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  1. What's the deal Nemesis? You suspend me and restrict my account and when I try to ask you to tell me which forum rule I broke you refuse to answer. That's because you are a coward and know I didn't break any rules, but don't have the moral courage to admit it. Since you have now also blocked my ability to message you asking for an explanation, I'm going to publicly air my grievances. If you had any integrity you would have either told me what rule I broke or lifted my restrictions, but you didn't. I followed the forum rules. I was civil. I didn't make any personal attacks,
  2. The church has never said the ban or past teachings of blacks being descendants of Cain and under a curse were a mistake. Can you please provide the quotes from Brigham and Joseph about moon people? I don't have a problem with this anyway. We believe in a veil and things that are unseen to the naked eye don't we? And I'm offering mine. I never said that Joseph and Brigham were infallible super heroes, but they were mighty prophets of God and their teachings on this subject square with the scriptures. So is it okay to question the current teachings an actions of the
  3. I think that in this instance Brigham took it a tad to far. He sometimes used rhetoric that was a little bit over the top to make a point. His point in this case being that blacks cannot hold the priesthood even if they are of a mixed race.
  4. I'm not making any assumptions. You act is if the priesthood ban and all the teachings on blacks being a cursed race are my idea. They are not. I simply believe what Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc. and the scriptures teach about it. All I have to offer to your questions/concerns is my personal opinions. And like I said I'm not really worried about these things. I trust the scriptures, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young and that's good enough for me.
  5. Does this only apply to past prophets or is it okay to believe the current ones are making mistakes? When the teachings of past prophets contradict the present teachings, both can't be right. One group is most definitely in error.
  6. You're confused. I only quoted you once and that was in regards to your science magazine quote. Please retract your false accusation against me.
  7. Here's what Joseph Smith taught. Judge for yourself: From the Messenger and Advocate Brother Oliver Cowdery: Dear Sir—This place having recently been visited by a gentleman who advocated the principles or doctrines of those who are called abolitionists; if you deem the following reflections of any service, or think they will have a tendency to correct the opinions of the southern public, relative to the views and sentiments I believe, as an individual, and am able to say, from personal knowledge, are the feelings of others, you are at liberty to give them publicity in the column
  8. I appreciate you giving me a candid answer. So, essentially you believe that there is no connection between blacks and the curse of Cain and the curse put upon Canaan and his posterity, and that the entire doctrine as taught by Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc was a false doctrine taught by racist men? I cannot accept this. I believe Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were correct. I've spent a lot of time studying this out, because I wanted to get to the bottom of the race and the priesthood issue. I'm 100% convinced that the orginal teaching about blacks in the church is correct.
  9. Serious question. Do you believe that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor... all church presidents and apostles up to 1978 were racist bigots and that blacks are not the descendants of the cursed race of Canaanites in the scriptures? I'd like a candid answer. I think that's only fair considering how candid I've been in answering your questions.
  10. I believe that the Australian aborigines are also descendants of Canaan and therefore Cain. I'm a believer in a young earth in which the continents were divided in the days of Peleg. So I believe that some Canannites (the ancestors of the aborigines) were broken off from the others when the Australian continent was broken off.
  11. All I can offer is my opinion, for what it's worth. First of all, I'm not convinced that the ordinances being performed in the church today are completely valid anyway. If they are, I think the authority is there, but the power is generally absent. I don't believe most of us baptized members actually have the gift of the Holy Ghost in the way we think we do. Because I believe the power is pretty much gone, I don't know that it makes much difference at this point whether someone has an ordinance performed by a black man or a man of another race. And like I've said twice al
  12. In my opinion they don't count, but like I said I consider it possible that God temporarily allowed them to have the priesthood, similar to how he allowed Martin Harris to take the manuscript of the Book of Mormon. If the Lord did in fact permit them to have the priesthood, then I would assume that the ordinances they perform would be valid. Assuming of course that any of our ordinances are still valid at this point.
  13. You asked me a question and I gave an honest answer which I then supported from the scriptures and teachings of Joseph Smith. I'm sorry that offends you.
  14. I'm not advancing any doctrine that isn't straight from Joseph Smith and the scriptures. If that gets me banished then I guess this forum isn't for me. I also have never started a discussion about blacks and the curse of Cain. I have only responded to other people when they bring it up or ask me my opinions about it. People shouldn't ask questions if they can't handle the answers.
  15. I trust Joseph Smith and the revelations he brought forth over sciencemag.org.
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