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  1. I watched it and it was terrible. Learned nothing new. All it was, was a old man picking on three young guys about their religion. I’m starting to realize the people who leave Mormonism are addicted to Mormonism more when they leave the church than when they believed in the gospel.?
  2. Yeah, it’s amazing how service you do for other people can help change your mood.
  3. What’s wrong with the lives of factory animals? Seriously! I’ve never understood why people think the lives of factory animals are so bad. How do you know the chickens that are raised in factories aren’t happy to be inside out of the rain? They don’t need to worry about hawks, eagles, ospreys, fox, bear, snakes, and dozens of other predators. They don’t have to sleep in the rain or freeze to death when it’s cold outside. They have shelter, fans thought blow on them when it’s hot, they have a entire staff that waits on them 24/7. They receive medication, clean water, food, lots of friends to hang out with. How do you know they’re not happy to be inside a warm/cozy shelter unlike their wild relatives? Farm raised chickens, pigs and cows are probably extremely happy the are waited on 24/7 by people. Tell ya truth!! They probably laugh at us for taking such good care of them. If I was a farm raised chicken, I would be lookin out the window of the barn and be totally grateful I wasn’t outside battling the elements and worrying about all the predators that would eat me if I was a wild chicken. Hell!! Some cows get to drink beer and get massages in a daily basis 😂.
  4. What!? You think the way we treat animals is unethical? Really? I was watching a documentary about Africa last month and I saw a lion attack a baby gazelle by jumping on its back, then biting its throat and puncturing its windpipe with its teeth, while another lion comes in and starts eating it’s intestines while it’s still alive. How bout piranhas? They just start eating away while their victim is still alive. No, I would say we’re fairly ethical compared to other animals harvesting meat to eat. What about tribes in South America that still hunt animals with blowguns? They shoot monkeys with a blow dart, the monkey falls from a branch tumbling through the forest canopy, hitting its head on branches on the way down, then finally hitting the hard ground and probably breaking every bone in its body. Is that cruel, or just life on earth? Is there a time in history we’ve been “less cruel” to the animals we harvest in western society?
  5. First, if the scriptures bring you joy, then read as much as you can. If you’re reading the scriptures in hope of finding some peace, joy and comfort in your life and it isn’t helping, it’s probably time to start doing something else instead of wasting time reading scriptures. It sounds like you’re a little depressed to me. If so, don’t be ashamed to seek help from a doctor. And to me, the most important thing you can do to help combat depression and the feeling of overwhelming dread, is serving other people. Here, I’ll tell you what I do when I feel like all hope is lost. First, I write everything down, everything! Then I just make sure I complete all the task I wrote down. There’s something about writing down what needs to be done and finishing task that helps rewire your depressed brain over time. Make sure there’s lots of task that serves others. If you can’t think of any task, find them, don’t say there’s nothing you can do, there’s always something you can do. Start small if you need to. Hang up a curtain, tighten a toilet seat, level the oven, wash the inside the garbage can so it smells good. Then start working your way outside the house if you can. Pick the trash out of your neighbors ditch, go buy someone $10 worth of groceries, go talk to a homeless person, go sing in front of the grocery store, bake cookies and give them to neighbors, volunteer at a shelter. And if you really want to freak your brain out😂, go stand on a street corner and hold a sign that says “I LOVE YOU” and just wave and smile. I guarantee you’ll feel better. The more time you spend helping others, the less time you spend THINKING about how awful life is. Everything I have mentioned is all about rewiring your brain and getting it to understand life is wonderful.
  6. What are your plans for the church when you become the prophet? I know we just met, but can you do me a favor and get rid of garments?
  7. Maybe that’s why the cafeterias were shut down. Sorry but that is a very sad way of looking at the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ entire life was the exact opposite of what you just explained the gospel to be. Christ was all about distraction. He didn’t care about beauty, gee whiz, the guy that baptized him never bathed, wore a camels hair garment, ate locust and honey. Christ hung out with Prostitutes and tax collectors. Matthew 9:10-11 while Jesus was having dinner at Matthews house, mini tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples, When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners? You should replace the word sacred with safe, because the way you explain the gospel, kinda seems like that’s what you’re looking for. First and foremost the gospel of Christ is all about our brothers and sisters. Chapels and temples are meaningless. Our brothers and sisters, the ones that hang out in the “less desirable” places like liquor stores, bars, strip clubs and brothels, those are the ones we’re suppose to be coming in contact with, not hiding out in a $30,000,000 palace on a hill. If the gospel is true, it doesn’t need us to protect it, it’s actually a tool and tools are meant to get dirty. LDS temples are used today as big white beautiful hides-holes for all the “righteous”😂 members to go and feel good about what they think they’ve accomplished. Tell me! How many “non sinners” have entered the temples scattered across the earth?
  8. I’m sorry, I had to laugh at what you wrote. I’m starting to understand why I’m such a crappy Mormon. Because if I was in charge, I would put the temples smack dab in the middle of the crappiest part of the neighborhood. Are you tellin me the Gospel of Christ, aka, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is so fragile the brethren are worried about Liquor stores being in the same proximity as a temple? From reading the Bible most of my life I would say if Jesus came back to earth he would probably be hangin around liquor stores, brothels, casinos and so on. He would befriend everyone that would welcome him. Jesus would take thegospel where it was needed the most. So why should his houses of worship be “protected” from the people and establishments he would be hangin around?? Makes no sense!
  9. What’s a common LGTBQ narrative? What does that even mean? Are you under the impression homosexuality is a sin? And if so, does that mean other “sinners” have a narrative? Is there an alcoholic narrative? An embezzler narrative? An adulterer narrative? A liar’s narrative? A smokers narrative? In all my studies about LGBTQ members of the church, one of the worst situations a gay member can put themselves in is relying solely on what the brethren say about LGBT issues, and on the flip side listening to podcast like Mormon Stories can be a big circle jerk. Mormon Stories can be depressing as hell! I’ve taught my gay daughter not to be a victim. In both examples above, the brethren and Mormon Stories rely on “victimhood” to “help” LGBT members try to get over what ever mental road blocks they are facing. Ultimately, it comes down to realizing there’s no man or woman on earth any of us need to bow down to. Not one! LEARNING, PRACTICING and IMPLEMENTING positive daily routines is the best way to combat negativity no matter if it comes from a religion, family or some dude begging for money on a podcast.
  10. Sounds to me like your son is going to get out of the ticket. If it’s your son’s word against the cops word, the judge just took the cop out of the court room for next week, most cops only go to court one day a month anyway. Judge probably knows the cop and didn’t want to rule against him in the court room. More than likely the judge will ask if there’s anymore evidence from the prosecutor and if not your son’s case will be dismissed.
  11. Seriously! Seriously!! So now if I drive 3.5hrs to go to the temple, I can’t even enjoy eating a meal in the temple? My first temple trip we ate in the cafeteria, it was the best part of the trip. This is a terrible decision. It’s the exact opposite of what the true church of Christ should be doing. We should be opening up the cafeteria to as many “customers” as possible. Even non temple recommend holders. The church should be hiring professional chefs and competing with local restaurants for hungry customers. Think about it!! Non members saying “hey sweetie, let’s go to the LDS Temple tonight and get the 🦞 ravioli !” Am I the only member that thinks we are regressing? Last year my wife and I paid just over $28,000 in tithing. That means we pay $538 to attend church every week, or $269 an hour. Why do I keep getting less and less for my money? We are losing the best parts of the Mormon experience? Why are we cleaning toilets? Next we’ll be doing the landscaping. Anyone want to make a bet on what year we’ll be cutting the grass at the church?
  12. You know what, you’ve changed my mind. I can now see that my white skin has “blinded” me from the truth. I’m going to repent now, I’ll be back later.
  13. First, these days everything is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic white supremacy, the patriarchy and so on. There’s a group of people who are screaming really loud these days and if you don’t view the world through the same lens that they do, they’re going to become extremely upset and attack you with one of the words/ phrases above. I take a different approach, I just act normal and if they get offended, oh well! Sexism in Utah can’t objectively be measured through the “lens” I talked about above because in the world of the people who view life through that lens, have painted everybody with one the words above. In their minds there’s no escaping it.
  14. Nothing wrong with women blessing their own children. And as far as the oil is concerned, that’s done for dramatic effect, that’s it, a blessing is all about faith.
  15. Are you asking would a child still be “born in the covenant “ in our eyes(the information you found) or in Gods eyes? Because all that matters is what God understands. What we think we understand is pretty much meaningless. Every child is “born in the covenant”, Mormonism isn’t the only way to make it back to God. The sealing ceremony, once performed can’t be taken away by another human. You see, the ceremonies we perform in our church are one of the ways God communicates with his children. Any ceremony, Mormon or otherwise, is performed in a way that restructures how we view the life we’re living. Look at it this way. If we were a vehicle, a ceremony is the force God uses to turn the vehicle and put us on a different road. There’s no reverse in this vehicle, all of us are moving forward. So basically, what I’m saying is, once a ceremony is performed there’s no “reverse”, Gods the one that turned you and put you on a different road and there’s no going back. So don’t worry what the information you found says. God didnt write it, a human did and that means absolutely nothing in Gods eyes. If you think one child is sealed to God and another isn’t because a computer screen says so, I would suggest keep searching for why we are actually on earth.
  16. What? We’re sealed for eternity. Once sealed, mortal death isn’t even a worry anymore because we believe we will be together forever. Remember this “ And verily, verily, I say onto you, that whatsoever you seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven, and whatsoever you bind on earth, in my name and by my word, saith the Lord, it shall be eternally bound in heaven.” As far as I understand, according to Mormon doctrine, A wife is a wife and a husband is a husband no matter here or in heaven. Correct? So if a man is sealed to multiple women, isn’t he practicing polygamy? Or are you saying the polygamist relationship only begins once all three or more spirits are together in the Celestial Kingdom? I’m confused.
  17. Legally, Emma was his only wife. Spiritually/eternally, if I remember correctly Joseph was actually sealed to 10/12 women before he was sealed to Emma. I think Louisa Beaman was Joseph’s actual first “spiritual” wife.
  18. Ding ding ding ding ding, we have a winner! Do you even realize what you just admitted? Yes, the gospel of Jesus Christ is first and foremost about eternal polygamist relationships. Heavenly Father has made it possible for us to partake in his eternal plan while living here on earth. If I’m correct, and I am correct about a man who is sealed to two wives is a polygamist, that means of the 17 Mormon prophets, 9 have been polygamist. Am I wrong?
  19. Here’s a great example. Who knows, this could be what a marriage ceremony in Mormon heaven looks like.
  20. Supposedly football player Ronaldinho married his two fiancés at the same time. Also, many men in India often marry multiple women in the same day. Then you have the Mormon practice of polygamy in which Mormon men will marry multiple wives in the same lifetime on earth and multiple wives in heaven. In fact, Russell M Nelson and his counselor Dallon H Oaks both practice polygamy. Both have been sealed to multiple women.
  21. The power of the priesthood is much larger than we can even begin to imagine. Even our Eternal father is governed by the priesthood. All the Gods and Goddesses work within the framework of the eternal priesthood. Here on earth, no one can actually explain what priesthood power actually is. We know and operate here on earth with a fraction of a fraction of knowledge about priesthood power. No one actually knows what the highest bodies of the priesthood are.
  22. That’s a pretty bold statement. Are you saying someone who finds the church later in life needs to feel guilty about the way they lived prior to finding the gospel? If so, only sexual sin or all sin. For instance, cussing, tattoos, drinking, smoking, gambling, etc?
  23. I understand where you’re coming from, I really do. But, it’s been my experience, a lot of the time inactive children don’t want to tell the parents to stop talking about the gospel because they fear the parents will cut them off emotionally and also financially (out of the will). So a lot of the time the child will inadvertently pull away juuust enough from a healthy adult child/parent relationship to try to protect everyone involved including grand children etc. And once that happens, there’s dozens of outcomes and most of them aren’t good long term. I do believe our missionary reactivating work is completely outdated and needs to be completely overhauled. As far as family, Especially your children, once they’re adults no matter if they are living in your house or not, learning how to transition from a parent who disciplines and persuades to a parent who listens and supports is key to maintaining a healthy lifelong relationship. One of the easiest ways to screw up a relationship is to tell your child you’re worried they won’t be with you in the Celestial Kingdom. And it’s my opinion, setting up a FHE over zoom with your adult children who don’t attend church anymore screams “ you’re screwing your life up, please change so I feel better” which probably won’t strengthen the relationship.
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