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  1. Just to clarify, I said lot rent was around$350 or so in my area, I just talked to the guy I helped buy a trailer, apparently in the past three years lot rent has gone from $350 to $480, that's crazy.
  2. Is that a bad thing on a discussion board?πŸ˜‚ You know, I've never really understood the guy who runs Mormon Stories, Mr. Dehlin, his motivation to bring down the church is really strong, at least it comes across that way when I'm listening to his podcast. I always find myself thinking, who inside the church hurt this guy, who lit a fire under him, to get up everyday and rail against an organization most of his family and friends are in? But then every once in a while I'll have a conversation with someone and think, dang, that's where the motivation comes from! Like I said, your an awesome missionary. Here's what I'll tell you about where I live. 7 days a week I can ride past christian churches and more than half will have large signs, sometimes 2 or 3 at the road saying something like, WORSHIP! Services at 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30, and on Sunday they'll have a few people out front waving at people as they pass in their car. Another christian church is growing so fast in my area they now rent the gymnasium at a local high school because they're growing so fast and the church they're building isn't finished yet. On Sunday the deacons of their church pull up in trucks with trailers full of chairs, sound equipment and banners the put signs out at the street welcoming people who pass by to come in. An hour ago I passed a church already preparing for Sunday by setting up a 50x100 foot open sided tent for this Sunday, they didn't have any signs out yet, but that usually means a Sunday evening cook out. I'm telling ya, if we don't get with the program and realize what's going on, we might be a wealthy church in years to come, but once we lose one or two generations of youth, well, it won't be good. I can't remember, could you help me out, is our mission to collect dollar bills or is it to collect souls to bring unto Christ? My message is about looking to the future, yours seems like holding on to the past, good luck sir.
  3. Reading 100s of your post I thought you would think outside the box a little more than what you're leading me to believe. Would the local leaders do anything I suggested, of course not, you and I both know that. But what I'm suggesting isn't that much different than what I remember when I was young back in the early 80s. Maybe the sign holding, I don't think that has ever happened, but I remember ladies in the church kitchen cooking and I remember carrying dishes to the cultural Hall, don't know why, but I do remember it was on Sunday because I had my dress clothes on. Also in the late 80s I remember neighborhood kids coming in for basketball and volleyball, that doesn't happen anymore in my area. Early 90s we would do joint scout activities with other scout troops like flag football, not anymore. It feels to me like the church is possibly shrinking, everything is getting shorter timewise, scouts is gone. You do realize the church is changing but it has a lot to do with outside pressure right? Im telling you, if something doesn't change to bring a different atmosphere to church meetings I fear there won't be any youth left in 30 or so years. You know, I like what you wrote above, its a real eye opener for me, especially when you say preach and teach to your heart's delight, because I've often thought about that in the past few months, why do I need the church to teach and preach? I love the church, but I'll admit, I'm hanging on by a thread, and post like yours help me a lot in realizing there's no open minds out there willing to even consider anything out of a strictly guarded comfort zone that most members live in. You help me realize I'm possibly trapped and my forward momentum might be slowing down spiritually. Thanks, your a great missionary, I have a lot to think about, maybe I'll start a podcast!
  4. Yes. When I was 17 or so we laid the sewer and water for 60 new lots at a park for a mom and pop operation. I think they ended up having 200 lots when it was sold to a big management firm for like 2 million. Just isn't the same after that.
  5. I understand what you mean. Also, people are busier these days so I'm sure that's part of the reason for shortening everything.
  6. Oh wow!! Not here, there might be two high end trailer parks here with lot rent in the $600 range, but most are really cheap. Actually, across the border in North Carolina lot rent just hit $200 to 250. A lot of people move there to live as cheap as possible, I don't blame them.
  7. Me to. I'll admit, I'm a little worried we keep making the times we gather shorter and shorter. Church is shorter, temple ceremony is shorter, now conference possibly. I enjoy conference more than church, I listen to the talks 2 or 3 times sometimes. Boy scouts is kaput, that really hurt. I'm hoping this is leading up to something big.
  8. I hope you didn't think I was saying it was a bad way to live. I would have no problem living in a trailer, again, if I had to. I know a lot of retired military people that live in trailers because it's so cheap. Actually, a lot of the time living in a trailer and paying lot rent that's usually around $350 where I live is cheaper than annual property taxes on a house. It gives them the freedom to travel. I mentioned it to Chum because he sounded a little stressed, a lot of people don't realize how many trailers are sitting vacant just waiting to be fixed up and lived in.
  9. Obviously you have forgotten some of my past post because I have to πŸ˜‚. But I've said on here before, if it was up to me I would have our Ward meet at the local high school football field once a month and have the youth stand beside the road and intersections with signs inviting people to come join us. I would have food and invite local bands. If we want to drop the name Mormon and be seen as christians, let's start doing what they do. Let me ask you this since you think I'm deflecting and somehow you think I'm just as much clergy as the bishop. Can I go to the bishop and say, hey bishop, I have a very strong feeling that if put the youth on the street around the church holding signs that invite people in, we will get a lot of butts in the pews. So next Sunday I'm hiring a band to play during sacrament and afterwards we're serving food and drinks from the kitchen. I'll need the church open at 6 am to start preparing. How to you think that will go over? You and I both know that ainttt happenen. Basically what I'm saying is I think bishops should be given more freedom to do what they think will work best for the community they are dealing with. Including trying certain activities you would never think would be found in a Mormon church. For Christ sake, a couple years ago our bishop wouldn't allow a small family band have their teenager play the saxophone in the chapel because he thought it wasn't reverent. He allowed the piano player, the flute and the violin but the saxophone kid had to sit with his parents in the pews and cry while his siblings played for everyone. If a kid can't play a saxophone because it's not "reverent enough" I can guarantee my ideas are dead on arrival.
  10. Private message me and I'll give you my stake presidents name. If you can convince him to make me bishop and give me freedom to do whatever I want to get people to walk through the doors, I'll have that many people in there. They might not all be dressed in their Sunday best, they might smell like they haven't bathed in 7 days, or they might even take smoke breaks on the front lawn, but I can get them in there. Should I serve hot dogs and hamburgers, or do you think a fish fry would bring more people in? I went to a fish fry at a Catholic church it was awesome. Just kidding man, relax, you and I both know what I suggested is never going to happen. Hell would freeze over first.
  11. I don't think there's a stake president crazy enough to give me a shot. But if there was, I'm opening the kitchen and there will be hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone! And non alcoholic jello shots, will pretend they're alcoholic 😁
  12. So I was really into the song because it has a catchy beat, I was even thinking if I die and go to heaven, that it might be fun to take a weekend trip to hell, you know, to just hang out for a little bit with satan, but then half way thru the song the hula girls head came off and I changed my mind, nope, I'll visit my christian friends in the telestial kingdom 😁. To any of my christian friends reading this, I was joking, cool your jets, go drink a beer for me since I can't have one without feeling like I'll end up in hell.
  13. Yeah, me to, that's the point. I understand this goes against everything we have ever been taught, but look at it this way. If you have three wards, one with an ok bishop, one with a semi boring bishop and the other bishop that is a total snooze fest, and they're only bringing in 150 to 180 people out of 500 Ward members, maybe try something different. There's a church down the street from me that when it started out the congregation was 100 percent black, probably around 300 members. Now, there's like 1500 members and it takes 5 to 6 cops directing traffic to keep people from crashing and fighting over parking lots. The preacher is Black and most of his newest members are white, I've never been there but I've often thought about going one time just to see what all the hub bub is about. Supposedly he's amazing. So back to my point, what if we had a bishop that could bring in 600/700 people verse three bishops that bring in 150 each?
  14. They're waiting until September then they'll announce something new, if not I'm going to be upset, I want to add to the gospel, it seems lately we keep subtracting, I don't know why.
  15. Like I said earlier, they're not done, something better is coming, you watch.
  16. I don't know where you live or what your financial situation is, but if you get desperate and can't find somewhere to rent, you could always ride through trailer parks and look for empty trailers. A lot of the time the management company will do rent to own deals. Couple years ago I found a trailer for a guy who works for me and I bought it for $1800, put a knew floor in the bathroom, a window a/c and a couple doors, now he's got it looking really nice. He owns it outright and pays $360 in lot rent and only uses around $150 in electricity, that's cheap living man. I've done this a couple times now to help people out, the management company usually just wants to collect lot rent so they will let the trailer go for cheap. Of course, I'm a semi redneck so if I got desperate I wouldn't mind living in a trailer😁. Anyway, good luck finding somewhere. Just thought I would throw this out there, never know.
  17. I didn't know you were a Chippendale! Good money huh!!😁
  18. Maybe you're correct, it just seems everything gets a tad heated lately. I don't know.
  19. Am I only one who thinks that lately it only takes getting to the second page of post before the conservative/liberal teams start forming?πŸ€” Why!?!?!?!?why!?!?!?!?😁
  20. I knew the day would come when you and I would agree on something 😁. I never liked that the last speaker at the women's conference was always a man. I felt this way years and years ago. Just doesn't makes sense. Personally, I think the change will bring something better hopefully. Who knows, by the time we get to October conference, there could be even more changes.
  21. I can't or even no what to tell you to do because everyone experiences life differently. But I can share with you what I do, maybe you can take something from my life experience and help with your mental anguish, that's what I do, I use other people's experiences and life details to help me figure out if I'm on the right track or not. One of the biggest problems for me to overcome in my daily life is I have a tendency to dwell on the past and let it consume me negatively. I have a sign in my garage that hangs on the wall that says " hey dum dum, if you're overwhelmed fix it." Every once in a while I'll just be doing something and out of nowhere I'll have a panic attack. Actually a had one a couple months ago, the day it happened is when I came on here and started a post and said, hey, thanks everyone for helping me out on here, I'm leaving, good by. Right after that I messaged Nemisis and told him to shut down my account. I actually withdrew from a lot on that day not just this board. My panic attacks get so bad I start wanting, an planning to find a quiet place to hike to, leaving everything behind, kinda becoming a hermit, up in the mountains or possibly hiking to Florida, I don't know why Florida, it's crazy! Fortunately, I have never followed through. So what really triggered me to write this, is you said, " my own shaky mental health and isolation is sinking in" I just want to tell you, you're not alone brother. Let me share with you what I do when I start feeling overwhelmed. First thing I do is write down everything I need to do that day from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed. If I don't, I'll sit and dwell on all kinds of stuff that I can't control because they're in the past. I'll write down things like, 'take ten minutes at lunchtime to just think about positive thoughts". Also, " realize your fortunate for what you have". I'll take 10 to 20 minutes once or maybe four or five times a day to sit in my truck and just repeat fraises like the two I gave you, over and over for twenty or so minutes. For some reason it works for me, it's like the time I'm doing it, I'm actually fighting the negative thoughts with positive thoughts, it works for me. I feel fortunate because once I have a panic attack or get depressed, I've worked out a system that works for me and I know there's a good chance that if I follow what I write down, I'll eventually get back to normal in a month or so. Most people will need a lot more time than that, even with medication. Anyways, I hope you can take one small nugget from my rambling, I can tell you're a smart guy, stay positive as much as possible, it will work out for the best, love ya Buddy.
  22. Haha, probably would get a really good t-shirt from there, good idea πŸ˜‚
  23. How bout instead of having ward boundaries we let people choose what church building/service they want to go to? I often wondered if the church did an experiment, allowed one stake to not have ward boundaries, open it up, see what the members choose, what bishop they gravitate to, who knows, it could possibly get more inactive members to come back to church. And while doing this experiment, maybe have bands and speakers that are outside the church come in to spice up sacrament meeting, if we're all about baptizing people, well, let's see what works best to get butts in pews.
  24. That's a good idea.
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