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  1. I have a friend that had a problem with nocturnal emissions, so before he went on his mission he had a picture of his mom’s face tattooed on the inside of his eyelids so his mom is staring at him while he sleeps. Worked like a charm!!!
  2. Rod, the moon is definitely hollow! When the city of Enoch lifted out of the Gulf of Mexico, God opened the moon and stored the city inside of it along with all the people living in Enoch. That’s where the lost ten tribes are. There’s tunnels leading to the surface of the moon so the Enochians can travel outside for their daily dose of vitamin D when the sun is at its highest. I hope I’m still alive when the city of Enoch returns to earth and lands in the Gulf of Mexico!
  3. I’m so sorry he took time out of his day to say that to you.
  4. I bought a snowblower off Craigslist 5 or so years ago after a snow storm blanketed us with a foot of snow and my daughters car couldn’t get out of the driveway. We haven’t seen more than an inch of snow since. I love global warming!! I’m thinking of using the snow blower as a feather plucker for my chickens! Do you think if I throw a chicken in the snow blower blades the chicken will come out featherless when it exits the chute?
  5. Last year I angrily told heavenly mother I was sick of wearing garments and five minutes later I was in the bathroom crapping my guts out! I had diarrhea for two days. Be careful fussing with god, geez!
  6. 8:30 ? Geewhiz. I don’t even finish my coffee till around 8:50. 8:30 would be a terrible time.
  7. Rod, is your boat small enough you could trailer it to where you’re staying and set it up in your yard? Apparently, in ten years or so we’ll all being living on boats when the polar ice caps melt and when the shore line reaches your inland domicile you can just float away. Ten years is plenty of time to restock your vessel and prepare. I would suggest that you start watching the movie Waterworld and learning how to do everything Kevin Costner did in the movie. I’m already working on a contraption that turns urine into purified drinking water just like Kevin Costner had on his boat in water world. I have to admit though, I haven’t enjoyed taste testing the samples from my experimentation. Trying to perfect this dang contraption has really started to piss me off! Armageddon is at least ten years away. You have plenty of time.
  8. Can Christ’s “church” only be found inside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? If so, that means only 0.0025% of God’s children are living a life here on earth that could be considered “worthy” enough so one day they could return to our heavenly parents. I’ve gotta believe God’s plan is more inclusive than a 1/4 of 1%. No?
  9. I appreciate the answer sir, but I’m still confused. If a JW has a testimony that is built upon a foundation of life long adherence to the teachings and revelatory guidance received from members of the governing body which to them means directly from Jehovah himself, is their testimony only valid in Gods eyes if they convert to Mormonism?
  10. Are us Mormons the only people allowed to have a testimony?
  11. I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused, could you explain something to me please? At the beginning of your post, you said more nonmembers will find their way to the Celestial Kingdom. And if that’s true, why would we even need to show them the “correct way” like you explained in the latter half of your post? If the ultimate goal of our mortal experience is to be tested and prove we’re worthy to live with our heavenly parents for eternity, why would we care if they’re “Mormons” while living here on earth if they’re going to reach the Celestial Kingdom in their own unique way?
  12. Well dang! You sucked all the funny out of that. I was laughing, but! A lot of the time I’m the only one laughing at my jokes. 😭
  13. But Mr. Scotty, whose version of the fulfillment are we living in right now? Is it our version, or is it the JWs, or is it the Seventh day Adventist version? All three religions believe when Christ returns he’s going to be “our Jesus “ and use “our religion “ to help make the earth “new” again. All three religions have scattered upon the earth and delivered Gods word to millions, all three have about the same number of members and all three preach they are the only true church on the face of the earth. When Jesus is coming down through the clouds, how will we know whose team he is on?
  14. Did you get my joke? Or are you to old to know who ludicrous is?😂 By the way, I’m just a bit older then you, my kids think I’m old as dirt.
  15. I’m not going to vilify you. You’re a brave guy for speaking your mind. I agree with you that early childhood experiences can “alter” a child’s life and possibly make them feel more comfortable having an emotional and sexual relationships with a person of the same sex. Where you and I differ is you think because of early childhood experiences, children become “hard wired to be gay” only after birth and experiencing some sort of childhood trauma. But I also think the vast majority of gay people are born gay. Let me ask you this! Right now on earth today, what has God given us in perfect form? Is your life perfect, is your marriage perfect, is your health perfect, is your relationship with God perfect? Mine isn’t! If I’m understanding the gospel correctly, don’t we believe everything we do here on earth is part of a big test to see if we’re worthy to return to our heavenly parents? When it comes to gay people, what if the biggest part of the test isn’t trying to figure out why someone might be gay, but learning how to see them as an equal and learning how not to judge them for being gay? Here’s a different take, tell me what you think! I think heterosexuals are hard wired to reject homosexuality. I mean we are prolific breeders. I think anything out of the “ sexual norm” naturally upsets us, so when we see two guys holding hands our natural reaction is to reject their actions and love for one another because “they’re not doing anything to move along the human species”. I think those feelings are part of our animal instinct. Would you agree with that? Over 1000s and 1000s of years, we have learned how to control many of our animal instincts and made laws to govern our animal instincts. What if it’s our job as heterosexual to learn how to accept homosexuals as equals?
  16. I’m confused! Why do you think my perception of the debate is a well known rapper? Makes no sense. Please explain.
  17. Ahh yes, the nehor, the man who can’t figure out how to find a woman that’s willing to spend time with him, even though there’s 4 billion women on earth, comes by to insult me and say I’m the one who’s not that bright. Ooooook! Gotcha!👍 maybe you’ll have better luck when there’s 4.5 billion women on earth in a few years, yeah! I dont prioritize safety over everything. From what I’ve read of your life, seems you’re the one worried about safety. If you want commercially raised animals to be raised better, stop eating them. I’m not kidding when I say become a vegetarian or vegan. Nothing wrong with that. If you choose to buy meat off the shelf then you’re part of the problem. Us humans have been raising animals for harvest for thousands of years and if you don’t like the inhumane treatment they suffer, raise your own meat. There’s nothing stopping you. Raise some animals and give them a good life before they’re harvested. Be the change Nehor! Be all that you can be!
  18. One suggestion. If you do decide to raise poultry, try starting out with Coturnix quail. The jumbo variety will lay 300 eggs a year so three hens will produce around 900 eggs. I prefer quail eggs to chicken eggs, they’re a little bit richer in taste. Also, they’re a lot less stinky and nowhere as noisy. You can actually raise them without commercial feed, just table scraps and a mineral/vitamin supplement.
  19. I’ve done enough research on commercial meat production that I’ve chosen to raise, hunt or catch 99% of the meat my family eats. If you don’t mind me asking, when did you become a vegetarian/vegan and do you find it hard to find protein sources?
  20. I understand where you’re coming from. But they’re just three dudes defending what they believe. I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are that we have the ability to talk and think and sometimes speak critically about religions. If they truly love Mormonism, how much time should be spent tearing their religion down? Should we be relying on information we get from podcast that constantly beg for money just like most religions do? John Dehlin’s whole livelihood is based around condemning Mormonism. Why should he be trusted? When I watched the debate all I heard from RFM was the same talking points I’ve been hearing for years. I learned nothing new. Same with the Midnight Mormons, nothing new. But I actually like the midnight Mormons better now because they’re not the evil villains exmormons spend hours and hours claiming they are. What I’ve learned over the past few years is religion/spirituality has different meanings for a lot people. The vast majority of exmormons concentrate on the “bad” parts of Mormonism and just hammer away at Mormonism because they actually think that’s how they’re going to find peace. That’s going to never happen. Do you want to talk about why most exmormons can’t let go of the church?
  21. Dude! You have no idea what you’re talkin about. And the only thing “insane” around here is that you think all animals want to be in the wild fending for themselves. Let’s take a look at the life of the wonderful and playful wild rabbit! On average the life span of the wild rabbit is 1 to 5 years. During that time, the wabbit will constantly be worried and most definitely scared of being eaten by snakes, fox, coyotes, mountain lion, bears, hawks, eagles, Bigfoot, yeti, wolverines,honey badger and many other predators. Their cute fluffy teeny tiny itty-bitty little offspring are usually eaten within the first 2or3 months after being birthed on the cold wet ground. Now!! Imagine you’re a wild wabbit and a thunderstorm rolls in! You’re in your little wabbit nest when all of a sudden it starts pouring 🐱 and 🐕. Your little wabbit nest has sprung a leak and you spend the next 9 hours huddled up tryin to stay warm but end up with hypothermia. The ☁️ clear, the ☀️ comes out, you venture outside and when you look to the right you see a coyote named Wile E running as fast as he can, his jaws are wide open, there’s coyote saliva dripping from his teeth, you can tell he’s starving because he can’t catch that damn road runner so now he’s coming after you!!!! You try to run as fast as you can but your muscles ache because you have hypothermia from sitting in the rain for 9 hours. 2 seconds later you find yourself being torn apart by very sharp coyote teeth. For 2 minutes youre still alive while Wile E tears you limb from limb. In horror, you watch your mangled body parts being swallowed down the coyotes throat. As you’re going in and out of consciousness because you’re being torn limb from limb, you think about your cousin, the domestic rabbit that you met at the last family reunion and start wishing you could of lived the life his care takers gave him. Your cousin was given the name, Rabbit DeNiro ! He has his own shelter with a roof. His caretakers bring him food and water in pretty little containers. They bring him hay and carrots to snack on. And when he’s old enough to procreate, he gets to have sex with multiple females, much like the early Mormons living in the mid 1800s. At night his caretakers leave the TV on so he doesn’t get lonely and if he’s lucky there will be a Ricky Lake talk Show marathon on. Now your dead. The coyote isn’t full so he goes to your nest so he can snack on your 7 little babies. As your spirit travels up to rabbit heaven you can see them being eaten one by one. You remember back to the family reunion when your cousin, Rabbit DeNiro, told you about how his care takers humanely and ethically dispatch them without them even knowing it’s going to happen. It’s a quick and efficient death. A death that every wabbit deserves. You see Nehor! You have no idea what you’re talkin about. Wild animals live a miserable life and more often than not they suffer a horrible and gruesome death. Maybe that’s why Joseph Smith said to eat meat sparingly. Maybe he belonged to PETA!
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