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  1. The classification of something as a sin simply means it is classified as something that is bad and should not be done, according to what God has told us. And as is really the case, it is really bad for us and therefore something we should not do. God is right, and always is right, after all.
  2. That is the basic question, as I see it. Does BYU get to decide what is and is not acceptable and honorable behavior at BYU, or must BYU abide by government mandates over and above what BYU may decide for itself. Who is to rule at BYU? Who are the ultimate decision makers in regard to policies and codes at BYU? BYU leaders? Or government representatives, we the people in the general population of our country as represented by government leaders and judges? I suppose the decision will be decided by a judge and a 12 person jury. Or does our government have some other way of deciding such things?
  3. As I am sure you understand, maybe even better than I understand it, the complaint against BYU and the BYU Honor Code is against the idea that BYU has the right to dictate what BYU deems to be honorable behavior. BYU considers homosexual behavior to be immoral, and the complainers are arguing that BYU should consider homosexuality to be honorable and acceptable behavior because it is accepted as legal and therefore permitted by the laws of the government. A government that provide funds to BYU on behalf of BYU students, so the complainers are saying that since the government says homosexual behavior is okay, then BYU should also say it is okay. That is their argument, as I understand it. The complainers want the government to decide what is permitted and what is not, rather than BYU making that decision, and so now we have this pending court case. And so, guess what, who do you think is going to decide this now? The government, or BYU? With lawyers on both sides of the aisle.
  4. wherever you go, there you are, whatever name and names you have and have had. And yet I can still honestly say that this name I am using now is not Ahab, and never will be.
  5. Okay. Let's not. We all have problems and I'm sure we all deserve some sympathy and compassion even though we should always want to do only that which is morally right and good. The BYU Honor Code certainly deserves no ridicule.
  6. His argument is good, though. Great, even. Why is what he said making you angry? It shouldn't make you angry. Why would a really really good argument make you angry? Think about that until you figure it out.
  7. same old ttribe. and I know you have at least one other real name.
  8. as if jk today is different today than he is on any and every other day. please. we are what we are every day of our lives. nothing new to see here, folks. just more of our usual entertainment.
  9. The whole point of having an Honor Code stipulating what is and is not considered acceptable and honorable behavior is to point out what is and is not acceptable and honorable. Are you advocating for an "everything is good and honorable" approach?
  10. When you and your wife are raising your children in your mansion above I'm sure you'll still want to go out on some family excursions, sometimes, rather than always staying cooped up in your mansion. And if there were no museums I'm sure I would not be the only person to want to create some, at which point I and some others would then go look and find some things to put in them. We'll figure out entrance requirements later if there are still some details that will still need to be worked out.
  11. Ouch! Please try to be more careful. Harry Potter Crucio The Cruciatus Curse (Crucio), also known as the Torture Curse, was a tool of the Dark Arts and one of the three Unforgivable Curses. It was one of the most powerful and sinister spells known to Wizardkind. When cast successfully the curse inflicted intense, excruciating pain on the victim. Effect: Excruciating pain, insanity if victim is su... Incantation: Crucio; (KROO-see-oh) Type: Curse
  12. Super sentimental? No, I don't either. Just regular sentimental, in my view. And I think he knows most of us are at least a little bit sentimental too and will want to see those things, someday. In some nice museum, somewhere. From earth to heaven, and then from heaven to earth. Something like what we have at the temple square in Salt Lake City, Utah, right now, if not in an even nicer building or collection of buildings with lots of nice tall trees and big bushes and pretty flowers. We have and will have a lot of things that we will keep around forever.
  13. I know. John saw the real ark, in his vision. The church keeps all of the really cool stuff up there. The ark, the original golden plates of the book of Mormon, and the original stone tablets with the 10 commandments that God gave to Moses, the second time, after Moses broke the first set. The sword of Laban and some candle sticks and a lot of other really cool stuff too. Heaven is a real place with real buildings and all kinds of good things in those buildings. And real plants outside of those buildings too. Just ask me the next time you don't know something.
  14. ...and that's a reference to the ordinary pain of being crucified on a cross, for anyone who has ever been crucified on a cross. The 2 criminals who were hung on both sides of Jesus, for example. I'm sure Jesus felt that ordinary amount of pain too, but I think he probably suffered more than that ordinary amount because I think he was probably still feeling the pain from all of our sins as he hung on that cross too.
  15. Satisfying the demands of justice involves restoring things to the way they should be and would be if there had never been a violation of justice. Say for example that you tell your children not to throw rocks through windows in people's houses and then later one of them chooses to do that anyway, in violation of what you had told them to not do. A neighbor's house, while the family who lived there was having dinner at the dining room table, with the rock landing on the table. Justice would demand that the window of the house be restored to the way it was before the window was broken, as unbroken again, as well as the restoration of peace to that house and the people who were disturbed by the rock that was thrown by one of your children. So no, death would not solve that problem so death would not be the solution. What would you do though if for example one of your children introduced death to a world? When before that everyone there was immortal,. How would you solve that problem? You would need to figure out some way to restore immortal life to all who lost it and became mortal. A probable perpetual number of people who were later born to the first who became mortal, and any who are still yet to be born.. Looks to me like you would need some kind of wonderful, charitable, immortal person to solve that problem. Do you have anyone who would be willing to help in mind ?
  16. Try considering each person as an entity of nature where each person's outcome is a consequence of his or her choices and any assistance he or she received from some other person(s). So while the universe will go along and get along just fine regardless of what kind of person you turn out to be, YOU will be a consequence of your own actions combined with any help you received from other people.
  17. Just a side note to say comparing something to some other thing(s) isn't an indication that all things compared are equal. Something can be compared to some other thing(s) while saying it is better than those other things, even if all are said to be bad.
  18. The same response you would use when someone said anything else you did not agree with. I disagree with you, I don't believe it is a valid comparison, and I will go so far as to say it is not. Further, I think you are wrong and unenlightened on this issue, and I believe God would disagree with you, too. Feel free to cut and paste that anywhere anytime someone says something you do not agree with. You can even edit it to suit your own personal preference for speech. And just let me know if you can think of anything else I can say to help you.
  19. I am thinking gravity may be and probably is present everywhere, even in space which you may think has no gravity. Gravity on planets as they orbit their sun, gravity on suns as they orbit their galaxy, gravity in galaxies as they orbit each other or are affected by other gravitational fields, etc. That is the way I understand objects affecting the movements of other objects. An object that may seem to be still, not moving in space, is actually moving in some gravitational field, by my understanding. So when something runs into something else or is affected by some other matter, the effect of that collision will be affected by that gravitational field of all of the objects in movement, as I understand things to be moving.
  20. I think people should be as nice as they can be even when they disagree with other people. And the fact that people often disagree with other people show there is often a different point of view. Like it or not. Agree with it or not. Calling it right or not.
  21. I still love your attitude. And attitudes are what I notice most when I notice anyone saying anything. Regardless of what their name is or how that person is judged by other people.
  22. Enough talk about Ahab. Ahab was banned and can not post anymore. Hi. This is Jamie., This is not Ahab.
  23. I see the problem as a dilemma because we see the only "right" way for people to marry is for a male to marry a female. Which means any other way than that way is some kind of "wrong" way to marry, even if some "wrong" way is legally authorized.
  24. lol. No, I am as true blue as we "Mormons" come. And since all of us "Mormons" believe we are God by being the same kind of being as God our Father, with us as his children being reproductions of himself and his wife or wives, yes, in fact, we are God.
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