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  1. Yeah, I’m out for a bit. Exmo Reddit wouldn’t tolerate this kinda stuff. It has its own problems granted but stuff like this gets moderated pretty quickly. I gave y’all (and myself) space over conference but I think I’m gonna take some more again. Perturbed.
  2. White, male, heteronormative, religious-Christian privilege
  3. Weird question but if Ahab has been like this for a while now…why not just perma-ban his new account?
  4. Then you’re intentionally not connecting the dots. Assimilation is an age old problem within the church. I doubt you even read it.
  5. I’m sorry but how does your case relate to the comment/issue you are responding to? Are you really suggesting that the consequences of the small imperfections you mention re: your reno/church building are akin to the serious issues and problems experienced by marginalized people in the church?? I have a theory: Maybe you don’t really notice these problems because they don’t really affect you all that much, as nobody who’s affected by the problems that California Boy describes has to look all that hard to notice them. They are an impactful part of their reality as a Latter-Day Saint. It’s about *privilege* plain ‘n simple.
  6. Ah, I see. These aren’t likely the same kinds of people in your experience, which is fair so long as they aren’t treated as such.
  7. I mean. You aren’t wrong. https://www.the-exponent.com/guest-post-my-apology-for-my-complicity/
  8. It’s all about assimilation really. That’s why there’s such a big emphasis on unity nowadays.
  9. There are more and more people turning down callings these days because they don’t have confidence in the doctrine and church leadership. Each week there’s a multitude of Reddit threads by such members (PIMO, Physically in, Mentally Out, as we call em) who just can’t take it any more. These are not lazy learners but people who’ve taken the time to investigate, and now don’t feel comfortable teaching/propagating what they’ve ultimately concluded as harmful. I can understand where they are coming from. Such people understand that the church institutions & doctrines must change for the better if they are gonna contribute further. Often the only reason they even remain in is because they’re living in mixed faith households and wish to keep the familial peace.
  10. Again. Your argument is monstrous. A rape victim has absolutely nothing to repent of.
  11. I don’t think you understand the fear, trauma, body-shaking *horror* going through a person’s mind in such an event, That they could be potentially hurt or even killed if they gave the kind of fight you are suggesting. No one can really say if someone ’resisted enough’ so as to deter the aggressor, if the aggressor can be deterred at all. The best way to overcome rape culture is to place responsibility where it ought to be: on the hands of the abuser.
  12. Someone like say, a woman? Raingirl & I don’t agree on much but I don’t think anyone’s convinced of your argument’s lack of harm.
  13. My generation finds other things deplorable, like poverty, racism, gender inequality & violence, homophobia, transphobia, environmental degradation and religious privilege. Unfortunately there have been far too many wimps among prior generations so as to better mitigate and correct these longstanding issues.
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