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  1. Care to give is a primer on Hell sometime? I'm in the camp that sees Sheol, Hades, Tartarus and Gehanna as distinctly separate places - and that a long time ago, they all got mashed together into a new God-Created-Eternal-Agony-for-Temporary-Transgression place.
  2. The brandy thing was tongue-in-cheek but the rest applies. Speaking to the rest, decades have yielded their share of ineffable experiences. I found that whispers do not often travel well in fog, nor do they reliably calm wildly chaotic seas. This isn't to say I was left on my own. Adderall is my truck/boat/helicopter.
  3. My broad answer is wisdom teaches me to resist being strong-armed. If I'm the above situation, I'll consider the forces in play and disregard whichever one is pushing me to act on insufficient information.
  4. As far as spiritual flags go, stupor is a difficult one for me to evaluate. Especially when my ADHD meds wear off. I've gotten anxiety when pondering good things and bad. It's another tricky spiritual flag for me. It's a good thing the holy spirit can translate spiritual teachings into PTSD usable terms. In which I realize how brandy could interfere with spiritual discernment. Okay. No brandy.
  5. Heaven may not have gravity. Further, we do not know that angles leverage the force of lift, whether heaven has an atmosphere or even if eternal beings need to respirate. In short, we don't know jack about Heaven. If Heaven were Earth-like, the Heaven-window could have been positioned above and the motion of overhead beings could have been interpreted as flying.
  6. She was from a Midwest state, maybe Wisconsin. I know her clan owned the brewery. She used to visit family in Leopoldst-something Germany. She might have had a head-covering on but I wasn't paying close attention. I was there with a gay friend who's dad had a trailer by the beach. She was traveling with a lesbian friend. As I recall, our traveling companions were very patient.
  7. What is the percentage of young adults who could support a family on their own? In a 4-income economy, it can't be very high.
  8. My kids pay most of our housing costs because the US is cycling back to 1915. I stay out of their sex lives.
  9. Woah. I met a gorgeous Mennonite once at a nude beach in Virginia. From the Augsburger family. Never forgot her.
  10. People who believe in and accept salvation thru Jesus Christ are Christians. Those people include Church members and Catholics and Protestants and their various offshoots. We all differ on extraneous aspects of our faiths but are unified in that core belief.
  11. Next you'll probably want to buy internet service at the advertised price. Sheesh.
  12. I left friends and knowledge behind and went to Florida.
  13. Or maybe she is asking if she can not service her husband tonight because she is exhausted after after a day's employment, picking up the kids, getting everyone sorted and starting on homework, starting dinner, cleaning the messes left by the morning rush, serving dinner, spending the 200th hour trying to turn the kids medical insurance into an actual appointment, calling everyone on her ministering list, organizing the next auxiliary function, policing the kids, laundry, dishes, more laundry, trying to decipher the kids baffling homework assignments, repackage the kids shoes for return because the vendor changed suppliers and the new shoes fall apart right away, research and find a new vendor for shoes, answering work emails after hours, more laundry, greet husband who's home late after some church meeting, heating up serving husband his dinner, plunge the kids toilet which revealed why there are never any pencils around, clean up after husband's dinner, get all the kids occupied so the husband can do some late work in quiet, triple check homework for the 4th time, work out kids' lunches for tomorrow's field trip to the water treatment plant, make an emergency run to the store to get one of the 3 things she knows her kid will eat, more laundry, scoop up the cat barf and clean the rug, walk the dog herself because the kids never do and maybe have time for a shower before bed. Bad wife for not being properly presentable for evening husband.
  14. Would you please clarify this? I guess I am still after 44 years as a member, I have not been in the culture enough to understand what happened I'm not sure which part you're looking to clarify so here it all is. All us priesty guys are sitting around in a circle in EQ. We're doing that thing were we share personal details, as if we were introducing ourselves. There's a template of questions that we're loosely following, where we came from or what we do or similar. There's the obligatory dumb question which in this case is favorite ice cream. Once one person is done, the person next to them starts. About a third of the way thru, some bit of disappointment creeps into one of the Qs we're answering. Like "I did this Churchy thing we're supposed to do but I dropped the ball here". So I rolled that into the dumb ice cream Q and shared my favorite shortcoming about myself. Procrastination, maybe - and how it's helped me. While I'm wrapping up, a brother comes in the room and takes the chair next to me. He figures shortcomings is what we're tasked to share and he picks up the ball. One by one the rest of the brethren pick a personal imperfection and share how it's made them better people. When their personal disappointment was shared it seemed to build up a sad tension in the room. After sharing how their flaws were actually awesome parts of their personal growth, that tension was gone and the mood was much lighter.
  15. The notion of infallibility in human beings doesn't work for me. I not only don't need it to follow divine council, it just screws things up in general. Whatever infallibility is supposed to impress upon us seems to be better achieved thru the Mantle of God.
  16. I agree with this except much more broadly. I have witnessed how the stigma of mistakes and failure is rife across our priesthood holders. That's not an us thing, per se, but we tend to give it fertile ground. Once during a priesthood stuff-about-yourself round, I swapped the dumb favorite ice cream Q for my favorite shortcoming about myself. While I was talking, someone took the chair next to me, picked up the Favorite Shortcoming Q and the group ran with it. It was visibly cathartic. I kept thinking to myself how dumb it is to get depressed about the most critical component of success.
  17. You're right. This is a good home for posts on esoteric doctrine. And right that those who are into it have to start them.
  18. IIRC, our overarching duty is to bring the Gospel to the world. While I absolutely get how insider discussions of arcane doctrine and historical minutia can be super satisfying*, it isn't very integral to declaring the Gospel. Non members live in the large world that's invested in issues like SSM and stuff in newspaper articles. We can't reach them if we're unwilling to go there. * A close friend once cited the lack of deep-geek-LDS discussions as the reason he quit attending. I think he was really attracted to the idea that some bit of arcanea would just blow everything wide open. No surprise that one of those became his justification for fully ExMo'ng.
  19. For a year I thought crapty was a new Twitter word trend. It took me that long to remember I set my word filter to substitute crap for shi*.
  20. That doesn’t describe any ward council I’ve attended or been a part of. I'd agree my comment wasn't the best offering for the setup I had. I strive for Charles Schulz (supernatural consistency) but often land closer to Piers Anthony (output everything including utter crap).
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