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  1. In our institution, our Lord's church, our Lord gives one man something called keys of the kingdom of God and that man is authorized by our Lord to do all of the work our Lord wants done both personally as well as by delegating some responsibilities to others. So the authority is granted at a personal l;evel, person to person, as determined by those with the authority and the authority they each have, rather than an institutional level. Our environment is the whole world, as authorized by our Lord to go into all of the world. Sometimes those in authority don't go to some places because those who are there tell them or indicate that they are not welcome to go there, so out of courtesy they will choose to stay away, but still they have our Lord's authority to go wherever they can go to share the gospel and administer the ordinances throughout all of the world. This whole world belongs to God, the mortal world as well as the spirit world, and he has allowed us to come here to fulfill his purposes. We are all on a mission from God. Including the Blues Brothers. It is a test to see how well we will do. Pretty much, yes, I think. God doesn't make everyone but us mute when we die. We will still be able to speak and say whatever we want to say. You'll still be able to choose to believe whatever seems right to you\ even if you are wrong about something. Will you be taking those things into your considerations? Would you like God to consider those things while listening to you? Sure, ask whatever you want. I'll just keep hoping you'll keep getting better at realizing the truth whenever you hear it, just as I hope that for me and for everybody.
  2. Rather than rely on scholars we rely on prophets to share God's messages with us, so for a reference to the best book I can think of written by a prophet regarding judgment I would recommend Doctrines of Salvation, this one: There are a few others but this one is one of my favorites due to the content and the question/answer format. Certainly it seems the church must teach that our earthly religious affiliations must go with us to the judgment seat? More or less, but I don't expect to see or hear from you again after I'm dead. Or most people who post or have posted on this board either. Or anyone from any of the wards I have been in, or am in now, other than family. I'd like to find Joseph Smith, maybe, and other prominent prophets of our Church, the true church of Jesus Christ, but I don't know if I will find them or if they will find me. There are going to be billions and billions of people out there, don't you know, and we may not all be in the same area. Is it a binary thing - where it is members of the COJCOLDS and every one else? No more than it is here, I think, but yes someone is either a member of the true church of Jesus Christ or not, and if not there will still probably be a lot of other groups of people. Will Christ know our earthly group affiliation and will that impact His decision-making or that of the apostles who I believe the church teaches will be judging with him? I believe Christ knows everything about everything and that he can share what he knows with whoever he wants to share his knowledge with, at least if others are also interested in learning from him. Is there still a belief that Joseph Smith will be active/present in that? Present at our judgment? He may be, but I don't think so, generally. I'm thinking it will probably be a one-on-one session with someone who is God, and we may not even know his name. We may just walk into a room and be judged by whoever is there. Will a Catholic on earth be judged as a Catholic in the final judgment? By his beliefs and other actions and the type of person he is then, I think, as I think all of us will be. Some who are "Catholic" may not even identify as what a Catholic is, not knowing or being familiar with that particular word or its application. If a Catholic on earth accepts the ordinance work done for her in the spirit world, will she then appear to Christ and the apostles as a member of the COJCOLDS? Maybe, but there would still be other possibilities. Does earthly institutional affiliation matter at the judgment seat? What do you mean by "affiliation"? I think we can have been affiliated with institutions without being members or still being members of those institutions. I think what matters most is basically what we think and how we feel about things. Will Christ judge us as he did those in the NT who He said "Thy faith has made thee whole?" If our faith is making us whole, I suppose. There must be some basic differences in the perspective on judgment between the LDS-Christian view and the non-LDS Christian view? I think there must be too. Anyone familiar enough with both to spell those out. Again, if there is a terrific LDS source on the subject that goes into it in depth, I would greatly appreciate a citation. Thanks so much. Lots of things to be spelled out. The whole gamut of what anyone could possibly think. Some believe this while some believe some other thing with probably no end to everything anyone could choose to believe, whether right or wrong. I hope the volume of books I recommended is something that may be of some interest to you.
  3. Probably something similar to what we think about members of the Church who didn't look at the brazen serpent Moses held up. Those were God's people and still many of them didn't do as their prophet advised them to do.
  4. He answers me by sharing his ideas and feelings with me to let me know what he thinks and feels about what I have asked him. Sometimes I get very strong impressions and other times it is more subtle. Very seldom a voice I hear with my ears.
  5. Not sure what "salvific" means. Does it mean "baptism is necessary for salvation"? If so then if someone is not baptized because they don't believe it is necessary, what would you say to them? We would tell them baptism is necessary for salvation. And we don't believe the baptism that is necessary is exclusively "ours". The saints who lived during and shortly after our Lord's mortal ministry were not latter-day saints. They aren't required to be baptized into "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", as we who are living in these latter days are. Adam and Enoch and Abraham and Moses and many other saints of former days are not required to be baptized into the Church of these latter days, either, because they have already been baptized into the true church of Christ in their day, by those with the proper authority to do it, which was how they became a member of the Church in their day. And those who have died and will continue to die without being baptized will have that ordinance administered for them so that they may become joint-heirs with us and all who have been properly baptized by those with the authority to do it, as long as they do everything else that is necessary for their salvation. A valid baptism administered by somebody with the proper authority to baptize is what everyone needs for full and complete salvation, because our Lord has said so. It doesn't matter that some people think the baptism they received was good enough or done properly if it wasn't. If it wasn't administered by someone with the proper authority then the baptism was not good enough and a proper baptism is still necessary.
  6. Tip: Never ask anyone but God if a man is speaking as a prophet because he could tell a lie and say Yes when he really is not. If he is speaking as a prophet then of course you should believe him.
  7. Well you've piqued my interest some more by what you've added here. The idea that God is omnipotent should be understood correctly, I think. Not that it always will be but I believe it should be. Can God turn me into a horse, literally? No, I don't think so. If I were a horse then I would not be me. So when we say God is omnipotent I think it should be understood that what we mean is that God can do anything that can be done. God can not do what can not be done, so a God that is good and always does good can not do something that is evil, otherwise he would cease to be good and have a reputation for always doing good. So now I think I am seeing how your #3 option could also be very likely, in addition to #1 and #2. God can not and will not fix some things that go wrong in this world because that would only cause more problems, and not actually fix the real problems. It would involve fixing some of the bad consequences that result from mistakes and evil actions without actually helping people to avoid making mistakes or not do things that are evil, relegating God to the role of a janitor who cleans up messes while doing nothing to prevent those messes. News story: Someone was shot today, but nevermind, God brought the one who was killed back to life. Meanwhile, the one who shot him is still on the loose. We're sure God will fix all problems though because that is what God always does. Now on to the next story in a world that is filled with chaos.
  8. For me or anyone else and I have explained my reasons why.
  9. Contemporary first person sources are not always telling the truth. That is the premise I always work under. Anyone can tell a lie or just mistakenly get the facts wrong, even if they have good intentions and are trying to tell the truth. That's why, for me, I only trust God and whoever God tells me is telling the truth, and when God tells me someone is telling the truth, saying what he would say or agree with, that makes that person a prophet, or prophetess if a woman. So that means, to me, that unless this woman who wrote this book was writing it as a prophetess, writing new scripture about people of that long ago past who were speaking or writing as prophets and prophetesses, she is not likely saying anything new that I haven't already read. I have read a lot already, and historians who just rehash what people in the past said are not necessarily telling the truth when just reiterating what those people then said. Do you think she has more to say than you've already read? Why read her book if most likely she isn't saying anything new that has already been said and that you have most likely already read?
  10. Well, no, my bad, I saw the news report again and apparently the mission president was there. This event happened at his home while he was having dinner with President Nelson and his wife. And he was right, President Nelson and his wife were not specifically targeteds, just as President Nelson and his wife both said they were safe and nothing bad happened to them, even with that hoodlum there who had both a machete and a gun. They were all protected even in the midst of a robbery attempt,
  11. Maybe I didn't phrase that very well. I'll try again: When talking about people (or when the subject matter is people) of long ago history, prophets who I know are prophets are the only people I would believe. Mortals living today weren't even there.
  12. Sounded to me like we can choose to believe either that mission President, who wasn't there, or President and Sister Nelson, who were there. And just because those hoodlums usually use machetes doesn't mean they didn't also have guns. The problem here, if there is a problem, is not knowing who should be believed and how to find out who is telling the truth.
  13. I don't know much about how various Church members in that long ago past accepted the idea of polygamy/polygyny, and I would like to know more, but I don't think a book like this will provide much reliable information about that. I've read a lot of information about this issue from many sources and the Holy Spirit hasn't confirmed much about that to me, so for me it's just a lot of he said/she said while not being certain of what or who I should believe. We still accept the idea that a man can be married and sealed to more than one woman and most of us, I believe, don't believe that is bad. So while I have some questions about how pioneers of the past regarded this issue, I don't know of many sources who I would trust to give truthful answers. Prophets who I know are prophets are the only people I would believe when talking about people of long ago history.
  14. That's good. I was imaging him morphing into that from this would not have been a good look for him
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