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  1. The real question is, are the kingdoms actual physical places in heaven you can walk around in, or are the kingdoms a state of mind. I’m starting to think they’re more of a state of mind and not an actual place.
  2. And that’s where everything gets a little tricky when discussing the Godhead with Christians. If Jesus is a separate God from Heavenly Father even before receiving a body, then his brother Lucifer was probably a god. Was Lucifer part of the Godhead before the war in heaven? And if you think about, the way he’s portrayed in certain LDS videos, is he part of the Godhead now? Heavenly Father has given our brother Satan a lot of power to influence us with! He seems to play a very important an essential role influencing us while here on earth.
  3. I’m confused, do you believe Jesus was god (a god) before his mortal ministry here in earth?
  4. You could also say (see the devil) because if Jesus was a god before his mortal life here on earth, before he had a body, that means Satan was also a god and still is possibly. No?
  5. He was a little g God not a Big G God before he came to earth an obtained his body. Upon his return to his father, he received his big G status. That’s exactly what happened.
  6. Of course he can! My question is, do you not have personal time now with Heavenly Father? Everything you need to have a personal relationship with God was given to you before you were born.
  7. Here’s the problem for me. I was born in the 70s and for almost a half century now I haven’t seen an actual prophet do any prophety stuff. We read about mighty miracles in the scriptures all the time. Joseph saw extraterrestrial beings, numerous extraterrestrials visited him up to 28 times. Not only did he restore the gospel of Christ, he restored the priesthood, the system that is going to govern this earth for 1000 years upon his return. You said “being wrong is a human condition that we are all guilty of time to time”, you’re are correct, 100%. But I was raised to believe these men are in direct contact with God. And it hurts my heart to see my religion 20 years behind the rest of the world on almost every single major decision. I’m yearning for leadership! When will the rest of the world look at our church and say, yep!! The Mormons are on the right track?
  8. By the way!! Welcome to the club😂. I get banned all the time. I don’t know why either!!! Because I’m like the perfect Mormon, right Scott? 🤣
  9. Trust me!! It all depends on who reported your post. I read what you wrote, and you’re correct, nothing wrong with what you said. You do realize if you piss the wrong poster off you’ll be thread banned fairly quickly. Probably just like me after I post this 😂
  10. I’m not puzzled why you got kicked off. Just go read what you wrote. Then you’ll understand.
  11. Really? There’s lots of good people out there that don’t need religion and they use their conscience everyday just like we do! No you don’t. And if you believe we do, when do you actually receive a conscience from God? Because I believe a conscience is built in.
  12. We celebrate Easter. I have the eggs to prove it!
  13. In the younger generations it’s becoming more common, definitely!
  14. “Lots of ways to be Mormon” means just that. Let me explain. It’s human nature to find comfort in conformity, but I reject that notion entirely. Im not a conformist and don’t think Christ was either. I think he got his point across by being a nonconformist actually. He could of came to earth and dined with the rich, the elites, but he chose to grow his mortal ministry by befriending a bunch of ragamuffins. Not only did he come here to save us from our sins, he came here to get his point across. To make sure he wouldn’t be forgotten, and it worked! My wife and I are blessed with all girls. And I’ve always had a problem with them going to see the bishop, alone, confessing their sins. I understand why we are commanded to repent, I just don’t agree with having a bishop involved. Like I said before, my relationship with Christ is a real relationship and I have conversations with him all the time. I don’t need a bishop. My kids don’t either! If I can talk to Christ throughout the day almost as if he’s right there beside me, what’s the bishop going to do? That just makes the whole repentance process more complicated. So our little family goes directly to Christ! We don’t need a middleman. So that’s one way we mormon different than most Mormons. Growing up in any religion you’ll judge people that don’t believe as you do. I find us Mormons are right up there at the top of the list when it comes to judging people. Probably because we have so many rules. To this day, I still walk into a 7/11 and a small part of me judges the people making coffee. I’ve worked on my Judge mental tendencies, but I just can’t get them 100% under control. In a restaurant a small part of me still sees the person drinking alcohol as a sinner. I cuss like a drunkin sailor but I’ll still judge someone if they cuss🤯. And growing up all my Mormon friends did. So early on my wife and I exposed our kids to different opinions, different experiences my wife and I didn’t have as two people raised in the church from birth. It was our way to prepare our kids for the real world. We wanted our kids to understand the people they meet throughout their life are just as passionate about their religion as we are about ours. So that’s a couple of the things we do that might be a little different than your average Mormon family. We have fun with it. Life’s short!
  15. Thank you, I think😂! And yes, you’re correct, I’m very raw, I tell you exactly where I stand and what I think. I always have, even in business. Infact, that’s why most people hire me, because I tell them exactly what I think and once we have the contract signed, I get it done. No fluffy crap in between. Probably not the best personality for discussion boards though! Honestly though, I really do love Christians and I love their passion! I could talk all day to a Christian about churchy stuff and go out to eat dinner with them no problem, no hard feelings. But if I talk doctrine or history with a Mormon, all it usually takes is one wrong word or phrase and the conversation can go sideways really quick. I see church history different than most Mormons. I don’t care about our history. Mormonisms greatest strength is found in its ability to help people find happiness and live a life more fully, without regret. Lot’s of ways to be Mormon and I think people forget that and become to rigid. I live my version of Mormonism and I help my kids live their version. In my opinion, the worst thing I could do as a father is make my kids live what I think is best. To me, that’s a great way to handicap kids right out of the gate. A true relationship with Christ is lived and built upon between the ears. If a person can learn to nurture their relationship with Christ, other people will be able physically see the relationship by just looking at you. A honest and meaningful relationship with Christ draws people to you. Nothing has to be said.
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