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  1. Carson also got a Bachelor's of Arts from BYU in English, after which she attended Harvard Divinity School. What neat history for her to have made with the Church. https://www.thechurchnews.com/23283247/chaplain-latter-day-saint-military-air-force-jeremy-jaggi-jenna-carson-byu-harvard
  2. I'm sorry to say that I live just a bit too far away from SLC to meet with you. If St. George is at all on your route, let me know.
  3. Where does F.A.I.R. claim they do not support a literal Adam, Eve or Noah? Where did I claim that they don’t? To break down your claim here, FD: FAIR teaches something different from the prophets and scriptures of the Church. This is based on your premise that FAIR has an understanding that science does not support a literal Adam, Eve, or Noah. The fact that you present an otherwise false dichotomy here (whether to follow "the prophets or F.A.I.R.") lends even more to your premise that to accept one must require the rejection of the other; and, therefore, that FAIR must not support the literal Adam, Eve, or Noah that are taught by the prophets and scriptures of the Church. I see only one logical conclusion that can be derived from your position here: namely, that FAIR's different teachings are A) consequential of the rejection of and B) tantamount to a replacement of the teachings from the prophets and scripture of the Church (and, thus, a rejection of the principle of a literal Adam, Eve, or Noah). I personally disagree with your premise (as I subscribe to the Promethean Adam model) and find your question here to be nothing more than a false dichotomy; the leadership and guidance of the prophets and scriptures of the Church can go hand-in-hand with the findings that FAIR provides. As far as doctrine is concerned, it is a basic tenet in the Church we do not believe that everything written in our scriptures must be exactly right. I direct your attention to the following passages of scripture: —"Title Page of the Book of Mormon," The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. 2013. Print. —Moroni 9:33, The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. 2013. Print. —Article of Faith 1:8-9, The Pearl of Great Price. 2013. Print. I see no reason against our understanding of the Flood to evolve, given that: Moses himself described a flat earth in the opening chapters of Genesis. The understandings of God's faithful disciples have clearly evolved and improved since that time. We do not believe our prophets/scriptures to be infallible/inerrant. Our prophets/scriptures can therefore improve over time and experience. Thus, there is no reason why one must choose the prophets/scriptures of the Church over FAIR or vice-versa when one can simply choose to follow the prophets/scriptures while using FAIR as a supplementary resource therefor (which seems to be FAIR's purpose in a nutshell to begin with).
  4. There are already a lot of pages under that topic, so I apologize if I have repeated any concerns that you may want to address. Also, I'm not sure whether you were preparing for this past Sunday or one of the coming Sundays; again, my apologies if I am too late. Although I am curious about these, most of them are not my concerns but rather concerns that I myself have encountered from someone else. Potential Concerns Why was Joseph Smith Jr sealed to Louisa Beaman for time and all eternity before he was sealed to his first wife Emma? How much of the decision to engage in polygamy was inspired by God vs. by man? How is polygamy practiced in the eternities? Does it have the potential to cause similar strife in the eternities as it has for some in mortality? If a man's wife dies, and the man remarries/reseals, will the first wife be forced to participate in that polygamous situation in the eternities? Also, on a separate note (given that you have marked yourself as a Male on your profile here) this is a really sucky position that your Relief Society president has put you in, unless you are the bishop (which I doubt, since you've only been there since April) or an expert in the topic. Barring these two exceptions, I would personally go back and say that I will not be giving that lesson; not because this affects the truthfulness of what you have to say, but rather because men are viewed as typically having been favored in the Church's polygamous practices, particularly by those who have such concerns in the first place. If you did already go through with the class and you do not fall into those two exceptions, then I'm sorry that you were put into that position. But, if you are going to go through with it, then I hope that the above-listed concerns are of benefit to you in preparation for your class.
  5. Thanks for posting this. I've had the Conference in the back of my mind, but I'm grateful for the reminder. Now I'm all registered. Also, for those unable to attend in-person, streaming has been covered by an anonymous donor and is free; the only condition is that you still have to register in advance. You can register for streaming here: https://fairlatterdaysaints.org/store/product/2022-fair-conference-streaming
  6. My wife and I binged it yesterday. It's pretty interesting (especially since we live in St George and have driven out to Hildale/Colorado City multiple times).
  7. This might be of more interest to me since this is where my wife and I were sealed; but I thought that I would share it here nonetheless.
  8. https://www.ldsdaily.com/world/two-arrested-after-shootout-in-idaho-falls-temple-parking-lot/
  9. It really depends on what aspect we are talking about. Insofar as authority is concerned, I feel closer to Catholicism/Orthodoxy in that those groups believe and understand (just as we do) that there are certain ordinances that can only be done by priesthood authority, which is passed from person to person (instead of being automatically granted by accepting the Bible and its message). If such authority truly is required, then Catholicism, Orthodoxy, or a sect of the Latter Day Movement is the one true Church. Insofar as apostasy is concerned, I feel closer to Protestant sects that believe that Catholicism and Orthodoxy have fallen away from various important aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (hence the Reformation that led to Protestantism); however, I don't feel too close to those Protestant sects because I believe that they are also fallen away from various important aspects of the Gospel. This stated, I do feel that Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism each have various aspects and points of view that are valuable and that could augment a Latter-day Saint's faith within the context of the Gospel as presented by his/her Church. In my personal interactions, I feel closer with Protestants simply because I have not met as many Catholics throughout my life as I have Protestants.
  10. Here is what President Oaks said at Hatch's funeral: https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/president-oaks-honors-senator-hatch
  11. For further context, the vehicle was owned by the Church and used by missionaries. https://www.ldsdaily.com/world/man-arrested-after-attempt-to-blow-up-latter-day-saint-missionaries-car/
  12. My speculation: Given that the Church's 1981 edition would have been the most commonly available in Utah at that time, I suspect that the Laffertys would have had a copy of it rather than the 1830 edition (which, I believe, was not so common at all during that time). Even the FLDS have historically used and continue to use the mainstream Church's version of the scriptures. This is, of course, assuming that the above-imaged scene takes place in or post-1981 (I have not watched it yet); if it takes place before, then it would be most likely that he'd have used the previous version.
  13. Perhaps not the exact penalties, but I would agree that the general concept of penalties has Biblical precedent. https://masonicfind.com/what-are-masonic-penalties
  14. Here's the First Presidency's statement on him: https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/first-presidency-statement-orrin-hatch
  15. I felt that this was newsworthy and thought that I should post it here. https://www.thechurchnews.com/temples/2022-04-20/majority-of-operating-temples-now-in-phase-4-moving-to-normal-operations-251401
  16. I try to take a tour there once every few months; the missionaries of the St George Historic Mission seem to be on a rotation between the three historical sites here that the Church owns, so I always get different perspectives and stories each time that I go.
  17. Looks like somebody vandalized the Brigham Young Winter Home and Office here in St. George. It made the news here.
  18. I've personally thought about this before too, and would take it a step further by retitling it McConkie's Personal Opinions on and Interpretations of Doctrine. Of course, that might not have sold as much among non-members.
  19. Ah, no worries. If it's any consolation, I also forgot that that can be seen here lol. It is certainly beautiful here, but towns here are growing far too quickly; while driving around up around SLC and Ogden this past weekend, my wife and I talked about possibly moving somewhere up there, possibly even further north like Cache County, or even in southern Idaho. Plus, I've always been far more partial to greenery than to red rock, myself.
  20. Correct, I am in Washington County; but I did pass through Davis County twice this past Saturday, if that at all counts. 😁
  21. There are a few of us Latter-day Saints in Utah who wear the Cross. 🙂
  22. I personally wear the Cross about every day, whether on a necklace, a ring, a ball cap, or on my Masonic Knights Templar uniform. The Church used to use the Cross quite often for its first few decades. Early settlers in Utah even tried to pass a bill that would allow for a large Cross to be erected on top of Ensign Peak; the bill did not pass due to opposition from Jewish residents. For a time later on, the Cross was widely identified in the USA as a purely Catholic symbol (like the Crucifix), which led most American Protestant organizations to stop using it; the Church followed suit for the same reasons and did not start using it again when the Protestants did. A good resource on this is Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo by Michael G. Reed.
  23. This article came out yesterday; I thought that it might be of some interest here. Latter-day Saint Charities donated $4 million dollars to the World Food Program and to the U.N. for the purpose of helping Ukrainians during the current crisis.
  24. Another video dropped where Kwaku and others go over this article about Dehlin in the Salt Lake Tribune.
  25. Well, I'll be darned. My wife will be disappointed now lol
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