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  1. Lots of secular girls are "lesbian for college" just to get out of the hook up cultural so common in most universities. One bisexual friend told me that she just liked sex in college and was open to whomever was interesting. Afterwards she had a live in boyfriend with whom she bought a house. I asked if she missed being with women and she said no. She did say that one time her boyfriend talked her into a threesome and she wasn't that interested in the other woman really and it was mostly so the boyfriend could say he had done it, but both of them, after a bit, just ignored the extra girl. ROGD and social contagion are very real. The activists want to discount them, but if anyone listens to detransitioners they can hear story after story of girls who felt pressured by a peer group and the excessive affirmation by "professionals" that pushed them along the path to taking hormones and surgery, only for them to wake up a few years later miserable and realizing it was a huge mistake.
  2. "To act as voice in dedicating a grave, a person who is outside his own ward must show a current temple recommend to the priesthood leader who presides over the service." 18.16.1 of the Handbook
  3. My wife looked it up and found it in the Handbook. I got my recommend renewed within 2 days. The grave was in my home state but not my stake.
  4. It was in the Handbook somewhere.
  5. I never heard of this until I read the studies years ago. The studies I have read noted that most Lesbian relationships had almost zero sex after a few years, not about relationships quality or satisfaction. They noted that the women they studied seemed to lack the need for sex after a certain time. Many heterosexual women seem content to have a greatly reduced sex life in marriages after some years, too. There may be more recent studies that show light on this, but I haven't seen any that contradict the earlier ones.
  6. My temple recommend expired in 2020 and I didn't renew it right away as the temple was closed and we were doing zoom church. My aunt died and I was asked to dedicate the grave. I had to quickly get my recommend renewed, as the dedication requires a current recommend.
  7. Given the documented tendency of lesbian relationships to experience lesbian bed death after a few years, they could have just stayed best friends with and skipped the few years of having lesbian sex and not disrupted their families and ditched their religion. It used to be that people could have strong same sex friendships without any sexual aspect.
  8. I find it interesting that most of Europe have abortion laws that would be more extreme than any state in the country. If the Supreme Court hadn't jumped the gun with the badly written Roe (RBG and other liberal justices thought it was a badly written as well), America would have had some similar thing. Instead we have had 50 years of intense division over the issue. The partisans liked this, as it kept people divided and voting on this single issue. TPTB on both sides never seemed to want to come to a reasonable compromise. They liked how it drove people to the polls and kept them from looking at economics or other issues. It is just one of many wedge issues that divide us so we can be more easily ruled by the oligarchy.
  9. Very interesting. That sounds like every other patriarch I heard, unlike this one. My own PB is very detailed. There are very specific blessings and very specific warnings. The idea that a patriarch would give a shorter blessing than he feels inspired to do so seems very troubling. I have given many blessings over the years. Most of the time the words just flow and I almost don't even feel much more than a conduit. I also have felt constrained not to say things at times that I wanted to say.
  10. I know a good number of people that ended up leaving the church. From talking with them, most of them just don't even think about it much, even the ones in Utah. They grew up in the church but left for various reasons, usually in young adulthood. They were cultural Mormons. Many didn't serve missions. They just drifted away. As to obsessed ex's, my ex-BIL is one. 5 years post divorce and he still calls up me and my siblings to talk about our sister. He and my sister have zero interaction with the children all adults. I also know a man in his 80s that still is obsessed about talking about the wife he dumped 35 years earlier. Many people can not move on. My mom has taken breaks from the church every so often, for 4 or 5 years even. She never would have considered herself gone from the church. I once was in a ward where a good number had once "taken a break". We were realigned into the ward and learned the bishop had been inactive 5 years earlier as had been the young men's president and high priest group leader. A great reactivation effort by the previous bishop had brought back almost 100 souls. From what they said, none had "left", but had just gotten distracted with life. They had just stopped going. I suspect people who slip into inactivity as opposed to leave the Church over some strong disagreements on policy, come back much easier.
  11. Not at all. Anyone who wants to discuss Mormonism is welcome to it. It is nice having non members here. I interact with non Mormon religious people on other forums and really like their insight into the gospel and life. But if I had left the church any time I considered it, the first being 35 years ago, I would have been long gone, not looking back. What it appears is that they are protesting too much, methinks. "I am gone, I am gone, I am gone", but not really. It is like someone who constantly stalks their ex's Instagram or Facebook, or the family members' Facebook, following their ex, obsessing with their ex, even when they are now married to someone else. They haven't let go. Again, they don't seem to be really "gone". Most people I know in real life that left the church just went away and did their own thing. They don't follow church drama. They don't obsess with policy changes. They don't even know who the prophet is anymore. That is what it means to be gone. Being obsessed with the church while no longer a member really shows that someone never really "left". If anyone allegedly gone wants to stick around, great. Back to say "I'm gone" while they really are not shows they can't be honest with themselves. Being "gone" isn't "taking a break". I had some neighbors years ago that had "taken a break" for about 6 years before they moved next door. They didn't like their old ward. When they moved in, they had decided to give the church a chance once again. They became very active. I have seen that story played out many times. But these were "breaks" not "gone".
  12. Your non sequitur doesn't follow my question. Why would anyone who is gone from the church spend anytime on a small forum dedicated to Mormon Dialogue? Why not just be gone?
  13. If you have left the church, why are you posting on an LDS blog?
  14. It seemed easier in some ways. We always had non members in scouting, sports, at dances, and other activities. It kept one of my childhood friends active, per his words, as a teen. He left the church as an adult. Activities are not a substitute for a testimony, but they sure seemed to help build a ward community.
  15. I know a person who has a one page blessing and another that has a 4 page blessing. Most people seem to have a 2 page blessing. If a patriarch is moved to give a longer blessing, so be it. It was just such a weird comment and a have been pondering it ever since the blessing.
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