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  1. It is, isn't it. So I think I did a good job if the words I used gave anyone who read them an idea something like this: Gasp! Would any card carrying member literally not do temple work for others simply because of a little inconvenience required in wearing a mask in a temple?!? I hope I would never be so uncaring toward others!
  2. Makes sense to me. People who live in Idaho and the states around Idaho don't need to fly anywhere if their mission assignments are also near where they live. I predict other Missionary Training Centers will be constructed all over the planet. Why fly when you can just drive somewhere to serve a mission. The next step will be to get everyone to ride a bicycle to their nearest MTC, and then off to where they will serve their mission. I live near Portland Oregon and bicycles are already popular around here, with bicycle lanes near if not on most of the roads.
  3. For me and my wife going to the temple again ranks right up there in importance with attending ward worship services in our ward chapel. We'd like to go back ASAP but while also not wanting to take any unnecessary risks to our health. We have had all of our shots so we're not terribly worried but still we both like to be cautious. We don't go out of our home nearly as often as we did before March of 2020. The temple is now just another place we won't go to until things get a lot better.
  4. Yeah, you know, gifts. You got a lot more than only one, I hope.
  5. If only it could be this quick and easy as well as effective
  6. We are being "asked" to wear a mask, huh. I hope nobody gives me a dirty look when seeing me without one while I reply with a "No, thank you"
  7. I don't consider myself an anti-masker. I wear masks when I have a NEED or VERY STRONG DESIRE to go to some place and that place posts a sign that says masks are required to go into that place. I suppose I will just not go to a temple while a mask is required to enter the building. I already have all of my endowments and I have no NEED to go to a temple. And while the mask requirement is in place I have no VERY STRONG DESIRE to go either.
  8. I just recently had my eyes checked for beams. None were noticed, so I'm pretty dang sure that isn't the problem. I understand that misunderstandings are fairly common among most people but I usually understand all of you people. Yes. I think some of you people just didn't agree with me when I said some things were literal because you believe they should be considered only figuratively. Like when I said Jesus is literally the Father of literally born again Christians. I do mean literally. Yes, even Mark, who frequently misunderstands me. And I forgive you for misunderstanding me too. Because I believe it's important to forgive anyone and everyone who thinks less of me than they should. You do realize I am really not Ahab, don't you? I think we all have some "Ahab" within us but as far as I know the Ahab that posted on this board for years before he was banned by some Moderator(s) was only a fictional character. There is no real Ahab.
  9. I feel so misunderstood by so many people on this forum. And after so many years of trying to communicate with all of you people, in English, using standard dictionary definitions of words. Probably just something to do with translating symbols effectively, though. i probably just should not expect all of you to understand me or to be as well acquainted with the English language as I am. Misunderstandings just happen. Anyway, I forgive all of you, even you Mark, and you are still some of my favorite people on this planet.
  10. People who would try to tell you how to think would only be giving you their own ideas about how they think you might be able to think differently than you do or may do without their input. They would not be able to force you or compel you to think as they do or how anyone else chooses to think. You saying this idea is completely foreign to you actually tells me quite a bit about you and how you think. It's a bit tough for me to take your statement at face value though. Surely there have been times when other people have shared their thoughts with you while you considered their thoughts as another way you could think about something. Maybe you just have a very short memory span and can't remember an instance like that in your own life. Anyway, whatever you meant when you said that, I now think about you and your own thought processes a bit different than I did before. Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts with me.
  11. My part is easy. I am me and will always be me. In fact I would rather be nobody else but me. And I'd like to think that other people are grateful that God made somebody like me. And made me to reproduce too. I'd like to and I do think that myself, sometimes.
  12. Since the topic of this thread is What is the LGBT policy goal for the Church I will respond to your points by adding some points which I believe the Church would concede if it hasn't already conceded: 1) There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone loving someone else whose sex is the same sex as oneself. The taboo is only against intimate sexual relations involving sharing of private body parts for pleasure 2) We are all going to end up in a place with other people who are pretty much like us, and although there are 3 main categories for the realms of heaven each of those realms has an undisclosed number of divisions, possibly an infinite number 3) Our Father in heaven is a great deal more intelligent than all of us put together, and he loves all of us as we are and as we all have the potential to be as great as he is, so there really is no need for us to worry about this. We will all be okay. Literally.
  13. This... is... serious... no... no... no... no... never... nevermind. You... changing the rules... that was funny.
  14. I'm not clear on whether or not people of the same sex will be allowed to have intimate sexual relations involving the sharing of their private body parts with each other in heaven as they can now on this earth. So until we get that cleared up I would not expect things in heaven to be allowed as they are here.
  15. Well at least we give you some options about what you could think. When people look at me in a store and then reverse course I usually figure that them seeing me caused them to think of some things they forgot to do or get where they came from, so they were simply going back to wherever they came from to take care of those things. So then I usually follow them to see what they were going back for and I interact with them there. Sometimes people are just in a hurry and scatter brained and not very organized about how they go about doing things. Sometimes when you really want to interact with other people you just need to be persistent while being willing to follow people wherever they go.
  16. That happens a lot with scripture. Some people literally think of some scripture literally while some other people do not think literally about them, as if by default they think some scripture should be thought of figuratively, instead of literally, as some should be. So the quandary sometimes is knowing what to think and how to think of some scriptures, given that there are some options regarding how some scriptures can be thought about. Some understand some scriptures literally while some other people think of those same scriptures figuratively, and of course all people are free to think of scriptures in any way they want to think about them, if they think about them at all. Or they may think of some scriptures while not thinking of other scriptures. Literally.
  17. And yet he also tells us baptism in water is essential and part of the process of being reborn. An important point to make when considering there are people who don't believe baptism in water is required, don't really know how to be born again, or why and how the true church of Jesus Christ is absolutely essential to the spiritual rebirth and maturation process.
  18. How so? The Restoration of the gospel required the Restoration of the priesthood of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of his church, and even with the Bill of Rights it was not easy to restore all of that in the United States of America as they were in those days. But at least with a Bill of Rights there was a formal declaration that people had some particular rights, if not in America then in some other place where people were acknowledged to have those rights. The gospel is spread from the base of the Church with missionaries assigned to go to where they are sent to proclaim the gospel, and then as people join with the church of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ, stakes and branches are formed and built up. The point is that the Church is not a political organization that seeks to overthrow the government(s) where the members beside. We believe members of our Lord's church are and should be subject to the rulers of the lands wherever members reside rather than trying to rebel against them or overthrow their government(s). Unless maybe our Lord were to direct us to try to overthrow other governments by rebelling against the rulers in power, but as of yet in these latter days our Lord hasn't directed us to do that.
  19. Try this: Every time you see me use the word literal or literally just substitute the word actual or actually, or real or really, or true or truly, or something like that. I do not mean figuratively or metaphorically or allegorically when I use the word literal or literally. And then if you still don't agree with me then just realize that you literally really truly just disagree with me and what I am saying rather than just not agreeing with how I am using the word literal or literally.
  20. I know a lot of literal born again Christians who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who believe and have faith that Jesus Christ is their Father and the Church is their Mother/the means by which they became born again Christians. I think you may even believe this, yourself, although you may not usually think about your relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church in these terms I am using which may even seem like a foreign language to you.
  21. Where did I lose you? Where I said the symbol for family is not a family? Consider a symbol for family to be a representation of every family while the symbol itself is only a symbol, not an actual family. Like how a picture of a tree is not a tree. You do realize that anyone who knows the truth on any issue doesn't guarantee that others will always agree on that issue, I hope.
  22. No it is not a metaphor, a person who is born again is literally born again. Do you also think it is only a metaphor for a born again Christian to consider Jesus Christ his new Father and the true church of Jesus Christ his new Mother? That is literal too. Perhaps you're getting hung up on the notion that the only way for a person to be born is through a woman's literal womb. I suppose the womb of the Church could be considered a baptismal font and that is a literal place too. So there.
  23. I haven't seen or heard about much of this exodus from the Church where I live but I can recall hearing for years that it was going to happen. Lots of talks about how living on borrowed light is not enough light to live on and how we each need a personal testimony from God to be able to endure in the Church. Members of the Church are seriously flawed and imperfect as most people are so unless we have a personal testimony from God that the Church is what we say it is, the one and only church of Jesus Christ in which we can gain access to all of the covenants needed for exaltation, there isn't much of a reason to continue believing and stick with it when there are other options available, whether worshipping God or not. I think this COVID thing had a lot to do with all of this too, with people becoming accustomed to not going to a church building for worship services.
  24. You're giving a false impression of what is seen after clicking on Gospel Library, and then again after clicking on Adults. What is seen is a lot more than what you are showing. After clicking on Adults for example there are several categories of links for Adults, such as links for Women, Men, Young Adults, Single Adults, Parents, and Military Members. Why did you present what is available with such a limited example? Is this characteristic of what I can expect to see from you from now on? I had such high hopes for you. I thought you had such a great sense of humor. I feel so deflated now. As if someone punched another hole in one of my favorite bowling balls.
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