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  1. At least the Church indirectly addresses this. The beyond-commonplace practice of trading law for campaign cash gets a complete pass. Worse, high ranking political members (of all parties) who spent their lives doing this - they get publicly lauded by the Church.
  2. I believe the Church's response is to revisit 38.8.29 and it's related principles in General Conference. I think the twitwittery you exampled needs to directly threaten the public's perception of Church, before the Church will address it directly (eg:members performing ordinances for non-related holocaust victims).
  3. Because the answer to (every variation of) this question is no, I remain a member.
  4. Beyond saying that sealings aren't done, the Church also says sealings aren't needed.
  5. I had to look this up once. According to the handbook:
  6. Third episode ropes in some good plot elements. This show might be a keeper.
  7. A paper trail isn't a prerequisite for temple work. Folks do need a way to be identified though.
  8. No one needs to be in a census to go to the temple. That just helps us lively people find those who are living-challenged.
  9. Tough to take a name to the temple when no one has names.
  10. Oklahoma is being extra competitive. I'm confident similar minded states won't let them hold their lead. Most importantly, those government bounties to haze and further ruin teenage incest victims - this is the shining example of how to do it right.
  11. I wasn't thinking of public shaming but that fits too.
  12. Psalms seems to resolve the abortion conundrum definitively. Wait until they're born. Rock them to permanent sleep. Enjoy that happiness.
  13. I'm fairly sure whatever I see, I'll interpret thru the lenses I have.
  14. Waddayamean? I'm prequalifying any potential skepticism I may have. Also, believing in that stuff was fun. Since then, the most substantive discrediting I recall involved isolating facets of NDE's and finding that non-spiritual people didn't find them spiritual. eg: Dark here, light there was just that for people w/o our religious conditioning. Past that, I recall reading that there were physical/chemical brain processes that could bring similar experiences and that similar processes were seen approaching death. From my perspective, ~100% of post death info isn't available to us. NDE's are too small a percentage to offset that ~100%. Together with how unsettled our understanding is, I find I'm fairly meh about them.
  15. In the 1970's, our belief in NDE's seemed universal. We also believed that thing where dying people lost measurable weight. And we believed in biorhythms, cigar shaped UFOs, astrology and streaking. We were a very trusting people.
  16. I have trouble getting the mix right but I could do it when I was a kid. We'd try mixing eggs with anything. They work surprisingly well with those rectangles of frozen spinach.
  17. Yeah. Never as long as expected.
  18. Likewise, the root of Secretary is Secret.
  19. Because some people find the concepts to be conflicting. It seems you don’t see the conflict. That’s one way to reconcile it. What an odd response. Is it possible that you were so repulsed by what I wrote, that you rewrote it in your head? Asking because this answer only fits something that's 180° off what I said. I find the Church's council on evolution to be impeccable so no disharmony for me. I occasionally run into other things that don't fit. When I do, I mark them for future reconsideration and move on. Some things reconcile themselves. Some get fixed when I allow a more nuanced perspective. Others will remain disharmonious when I die, which is okay. Better than okay because pat endings make me itch.
  20. You seem to be trying to establish a baseline here - one that someone might become beholden to. If I can be presumptive here: I believe what @bluebellis doing is considering the issue in front of her, along with it's risk of potential harm. That would allow her to work with what is, instead of what might be.
  21. Why does it have to be reconciled? Thanks for this setup, btw. I came here to repeat a regular point of mine. We have a common assumption. We feel that when beliefs aren't in harmony, one must be false. We go right to that conclusion without ever considering that our understanding is incomplete and that with time comes new understanding that resolves disharmony. Inconsistencies are more likely to indicate a shortfall in our knowledge than a failure with the data.
  22. You mean as something that's meaningfully non-existent? Bringing that up because I just finished 27 years of being overly acquainted with every teacher my kids had - and "gay and gender identity agendas being pushed on children" isn't a thing that ever, ever, ever happened. Not to my family. Not for any family I know. Over 27 years, zero parents here reported anything remotely like that. However, I am hearing about teachers being uninterested in being dragged into someone else's culture war - one that that is functionally manifesting itself as a War On Teachers. To get out of that line of fire, they're looking for exits. That's not going to land well for schools have been short-staffed for more years than I can remember. So, are there meatheads in school systems? Sure. Of every possible stripe, including meatheads that see a "gay and gender identity agendas being pushed on children", everywhere they look, no matter what's actually there. It's a big planet. Twitwits are all over it. They aren't representative of teachers.
  23. I think the motivation is super important here. Compare the Church's motivation (survival) with the motivation of 1950s Evangelicals wanting to persecute the Church (animosity). I can understand the former, while the latter is just hostility worship.
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