can be good or bad. I should be clear to mention that there is some very extremely rare "lighthearted" rap, but it's so rare that you just don't see it. This wouldn't necessarily be "bad" music. But, standard rap, even most of the stuff that has "good or 'christian' words" within it, are of a bad spirit, same for punk, etc.

    Anyway, something to be mindful of....

  2. Sheen is going to be like Jan Michael Vincent soon if he doesn't change.

    Just compare interviews of him from 10 years before and otherwise to see.

    Although, to be fair to Jan, he was never nuts like Sheen. Just two men who are destroying or have destroyed themselves.

  3. My oldest son listened to death metal. I complained, he didn't really care. Since he was complete straight arrow in every other way I chose not to fight that battle. He's now on a mission in Colorado. It will be interesting to see what he picks up when he comes home.

    My middle son wanted to like death metal but just couldn't. He's all over the place now. Having his brother leave on a mission has allowed him to choose the music he wants.

    My 13 year old daughter is totally crushed on the Beatles.

    My husband is country music, and not the contemporary stuff from nowadays, we are subjected to the stuff from waaay back. Twang it is.

    I've never expected my children to like the music that I do, I didn't like my parent's music.

    Maybe we just lucked out, my sons find safety in the commandments. So give your own son a chance, too. Show him you trust him besides just ruling with an iron fist. I liked Stu's post.

    I think that is a serious mistake.... First, you clearly can't "trust" them, because they are listening to inappropriate music. Just "hoping" they turn out okay when you aren't actually doing anything to train them up in the way they should be in that particular thing is playing Russian Roulette with your childrens souls and character. You can't just "trust" that all will work out because other things are occuring that are good in their lives. We should be mindful of "all" harmful influences on our children lives, and steer them away from them. Second, would you allow your children to watch porn, watch "R" rated movies that have sex and nudity in them, or another other example? How bout having "close" friends who swear, drink, do drugs, have sex, etc.? You wouldn't be so willing to "trust" that there ISN'T and couldn't be some sort of harmful effect of those things on your children, so why would you just allow your children to listen to whatever they want? Since when do children know how to make good judgments? You guide them in everything else, why not in music? This is something that I've seen for a long time with LDS family's, and it's a slippery slope. It's so disheartening to my soul when I hear and see LDS children or any children listening to such immoral and destroying of spirit music.

    No-one is saying kids "can't" be good, while still listening to music that is clearly on the dark side, but that doesn't justify Christian anti-mormons from their fruits and ideology's. Them being Christian in every other aspect of their lives doesn't mean they are Christian in their anti-mormonism. They are in fact on the dark side. As parents we should never "allow" the dark side to flourish and take hold in our children's lives, no matter how "innocent" such may seem. Music has it's evil side also, not simply the words. Of course, most of the time people who listen to such music don't even distinguish the words, they just are conditioned to liking the beat.

    We are to try and stand above the world in all things, not simply in some.

    Anyway, just a sincere FYI.... according to the Gospel. I know people don't like to be told that whatever they are embracing or the music they like is not good. But as Latter-day Saints we should be much more discerning. Music has an extreme and very intimate effect on our souls, for it goes to our very core, shaping our spirits, shaping our minds. Just think how "righteous" and of God our children could be if they even forsook bad music, and stood for the right in ALL Things???

    With Love....

  4. I just meant that the JST was better for me.

    I've never been accused of slamming Christianity or the Bible before now.

    I apologize, I didn't realize I was so mean and slamming and disrespectful.

    Gotta say, I came here to learn, and I did. Ouch. I am sorry.

    Take care folks, and try to be good to each other.


    Questions are not accusations. I'm simply "efficient" in that if it was a slam I explained the issue of it.

    I asked the question because some RLDS/COC's would say that because they don't use the KJV, but instead substitute it for the JST. Thus I was trying to clarify if that was your "intent". But, you've clarified and answered that you like it, hence the reason why you made the comment, so then that would be your answer. No issue then. It was just a curious comment in a post full of issues related to the individual in question, thus seemed potentially out of place.

    Anyway, sorry for your loss and issues, wish you well.

  5. From the very beginning of life I have never allowed my children to be exposed to the obvious "immoral" music, music such as Rap, Punk, Heavy Metal, etc. And I always taught them to recognize such, and stay away from it. As a result they now do it themselves. They recognize the "spirit" of certain kinds of music, even if they don't have bad words in them. Train up a child in the ways they should do, and they shall not depart from it.

    As to "after the fact".... Well, that's going to be a lot harder, and you will likely not succeed because it is so a part of your child now. You're only option is to remove all "bad" music from his access, and play only "nice" music in your home. And if he try's to put the bad music back on his Ipod whatever, then take away his Ipod. You may also need to limit who he associates as friends. But, really, when it comes to this, there is no "easy" answer. It all depends on your child and your situation, what you need to do to start teaching him to make better choices as to music, first according to your wishes and then ultimately according to his own choice. The prophets have taught at times on music choices, so that maybe needs to be some stuff you need to take time teaching and studying with him.

    In my early 20's I threw out everything that I had in my music collection that might not bring the spirit or might detract from it. Got rid of some of the Hard Rock I had for example. I was always sensitive to the spirit of music, so I was already pretty discerning, but I realized that I needed to do even more, and I've never looked back.

  6. I frankly don't understand some "traditional" Christians not believing in a Pre-Mortal life.

    After all, they fully acknowledge that God created us as spirits, and those spirits obviously existed before he placed them into our bodies, thus they obviously would have had to have "pre-existed".

    Not only that, but they also believe in the story of Satan and followers being cast out, and that one of the reasons for that occurring is Satan wanted to "save" everyone, so obviously we likely would have had to been around at the time, since those who didn't follow satan were likely the ones who got sent to the earth. On and on.

    Of course, I don't understand a lot of "traditional" Christian beliefs as they relate to the Bible, for they are inaccurate, incomplete, etc. My only explanation is it's a intellectual/spiritual defect, cause I can see how they arrive at such conclusions, but said conclusions are clearly flawed given the actual texts in question.

  7. I spent a long time with the Bible (the right one -- the Joseph Smith Translation)

    I'm curious, are you RLDS or COC?

    Cause, this is not something ANY mormon I've ever known would say....

    It's a backhanded disrespectful slam against the Bible as well as the rest of Christianity.

    And since LDS fully embrace the Bible, including the non-JST parts, this is simply so wrong on so many levels.

    So, I'm curious the reason for such a comment?

  8. Just send him an LDS KJV.... It's "modern". It has footnotes, translations, helps, etc. haa haa

    I find such to be better than any of the other "translations" out there.

    And if you need more, to simply use www.bible.cc for example for comparisons, etc.

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