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  1. My sisters husband got really plump. Now she only has sex with him at night, when it's really dark outside. If that doesn't help, she imagines he's George Michael. 🤣
  2. Hey Nehor!!! I just fell into the pit I dug for my neighbor and found this bottle of brandy, send me your address and I'll ship it to you.😁😁😁
  3. So you're saying ridicule and shame is how we should change minds?
  4. You might want to turn off the news channels and decompress. I don't know of anyone who has "dug a pit for their neighbor. " One of my favorite sayings is, "What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create." If you're always telling someone they're a victim, they'll have a victim mentality and base their life around that, it really is that simple. If where we live is so bad, why do people risk death to get here?
  5. You said, "society has the power to bully them for their views", that is probably the biggest threat we face in the coming years. And I mean "threat" because there is potential for real violence if we keep canceling people for their views. I dont do social media because it's depressing to me. There are people who believe shame and ridicule is the best way to change society, not realizing how dangerous it is to back people into a corner.
  6. One of my friends growing up in the early 90s was riddled with so much shame and guilt over masturbation, a couple weeks before his mission he confessed to the bishop and they postponed his call 6 months. 6 months later he didn't go, he went into the military. Luckily, now, our bishop who also grew up with the guy I'm talking about, he tells the youth to not worry about it and they have fully repented and there's no shame. I truly believe my bishop seeing our friend be depressed over his """ addiction """ in the 90s when we were young, made him sympathetic and choose to go lightly with the you
  7. Dang it man!! I really thought you were going to come up with a better come back than this, you're probably tired or something, oh well. Maybe it's all the "ridicule & shame" tactics tiring you out.
  8. In my and (others I Know,) bipoc is just a bigoted term to try and creat a false duality among cultures. Its a way making sure people know what side they are on. Exactly!! My wife is Filipino and I talked to her last night about BIPOC, which I learned about on this thread, and she said she would never write that out to describe anyone. She won't even use POC. Most people don't realize how dangerous it is to categorize people. Check out what just happened with the Coca-Cola company, in my opinion, that's the end goal.
  9. Could always go back to one of the original names. Dangit!! What's missing????
  10. If your looking for something that's not that hard of work, look into dump trailers and charging people to haul their trash away. Of course you'll also need a truck, but one of the guys I use for trash pickup is actually a full time police officer and does trash pickup on the side. He can make 4 to $500 on a full day of dump runs. You tube has alot of guys telling you the ins and outs of the dump trailer hustle.
  11. When you ask "or do you mean something extra" are you talking about this⬇️🤣⬇️🤣⬇️🤣⬇️🤣⬇️
  12. I'm wondering the same thing Scott. Honestly, it should be a minor issue, but it's not for me, I feel like "mormon" is part of my identity. I've watched pres. Nelson's talk 20 times and can not understand why he would say stop using the word. He said using the word mormon would offend God. He also said using the phrase the " mormon church" is a major victory for satan, I can't get past that, it doesn't make since to me.
  13. I just asked one of the black guys on my crew if he knows what a BIPOC is and he said he thought it was a high end Mercedes Benz 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I told him no, that was a maybach, and then I told him what BIPOC stood for and he said he would punch the person that called him that. He's a cool dude but you don't want to get on his bad side.
  14. If you've read any of my post you'll realize I am having a tough time giving up the word Mormon. I love it, it's part of who I am. So my question is, especially for the women, do you find this song appropriate or does it make you cringe? Personally I love it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Could youth sing this song today? https://youtu.be/ https://youtu.be/
  15. So why do you think I'm getting push back from people when I ask if priesthood power is diminished because of sin, even sin that would be considered "minor"? Am I reading the quotes I provided wrong? I understand what Scott is saying, but to me priesthood power is like a dimmable light bulb, and sin is what turns down the light, the more sin, the less the bulb shines. Is that kinda what you're saying? I came back to add this, here's a better way to explain how I see priesthood power. I'm not good at analogies, but here goes nothing. Every boy/man is given a dimmable bulb,tha
  16. Hahaha🤣🤣 but dont forget, jesus was a carpenter! It's a rewarding trade.
  17. Mormons are really nice people. I think alot has to do with we believe in not just faith, but works also. I try to do atleast 3 or 4 good deads a day. Small things people probably dont even really care about but I do, it makes me feel better so I do them. Learning how to make someone smile or having the ability to reach out and touch someone's heart is more rewarding for the person doing the act usually. Church and scouts taught me how to do that. One act of kindness can make someone remember you for a lifetime.
  18. Shaming is also a good approach. We need more of that too. I admit your tack into hand-wringing about the poor Asians and Jews who are supposedly going to lose out was a nice twist but it is also pretty ridiculous. I'm going to give my opinion one time on this thread then leave because I don't do political threads, and this has turned into a political thread. The only reason I'm even typing this is for the youth reading this thread. To the youth reading this, what you see on display in this thread is a bunch of people trying to put you in categories to make themselves feel
  19. Well, I was kidding, usually I put a smiley face with one of my jokes but I didnt this time, I wanted to see what would happen. 😁
  20. Well, I'm sure you're doing fine, that's a wonderful mission to have.
  21. So is there any spiritual healing going on at all, are people seeing something that's not there?
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